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  1. Saw blades for Byrnes saw

    All sorted now. Jim Byrnes has kindly offered to send me a spacer with my current order. My TC blade inventory is now complete. My new spacer will allow me to use HSS slitting blades from Chronos, thanks Keith, when I need to. Once again thanks for all the input. End of thread.. Mike.
  2. Saw blades for Byrnes saw

    Thank you Mark but it was the finding rather than the searching that was giving me trouble! Thank you Keith. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned carbide tips and I have just ordered from Jim Byrnes. I was trying to avoid this due to the postage costs but I gave in rather than waste anymore time. The slitting blade info that you sent will be very useful in the future and I thank you for it. I do not have a lathe but will search for the appropriate reducing washer at some point. Many thanks to one and all who responded to my request. Best wishes, Mike.
  3. Saw blades for Byrnes saw

    Thank you Thistle. I could buy direct from Jim Byrnes but I am trying to source blades either here in the UK or in Europe in general. I appreciate your input though. Mike.
  4. Can any UK member tell me where to buy suitable blades for my Jim saw on this side of the pond? I have had no luck so far in my searches on line. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My thanks in anticipation, Mike.
  5. New to forum

    Greetings Jim from another ex FAA. Virtually the same years as you. Hermes with 803 and Eagle with 800B. welcome to this excellent forum. Mike.
  6. DSC 2698

    Nice one Kedes1. I enjoyed my build of this interesting project. You have made a fine model. mikeaidanh
  7. Built to represent a working boat. The colours are muted and distressed but further weathering should be added
  8. MSW Sick Bay.

    Just a thought (for the attention of the administrators) but could this be just the place for members who are currently unwell, off their legs (though not legless) or slowly recovering to gather for sympathy and operation scar comparison? I have noticed quite a few references from members concerning their health and I believe such a drop in forum could prove therapeutic to one and all. Of course overly graphic jpegs could not be allowed as we do not want to frighten the children but gentle murmurings of a compassionate nature to sooth the fevered brow etc could do no harm. "Next patient please" Hello, I am Mike and I have just returned from Total Knee Replacement surgery. I am at home trying to diligently do my exercises on a leg that is very swollen, technicoloured and painful. I am currently doubting my sanity having volunteered for this torture but expect to feel much better in the bye and bye. I have promised myself a" New Tool" buying spree for having been a good boy but will have to be careful not to get overexcited and raise my BP whilst lowering my bank balance.. From where I sit I can see my workshop but it might as well be on the moon and working on a tray on my lap is a joke. I can plan new projects, read shippy books and moan, oh how I moan! Does this strike a cord with others out there? "Next patient please"
  9. Knock About Schooner 002

    I love the clean lines of this model and the simple sail plan. Clarity over complexity. Smashing job. Mike.
  10. IMG 0867

    Jack, Nice build! I just hope my version will be nearly as good. Mike.