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    Obviously I enjoy scale model building, ships and my HO scale railroad layout are my main areas right now but I still do the occasional car model for people.
    I also highly enjoy wood working, especially lathe work. I make many things from pens and ornaments to bowls, plates, vases and goblets. Always experimenting and trying new ideas as I see them.
    Outside of these I also enjoy my wife, two dogs and outdoor activities like biking, camping and fishing.

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  1. Slow, steady and very well done work! That mast looks excellent.
  2. Welcome to MSW Hal! Good to have you with us. I look forward to seeing your work.
  3. You are doing a great job! She is looking very nice and well built. Asfar as sticking to the kit design, there is nothing wrong with that. You will still have yourself a very nice model and can still be proud of your work. As as to the placement of pintails, channels, chain plates, shrouds and rigging, no, the locations did not always make sense at least to us with a more knowledgeable perspective. However, during the early 17th century, large ship construction, especially for war ships, was still in its infancy. It would be another century before they really figure out the science behind it and begin to perfect the designs. At this particular time it is mostly guess work and trial and error. Emphasis on the error. We now have the advantage of looking at successful designs such as the Victory and Constitution but they were just building off what experience and knowledge that particular ship builder had. The mathematics were not yet formulated and there was no way to test out a design until it was built at which point you hoped it worked! I have questioned many things about the design of the ship. So far what I have learned is that many things don't make sense. To make matters worse, there is very little historical information about her and the way she looked seems to vary greatly probably due in large part to refurbishing as her career went on. Dates and records have been lost to time. Do do the best you can and ask questions. I can tell you what I have done so far. As to dimensions, most of mine I have taken from the 1:1 scale drawing that came with the kit. Then tweeked as needed! 😀
  4. Great tip for making eyebolts and hooks. Thanks!
  5. Welcome to MSW! I share your weather as I'm just North of you in Kansas. In fact, we are having a good thunderstorm as I type this. It's good to have you with us and I wish you all the best on your future builds. There is a lot that can be learned here from some great modelers.
  6. The window framing, hatching and casework I will make out of wood piece by piece. Slow, meticulous and a pain in the rear but that is simply model building. As for all the decorative pieces in between the windows, I do not know. The ones provided were cast in metal and as with most kit fittings, they are not the greatest so even my modest carving abilities should be able to produce something at least on par with what I had. I am considering making molds to cast my own resin pieces but with the scale being what it is, I do not think I could really make a mold that would hold good detail. Unless a better idea comes to me, I plan on just carving my own pieces to the best I can. Haha! Yeah Michael you are right I do stay fairly busy. I enjoy way to many things that there is just simply not enough time for all of them! It is a blessing and a curse as I get to enjoy many things and am rarely bored but I have to prioritize and let go of many areas of interest for the sake of sanity! These last two years have really allowed me a lot of free time for models with the Admiral in graduate school and a clinical internship so I am left to fend for myself a lot. Also a few things like the train are on hold till I finish setting up the new room for it. I am reaching the limits though of what I have time and energy for so I am starting to pick just a few of my favorite hobbies and concentrate more on them. Being a jack of all trades is fun but I think I have reached a stage in my life where it is time to start mastering a couple. The puppy is starting to take care of herself though I wish the potty training would hurry up! Those occasional libations just make everything a little less stressing. Speaking of, I think it may be time to pour a glass and settle in to see what the next stage will be.
  7. Great Cabin interior is complete! Built the tables and benches this morning and after finding some airline tube for an aquarium while out buying toys and treats for the puppy I managed to finish up the lantern this evening. While it is a little oversized for the scale, I am rather happy with it as I am working in only about an inch of space! In this picture I am holding the stern windows in place. This was the template that came with the kit however, this is not the configuration I will be using. I will modify this to have a 6 window layout with two of those spaces acting as doorways to the balcony. I just wanted to see how much visibility I would have of the interior when it is closed in. I think with the light in there I will be able to see plenty. By the way, the light does flicker to simulate a flame and not just a steady light. Next I am moving upward to the Admiral's Cabin. To do this I need to install the false main deck which covers the entire length of the ship. So before that happens I need to blacken in spaces below gratings or plank them, (yet to be decided), and also install a conduit through all the false decks for the wiring to come out the bottom. This is kind of a crucial step in that once I start planking in this cabin, I do not want to take off this deck again so I need to make sure there is nothing else that needs to be below it. More to follow soon though I may use this as a stopping point to go back and do some more rigging on La Couronne. I will see how quickly the plans for the next steps take shape in my mind.
  8. Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing those with us. It looks like a great time that I wish I could have seen myself.
  9. You might try ebay. I have bought bunches or "junk" tires on there before for other projects. Probably best bet too for a lot of inexpensive tires.
  10. Well now I wonder if I should have them or not on my Couronne build. I think since I already went to the trouble of putting them in I will leave them but that does make me question it now. I wonder also if this will be one of those questions addressed in Vasa II whenever that comes out....
  11. Indeed, it is very useful knowledge! While I have not yet started to tackle drawing ship designs on the computer, it is something that I feel I will be doing before long and having all these tips and explanations handy will be very useful then. So thanks from me as well!
  12. I agree that the planking will add a cool element to the build and enhance the overall appearance. The tires will also look great and may even prove functional if you have to go out and retrieve a lost ship.
  13. Welcome to MSW Scott! From a fellow veteran (Navy), glad you made it home and thank you! Best of luck on your future builds and I look forward to seeing your work.
  14. Welcome to MSW Dave! I understand your trouble of being land locked as I share the same misfortune right next door in Kansas. Glad you decided to come out of the shadows as you will find the community richer still when you can actively participate. Best of luck to you on your Syren!
  15. Welcome to MSW!! Great to have you with us and best of luck to you on your first wooden ship model!