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  1. Hi Mike - Thank you. I had the case made at a local plastics shop in Houston. The top box is pretty standard but the pedestal is kind of an add on. They consider it a second box so it almost doubles the cost. It does add something to the look. As I mentioned in my build thread, it was nice being able to walk in and order exactly the size and details I wanted. If you're considering a case, Google or check the Yellow Pages for a place in your area.
  2. Hey - thanks you guys. I'm looking these up and they appear to be just what I was hoping for. I may have to read them too.
  3. My dad is 90 and spends a great deal of time reading these days. I gave him one of the Jack Aubrey series and he loved it so I have been feeding the rest of the series to him. He's got about 4 left in the series. He raves about them a lot - really likes them. So I'm trying to think ahead. What's next when he's finished the last book? I'm asking for suggestions for anything similar. A nautical theme preferably a series - the more the better. Ideas?
  4. That was the quintessential Sanborn
  5. I'm still hoping somebody will tell me I'm wrong. An odd thing - I had noticed Joel has been MIA here at MSW for quite a few weeks. This afternoon I had this strange desire to find out what was up with him. I thought I could probably track him down via Google. That's when I came across the obit. Turns out it was the same time they were having the reception for him in NH.
  6. Moderator - if you don't think this is appropriate I have no problems with removing this. I have been missing one of our MSW members for almost 2 months now. Joel Sanborn - jbshan - has been a stalwart supporter of our hobby and this site. Almost a mentor to me as I cut my teeth in model shipbuilding. I have not seen any recent posts from Joel and he has not responded to a PM - totally unlike him. Then today I came across this. I realize it is very crass to assume the worst about someone, much less post about it. However, the facts seem more than coincidental. I can't help but feel the need to say something. Joel has been a virtual friend to me. I hope I am wrong about this. If anyone knows anything to the contrary, please speak up.
  7. Oohhh. Touchy subject One thing almost for sure. It wasn't painted the colors of the MS kit - fire engine red and French's yellow. Several paintings show both either all black or black and gray or buff at the gunwales.
  8. You'll get no argument from me on that. Sadly, there were not that many of these galleys, and as was typical of a lot of U.S. builds in that era, there seems to be no record of plans. They did resurrect one in an archaeological effort. Quite a bit was learned about the hull structure, but almost nil when it comes to rigging. I've done my best to stay with the plans on this build. No redesign or bashing.
  9. I guess we are the mercy of the kit designers interpretation. Both Arrow and a larger Xebec kit show shrouds over the yards. I'm sure there are countless variations of the fore/aft setup.
  10. A pretty scary venture. Nice drawing. Brails are one thing. The shrouds another. Not sure how they would manage to let a yard(s) out to head downwind. Shrouds are completely in the way.
  11. JCF - What you're saying makes sense. I am curious though, would these brails just dangle and flap around when not in use? Seems like trying to keep them taught might end up doing bad things to the sail shape. I came across similar situations several times on the fore/aft sails. The shrouds on the leeward side are one example. Depending on how much the sail is let out and/or how far around the yard has rotated the shrouds could really be in the way.
  12. Well these were American - but Arrow was not an actual boat. This kit is just a representation of the galleys used in the period. The problem they had is no one wanted to be on one. A lot of rowing, not much protection from musket fire. From what I know they tended to fill these boats with crew they DID NOT want on the big boats. Usually captained by a lieutenant or acting officer. However, since I am in charge, I will make a few executive decisions. Sadly, they will be based mostly on looks rather than functionality.