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    Flying GA aircraft and Gliders / Sailing and Old Ships
    Flight Simulation mainly Tube Liner Study Sims
    Models - Plastic Mainly Aircraft but a couple of S Boots in there
    A 90% Norske Loeve Originally Billings kit but a lot of scratch masts tops etc
    looking to build a POF next

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  1. Congratulation on your Superb rendering and construction. Can't wait for the next post Cheers Pete

    1. herask


      thank you, Pete! really having fun with it... for more images you'll have to wait for Greg to post them. I'm sending everything to him... ;-) 




  2. PBS Series The Vietnam War

    Very Sorry to hear that Al - It has affected a lot of our guys as well - it was hard enough to survive over there without having a silent killer like that catch up with you years later. Regards Pete
  3. Hi Moxis I have used this in the past and it did a pretty good job. It seems to have a lot more features now than my older version and claims to be able to distinguish between characters and object shapes. They have a free trial that you can use to see if it does what you are after so you don't have to put any skin in the game to find out. https://www.scan2cad.com/ Cheers Pete
  4. Hi Nils- It was a joy watching you through the build, learnt a lot from you on the journey how you sketched your way through a problem and approached it in a way I wouldn't have guessed but have now noted for the future. She's a beautiful tribute to your skills. Cheers Pete
  5. DSC03297.JPG

    Nice subject , great build and love the equipment which brings it to life. Congratulations pete
  6. Hi Greg - Like Wayne I would be very interested in knowing which program your very talented 3D computer modeler is using - Not so much for the rendering - but the program he is using to construct the model itself. The reason being that some programs such as Solidworks and other upper end programs automatically produce a cutting list or Bill of Materials which for myself and I'm sure most of the members would prove an invaluable tool to calculate their total timber order or group different parts of the same thickness lumber which they may have available while waiting for an order etc. Programs like solidworks and others can calculate any size stage giving the totals of the varying thicknesses which make up the total along with individual or total weights and costs for the various materials selected for the Build. I understand that a practiced user can lay out the individual parts into a sketch plan to minimise wastage similar to a cnc cutting program. Cheers Pete
  7. P1010870.JPG

    Can only echo all the above - Beautiful build and stunning presentation. Congratulations Pete
  8. IMG_4779.JPG

    Great collection. You have packed some amazing detail in your Isuzu Build for that scale and your weathering is masterclass standard everything very well executed. Congratulations Pete
  9. Know that feeling very well - had to do it a few times for the 20pdr Centurion Main Armament in Country there was no option to wait in the middle of a contact just open the breech slowly and very gently slide it out and throw it outside the turret through the pistol port. Then it was safe to breath again - load another round and back into it. cheers Pete
  10. Nice Build I guess something personal in your dads past life? love the way you have finished the interior looks just like I would imagine being built from local materials - Cheers Pete
  11. 3.jpg

    Refreshing to see something different - nice build Congratulations - Cheers Pete
  12. 20170126_090956.jpg

    Hi Leif Lovely work - maybe if I had started at 12 I could turn out work as nice as yours - Well done - Cheers Pete
  13. 10.jpg

    Hi RGL As an old Plastic Tragic myself I can only say WOW - Looked at the images in large scale 1200x 900 which just confirmed that you have packed a world of detail into the model at that scale and your Painting and weathering are just spot on- Congratulations - Cheers Pete
  14. DSCN7370

    Hi Barbaros Can't resist coming back for a look every now and then as your build is exceptional. Initially not an era I knew much about or favoured but every time I look at your fabulous build I'm becoming more and more attracted to these first juggernaut's. Lovely work - Cheers Pete