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    looking to build a POF next

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  1. Thanks for all the hard work behind the scenes - I love the new theme - only thing I miss is the back to top button which I found handy to compare progress from one part of the build to an earlier part. Once again looks terrific Thanks. Cheers Pete
  2. Hi Dubz - thought I'd drop back into your log and check again and found some strange anomalies. I can view all photos up to post 67 then nothing till post #111 with all photos visible up to and including Post #121 Then nothing from #125 to Post #231 where all the images were visible. Nothing again from #232 up to final post #239. I checked the file properties of those visible and those not and found different properties and URLs to those that open and those that don't. I will PM them FYI. I've read the recent posts and note you're under the pump work wise so maybe some time in the future when you have a bit more spare time you could have a look as it would be much appreciated. Your craftsmanship is superb and I find your deck planking in Hickory and your caulking to be an absolute knock out. Cheers Pete
  3. Hi Mike I'm enjoying following your posts and think your photographs are excellent especially given the tricky lighting in some of the shots, so theres nothing to apologise for. One other thing I find ....not unusual but refreshing is the age of the guys working on the project being a much younger breed than I am used to seeing who in many cases are old guys mostly volunteers struggling to hold onto the old traditions -The carpenter/artist carving the ships figures is a case in point - look at how sharp and true an edge he has on that part of the wheel he has finished freehand and he looks like he's just out of college:-). Looking forward to your next post - cheers pete
  4. Hi Giampiero - Exquisite work - an equally beautiful model to compliment its mother ship. Congratulations Pete
  5. My Humble apologies Gerard - I should have been more specific about the source - Regards Pete
  6. Hi Alex Enjoying the build log with your beautiful work and generous sharing of your techniques very much. I like the very compact CNC router in your post no #80 - did you build that yourself or is it a commercial product? if commercial could you give us some details where you got it please. Cheers Pete
  7. Don't tell me you are an ex "Plastic Tragic" too ;-) - Cheers Pete
  8. I know how you feel - I don't think I have enough years left in me to finish one of Ed Tosti's Beautiful HMS Naiad - so I'm sorely tempted to go for L'Amarante being built here by Giampie. The L'Amarante monogram is only available in Italian and French but I've just about convinced myself to buy it anyway as plans are plans and use Giampie's great build log here on site. That of course is after a 1/35 MTB for my brothers and my undertaking to restore my old Billings Norske Loeve. Cheers Pete
  9. Hi Gemma They have a button on the page which shows the publications that are available in Anglais (English) - not all I'm afraid but very many and some of the most important.. Cheers Pete
  10. Hi Barbaros Can't resist coming back for a look every now and then as your build is exceptional. Initially not an era I knew much about or favoured but every time I look at your fabulous build I'm becoming more and more attracted to these first juggernaut's. Lovely work - Cheers Pete
  11. Hi Mike Had a look at the one you bought off Ebay and it looks a bit different from the StewMac base. The first thing that struck me was in the appearance the StewMac item is polished Al with Decals etc. which made me look a bit further and if you compare the two photos below you can see that the beam that holds the Dremmel is a different shape - StewMacs is an oval shape at either end and the Ebay one is more square - It could be its a knockoff and not machined to the same spec as the reviews of the StewMac base are all very good. First the StewMac base Next the Ebay photo also just noticed the milling on the Ebay adjusting screws is pretty basic as well. So your warning is still timely don't buy the Ebay one .- for what its worth - cheers Pete
  12. Thanks Mike Mine is already on the way :-( I am only going to use it as a fixed router table so it should still fit the bill for what I want - but a good heads up for others with more ambitious uses in mind - cheers pete
  13. It will happen but remember I've got the MTB to build first as that's a long standing promise to my brothers - Thanks to all for their encouragement - Pete
  14. Great post - some of these older civilisations knowledge was mind boggling - Been spending time on youtube site clickspring with step by step episodes building a carriage clock from scratch it was mesmerising watching him turn and cut this functioning precision machine out of brass - but he has upped the anti this year and is proposing to do as a special project a re-construction of the 6th century AD Byzantine daily calendar/ sundial /eclipse predictor for 279 years I think known as the Antikythera Mechanism after the area it was recovered underwater from a wreck - with epicyclical gearing one wheel has 283 1mm teeth - how the heck could they machine that let alone work out the maths that goes with it in 6th century AD ??? It also corrected for the latitude of the place you were using it Hope its not to much off topic - Cheers pete