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    Researching 1860s US steam navy ships. Learning to draw ship plans, including steam engines, using SolidWorks, and do 3D printing.

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  1. I have been asked to recommend a general work on ship models and their history, and it stopped me cold. Now, you'd think that there are general books on every subject, but most on ship models are either: 1) technical builder's guides, or 2) photo-rich treatments of museum collections. I'm asking you all for recommendations for my friend, by posting the question "Best general book on ship models?" on this forum. I hope to have a vetted short list in several days. For now, I suggested he spend under $5 (including shipping) for a paperback edition of: Historic Ship Models (Paperback) by Wolfram ZuMondfeld This translation of the German original has way too much "how to" for him, but I recall that it includes a good review of the relationships between ships and ship models for as far back as Egypt. How about it? Do you have any other recommended general books?