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  1. TBS-AACHEN are very good and easy to deal with. Mike.
  2. Greetings George from Mike in Milton Keynes.
  3. Hello Dave, There has been some bad things happening re pirating of plans recently. Suspicions are easily aroused. I am sorry if you found my remark upsetting and, no, you have not committed a faux pas. Welcome to this excellent forum and enjoy your model making. Mike.
  4. Considering what is going on at the moment this is a rather odd request.
  5. Greetings Norman, Long before Lossiemouth belonged to the RAF I had cause to get to know the Moray Firth area quite well. Happy days. Best wishes for your upcoming build and your membership of this excellent forum. Mike.
  6. Happy Christmas to one and all. Saying "Cheers!" as I raise my glass. Mike.
  7. Hi Ray, Greetings from Milton Keynes. There are a few "former Naval persons" around so you are in good company. Mike.
  8. Thank you John and the same to you and yours. Mike.
  9. Chad, I think reposting your build log would be a great idea. What a terrific model! Mike.
  10. Accidents can be caused by lack of imagination. Accidents can be prevented by using it.
  11. I was just about to jump in and point you Germanywards but you got there before me. Never buy Proxxon from rip off UK merchants! I have to confess that I own the saw you want but, since buying a Byrnes, it has become my dedicated metal cutter. good luck, mikeaidanh
  12. I like the Gatling guns. Now that would be quite some broadside!