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    I downloaded the full build Triton in January of 2017. I have been going through the file list of the Triton full build drawing list and have found that several of the drawings are missing. Is there a way that I can get the missing PDF's for the build. Missing are belfry layout, binnacle, capstan details, capstan layout, wheel. 9poundercgn and carriage, stem 48 1, tapered keel, alternate aft deadwood, taffarel rev1,rudder, and  rudder iron work. These are the ones that I don't have. Can you help me out??

    1. Chuck


      Unfortunately they were lost in the crash.  Several are on the database site however.


      see here



    2. mike0879


      if I were to buy the plans from NRG would these files be in there? I have looked at the forum that you have posted, but there is nothing on the rudder or hardware.

  1. The structure is a plank on plank. So when I follow the directions they should not have me keeping the front at 3mm like on the sides. Let the wood follow it's own course ,is what that what you are saying? I have the simple hull planking guides from the site but it is different from the instructions. Should I follow those? thank you for the help.
  2. I'm work on the Swift 1805. I am at the point that I am planking the hull. The instructions say the start at 3mm below the top of the frames. Everything is good up to the frame #3. This is were when I go to #2 there is a bulge in the wood. I can't figure it out both sides do the same thing. I am using lime wood, it is dry. Any ideas!!
  3. mike0879

    Does any one what the scale is??

    I think if I use parts in the range of the HO or a little smaller I think I will be close enough to get the improvements that I want. The fiber, one hole, dead eyes just don't do it for me. It would have been nice if the plans had a scale even if it was off a little would have been nice. I know deadeyes and pulleys will be small but I work on N scale trains as well so small does not bother me.
  4. mike0879

    Does any one what the scale is??

    Thanks for the help. I just want to get close. I did one calculation and it came out to something like 1/88. I don't think I did it right so I will measure the hull on the kits and see if that will get me closer.Of course the plans don't have a scale on them. I know these are not up to Model Shipways or Bluejacket but for the price I could not resist getting them.
  5. I picked up a couple of old scientific models of the Cutty Sark and Sea Witch. The Cutty Sark says that the model is 21" over all and the Sea Witch says it is 27 1/4" overall. I would like to update these models with dead eyes and pulleys as well as other details as needed. I would like to add the copper plating as well. The Sea Witch is missing a lot of the detail parts or are crude and need dressing up. Hope someone can help.
  6. mike0879

    Hi,Newbie From Leigh Lancs

    Hope you have as good of time building your new boat as most of us do with ours. The big thing is have fun and take your time. Ask questions and they will be answered by many.
  7. mike0879

    Northwest modeler checking in!

    Welcome to a fellow Seattlite. Lots of very good help here. Michael
  8. mike0879

    Hi,Newbie From Leigh Lancs

    Welcome to Model Ship World
  9. Excellent work. Why the aluminium for the stern and bulwarks? Your work very good and I have to up my game to make better build models..
  10. It's amazing how just adding a little extra work can improve a model to be better. I like the looks of taking a simple kit to higher quality. I have an old life like model that I started many, many years ago. Now after seeing what you did I have to get it out and start finishing it to some higher standards. You have motivated me.
  11. mike0879

    Question on different manufacturers

    That you for all of your help. I am build the Mare Nostrum right now and am at the first part of the planking. This seems like a simple model as I have have done model work in 1/4 scale railroad buildings for several years both kits and scratch. Michael current build is the Mare Nostrum
  12. mike0879

    Question on different manufacturers

    Thanks for the responses. I have seen a lot of the scientific model around. Does anyone have any comments on these? Ragove I have not heard of JoTika but I will check them out.
  13. mike0879

    Question on different manufacturers

    one like the Morgan, constellation, cutty sark mostly tail ships

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