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    Obviously I enjoy scale model building, ships and my HO scale railroad layout are my main areas right now but I still do the occasional car model for people.
    I also highly enjoy wood working, especially lathe work. I make many things from pens and ornaments to bowls, plates, vases and goblets. Always experimenting and trying new ideas as I see them.
    Outside of these I also enjoy my wife, two dogs and outdoor activities like biking, camping and fishing.

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  1. Vasa builders FYI

    This is good news! Vasa, like many of you, is on my future build list. Might be a good way to get it into the shipyard by starting to collect it monthly now. There are a few ships I have been thinking about collecting this way.
  2. EJ,


    every year you never cease to amaze me with your Great work just when I think you can’t get any better you do something like this...you are a Prized member of MSW. 



  3. What have you received today?

    Very cool Dave! Will keep my eye out for the build log for sure!
  4. Return to the Shipyard

    Welcome back! Glad to hear all your ships have survived those moves. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work!
  5. Hello

    Welcome to MSW!
  6. Soleil Royal’s stern is coming along. I was probably crazy for learning how to carve with this build but, it does provide me with a lot of practice! Yes those faces are are creepy. I was out of the paint for the skin tone so they are were left white. They have since been corrected.
  7. DSC_0067.JPG

    Thank you very much for the kind compliments. Unfortunately I don't know of very many if any historical images exist to the public for this ship. I've searched around a lot when I was building her with no luck. I believe there are some in The Musée national de la Marine in Paris, but I do not know for certain. I've seen some differences in kit designs as well as scratch builds to make me think there must be something that these various designs were based off of. The best that I have found other than kit plans is here: http://www.themodelshipwright.com/high-resolution-ship-plans/sailing-vessels/french-17th-century-warship-la-couronne/ If you manage to find anything more, please let me know. She is a beautiful ship and I would love to have more information on her. Good luck to you on your build. I will keep an eye out for a build log as I would love to watch another Couronne get built.
  8. What have you received today?

    Getting more organized this weekend. Caught a sale at Michael’s on storage cabinets and found this one. It was originally designed for holding scrapbook tape but with a little modification, putting index cards down to make the bottoms solid, it became perfect for sorting the smaller pieces into something much easier use.
  9. Hello from neillydone

    Welcome to MSW Neil! Good to have you with us! Best of luck to you with your Ballahoo. I will echo others on here by saying to be sure to start up a build log for help. I look forward to seeing your work.
  10. New from Serbia

    Welcome to MSW Miroslav! Best of luck to you on your new sloop build. Just last summer I finished building La Couronne myself. If you ever return to her, I would love to follow along with you as she is a ship that is not often built on here. Your sloop build should prove a much easier build though and I look forward to seeing the build log!
  11. Hello

    Welcome to MSW! Best of luck to you on your first build. Don't be afraid to ask for help and above all, have fun!
  12. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    You may use any of my pictures and watermark them. La Couronne
  13. What have you received today?

    Was at Barnes and Noble getting the next couple Patrick O’Brian books and I came across this book. Looks to be an interesting read about the start of the US Navy.
  14. New member intro

    Welcome to MSW! There is indeed a lot of information to be found here. Wishing you the best on your project and have fun!
  15. iam back

    Welcome back! Sometimes breaks are wanted, needed or unavoidable. Regardless, it is always good to come back to the hobby.

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