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    Reading the Jack Aubrey cannon. Rugby Union. Fine Malt Whisky and Good Beer.

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    TBS-AACHEN are very good and easy to deal with. Mike.
  2. Greetings from Oxford

    Greetings George from Mike in Milton Keynes.
  3. Model Shipways (Amati) Bluenose Plans?

    Hello Dave, There has been some bad things happening re pirating of plans recently. Suspicions are easily aroused. I am sorry if you found my remark upsetting and, no, you have not committed a faux pas. Welcome to this excellent forum and enjoy your model making. Mike.
  4. Model Shipways (Amati) Bluenose Plans?

    Considering what is going on at the moment this is a rather odd request.
  5. Hello from the Moray Firth

    Greetings Norman, Long before Lossiemouth belonged to the RAF I had cause to get to know the Moray Firth area quite well. Happy days. Best wishes for your upcoming build and your membership of this excellent forum. Mike.
  6. Seasons Greetings

    Happy Christmas to one and all. Saying "Cheers!" as I raise my glass. Mike.
  7. Hello Nautical World

    Hi Ray, Greetings from Milton Keynes. There are a few "former Naval persons" around so you are in good company. Mike.
  8. Accidents can be caused by lack of imagination. Accidents can be prevented by using it.
  9. Unusual ship models

    I like the Gatling guns. Now that would be quite some broadside!
  10. My sincere thanks to everyone who responded to my request for information. Special thanks to those who provided sources and, in one case, actual material. The recommendation for The Trafalgar Companion was also much appreciated as this was something I had my eye on......a second hand copy will have to do! I should explain that am not looking to research this topic in depth but I felt the need for something meaty never the less. Thank you all, Mike.
  11. Phenomenal!! Well done to all the mods.
  12. Friends, I am looking for help. I wish to purchase the best, the most detailed, account of the Battle of Trafalgar. As you are all no doubt aware there are a great many books to choose from! So I am looking for recommendations from the Forum members. I await your deliberations with interest. Mike.
  13. Hi everyone

    Hello John from Mike in Milton Keynes. You have made an excellent landfall and you will find plenty of help and encouragement here. Best wishes, Mikeaidanh.
  14. Unusual ship models

    Seen recently whilst off the beaten track in Portugal. At the entrance to the track to this property there was a sign that simply said " Boat Museum" Naturally we went in! And....... ......met Joao Neves who has spent a number of years building models to represent Portugese vessels past and present. He has tried to show the progression of design from coastal to trans ocean vessels and, despite being fairly simple models, the show quite clearly how the various rigs worked. Many of the models deal with vessels that have disappeared as their function fell into disuse. One such vessel was a seaweed harvester, flat bottomed with sail and massive punt poles which must have been very hard to handle! Modern fertilisers put paid to this endeavour. T Sadly we did not have enough time to do this collection justice but we will return and, should you find yourselves on road going inland towards Bensafrim, please call in and be surprised. Watch out for the guard dog! Mike.