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    Flying GA aircraft and Gliders / Sailing and Old Ships
    Flight Simulation mainly Tube Liner Study Sims
    Models - Plastic Mainly Aircraft but a couple of S Boots in there
    A 90% Norske Loeve Originally Billings kit but a lot of scratch masts tops etc
    looking to build a POF next

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  1. Thank you Johann I had imagined such a narrow width would have been distorted by the contact with blade but not so - Thank you for posting the photos by way of explanation -cheers Pete
  2. Hi archjofo - In awe of your beautiful precision wood and metal work - I've been sitting here looking at the Buoy rings and your description of how you made them - and trying to think how one cuts 1/4 mm brass sheet with a table saw?? would you be able to let a mere mortal know how you do that please - Cheers Pete
  3. At first I couldn't believe the scale of the tragedy - then to find the litany of safety defects that caused the death and injury toll to be so high arose from simple greed. Appears to be everywhere you turn now- I had difficulty reading the text messages but particularly the one from the little girl trapped in the Cinema to her Parents outside. Rest little children.
  4. PeteB

    Byrnes saw sled

    Certainly looks the business like all Jims products. I had the Tilt table on my shopping list but not sure now as Id probably get more use out of the sled. Shame it doesn't incorporate a tilt into the sled but might have a look at that myself when I can afford the freight. Thanks for the Heads Up. Cheers Pete
  5. Hi Aviaamator - As always your "Locksmith work" is terrific and mate your carronade carriage really looks the business. Never disappointed every time I look in. Cheers Pete
  6. Hi Denis - meant to mention in my last post that the texture of the rope and seizing in your post of the ships cannon are incredible. I would love to be able to get my tackle to have that weighted look of the full size rope you have managed in the render and which brings me to the 64 thousand dollar question "are you going to complete her with full rigging " ??? cheers pete
  7. Hi Amalio All your joinery is superb but I can't imagine how you are able to constantly create your deck beam scarf joints - all seamlessly fitted - love the very subtle wood tone variation just enough to show there is a joint yet not enough to draw attention, just one of those things which become visible if you look at the photos time after time as I do. Could you share with us mere mortals how you construct them - do you have a jig - mill the steps and saw between or ?? Would really appreciate a couple of photos next time you do some. Cheers Pete
  8. just as long as you don't do one of you with his wife while he's outside taking the photos - :-) pete ps: I really can't tell that your render in the lounge isn't real world - amazing!
  9. Hi Denis - mate this build log is a tour de force of your skill - If you are able to incorporate a part view as you mentioned' I think you are close to the Holy Grail especially if the part view could be dimensioned, but I suspect this may be a bridge to far. Looking at your work I'm thinking that you seem to be getting the same satisfaction and knowledge of how these engineering marvels of their day worked as we get making sawdust without the tools, workshop and respirator plus two or three years of work plus the downtime for the ooops factor. The only upside I can think of for us is the smell of the wood and being able to display the fruits of our labour when the power goes off :-) Fabulous work its a privilege to be able to watch it grow. Cheers Pete
  10. PeteB


    Mate great detail and painting - just wondering if those blocks might have been steel ? whatever nice model well executed - cheers pete
  11. PeteB


    Nice detailing
  12. PeteB


    Really like the way you have finished the decking - cheers Pete
  13. PeteB


    Great weathering right down to the barnacles on the props - don't think I have seen that before - cheers pete
  14. PeteB


    Hi Koppalakki Mate your build looks great - nice detail, well executed. You seem to have weathering techniques nailed and they are consistent over the model my only reservation is maybe a little too much weathering for such a new ship ? but mate that aside I wouldn't mind it sitting on my display shelf. Well done. Cheers Pete
  15. Hi Aviaamator Thanks for the photos of the CNC machine looks like a good solid build could I ask is it an OpenBuilds design? or one of yours? whatever as they say "the proofs in the pudding" Sorry should say the work you turned out in the carvings shows that its a pretty capable machine - thanks for sharing. Cheers Pete

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