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  1. Have been following your thread, no pun intended and used your advice to buy a pack of needle hole threaders from Hobby-craft to thread the deadeye things, thanks.
  2. Slowhand

    Song Title Game

    Down Under - Men at Work
  3. Zappto, Just spotted your excellent log. How did you do you ratlines, they look really net and tidy.
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys, there are so many fantastic builds on this site it’s so easy to get lost in the weeds
  5. Slowhand

    Song Title Game

    The Teacher - Jethro Tull
  6. Slowhand

    Girona by augustus

    Thanks for the info, I can get the former from one of our UK superstores Screwfix , but need a good dust extractor first for the mancave. Already got a stash of cherry drying.
  7. Slowhand

    What have you received today?

    Oh, I am sure they ‘borrowed’ the design from somewhere else.
  8. Slowhand

    Girona by augustus

    Ah, I am jealous, I can’t buy that quality of mahogany or its substitute, sapelli as pre-cut planking in the UK. Out of interest how big is your milling machine?
  9. Slowhand

    Girona by augustus

    Augustus, another fine model coming along to add to your Armada. Did you mill the planking strips yourself?
  10. Shame there’s no further updates, cardboard as a building material has a certain je ne sais pas.
  11. It’s been a long time since my last post, afraid became a bit apathetic about the model as it bears so little resemblance to what the original San Martin must have looked like. On another ship forum website found images of painted glass image of the SM and a lithograph of a major Spanish Galleon of similar period. Concentrated on my traditional wood carving with gouges. Anyway update of progress, shaped all the spars using 18v drill as a mini lathe. Used chuck to hold wood and a piece of sandpaper to taper the spars as powered up the drill. Attached chain plates to new boards and put in place ready for staining before gluing.
  12. Slowhand

    Do you have animals to 'help' you build?

    This is my cat Bandit, sitting on the newspaper I was going to use as a dockyard. Her right paw is a smokers paw.
  13. The mice completed the ship’s boat over Xmas and I added the railings to the stern balcony. That’s the stern of our cat on the prowl for more Turkey and giblets.
  14. Slowhand

    Mary Rose

    Never very enthusiastic about the Mary Rose display as it is only part of the side of a ship. Then I saw latest exhibition totally fantastic, for each deck level an opposite viewing platform with an exhibit of items recovered from the ship displayed there. Just above the keel level were large brick ovens for baking bread, one on each side of the keel. Along with gravel ballast were ale barrels, each sailor had an allowance of 56 pints a week. On the level next to the main deck, recovered cannons. So much to see, although the timber work looked surprisingly rough.

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