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  1. Byrnes saw sled

    Certainly looks the business like all Jims products. I had the Tilt table on my shopping list but not sure now as Id probably get more use out of the sled. Shame it doesn't incorporate a tilt into the sled but might have a look at that myself when I can afford the freight. Thanks for the Heads Up. Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Denis - meant to mention in my last post that the texture of the rope and seizing in your post of the ships cannon are incredible. I would love to be able to get my tackle to have that weighted look of the full size rope you have managed in the render and which brings me to the 64 thousand dollar question "are you going to complete her with full rigging " ??? cheers pete
  3. just as long as you don't do one of you with his wife while he's outside taking the photos - :-) pete ps: I really can't tell that your render in the lounge isn't real world - amazing!
  4. Hi Denis - mate this build log is a tour de force of your skill - If you are able to incorporate a part view as you mentioned' I think you are close to the Holy Grail especially if the part view could be dimensioned, but I suspect this may be a bridge to far. Looking at your work I'm thinking that you seem to be getting the same satisfaction and knowledge of how these engineering marvels of their day worked as we get making sawdust without the tools, workshop and respirator plus two or three years of work plus the downtime for the ooops factor. The only upside I can think of for us is the smell of the wood and being able to display the fruits of our labour when the power goes off :-) Fabulous work its a privilege to be able to watch it grow. Cheers Pete
  5. IMG_0176.JPG

    Mate great detail and painting - just wondering if those blocks might have been steel ? whatever nice model well executed - cheers pete
  6. IMG_0243.JPG

    Nice detailing
  7. yamato9.jpg

    Really like the way you have finished the decking - cheers Pete
  8. yamato10.jpg

    Great weathering right down to the barnacles on the props - don't think I have seen that before - cheers pete
  9. finished9.jpg

    Hi Koppalakki Mate your build looks great - nice detail, well executed. You seem to have weathering techniques nailed and they are consistent over the model my only reservation is maybe a little too much weathering for such a new ship ? but mate that aside I wouldn't mind it sitting on my display shelf. Well done. Cheers Pete
  10. IMG_8038.JPG

    Hi Kirby - all I can say is what a fortuitous accident - I applaud your perseverance pushing forward from a train wreck to a beautiful celebration of the different qualities of the timbers you have used. I'm always sad to see a tree cut down (especially when they feed what was a live tree with a character of its own 10 minutes before straight into a chipper) but here you've put on show a reminder of the beauty of these trees. Cheers Pete
  11. IMG_8038.JPG

    Hi Kirby Mate that is a thing of beauty very seldom seen at least by me. Great choice of woods providing that lovely contrast. Even the back board grain to me suggests a slipstream or wake as if its live and moving through its native medium. Beautiful execution - love it. Cheers Pete
  12. Hi Lou Spot on the money mate – I knew you would spot that being an ex flyboy – yes from what I can gather they appear to be related to the species Corvus bennetti – little crow rather than the more common and larger Corvus orru – Torresian crow or Australian crow which makes sense I guess from an evolutionary and aerodynamic point of view ie a lower cross section presented to the airflow direction. Your keen eyes have spotted the vulnerability of their unique practice of flying backward in regard to the sandblasting - but evolution appears to covered that by reducing the length and rigidity of the normally large tail feathers of other family species to a length which when presented to the airflow naturally bends and tucks under and around those parts which we all tend to treasure leaving only a few large feathers to act as a form of canard rudder which makes identifying the species much easier on the ground from those without reverse thrust. Cheers Pete
  13. Hi Lou Funny you should say that about a puddle with eyeballs sticking out - sounds like you've been to Oodnadatta as that description matches what the locals look like - They hold the record for the highest Temp @ 57.6C about 123f old money - As you will appreciate they also have a few problems there with dust as nothing much grows there - they say the dusts so bad that the crows fly backwards to keep the dust out of their eyes - Best wishes to all you guys shivering through this storm can't last much longer - cheers Pete
  14. Hi Guys - well we made 45.3 where I was and 2 clicks away at the airport they made 47.1C (116f in old money and second highest there ever) before a southerly change came through and we dropped back to 30C in about 15mins - todays forecast is a cooler 33C (might have to keep a sweater handy) - Your temp average say -50F with chill factor compared to our 116F - over 160F difference. Good thing there's no Climate change or we would really be in it. Cheers pete
  15. Best wishes to all you guys riding out the storm. I saw a report that said - "The Mount Washington Observatory predicted the mountain’s highest summits could see wind chills of -100F (-73C) into Saturday". Man that's Cold - probably make me switch to a nice glass of triple Malt embalming fluid instead of my usual cool ale. - Here at 1320 local time we have just gone over 43C - about 110f in the old money and still have another 3 hours before it peaks probably make 45 possibly 46. Stay safe and Warm and lets hope it doesn't last to much longer - Cheers Pete

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