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    Obviously I enjoy scale model building, ships and my HO scale railroad layout are my main areas right now but I still do the occasional car model for people.
    I also highly enjoy wood working, especially lathe work. I make many things from pens and ornaments to bowls, plates, vases and goblets. Always experimenting and trying new ideas as I see them.
    Outside of these I also enjoy my wife, two dogs and outdoor activities like biking, camping and fishing.

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  1. Indeed! That would be a fascinating read and I think a must have for anyone interested in the ships of this era. I would love to have a copy of that as well if/when it ever gets published. I will ear mark the money now! Unless by some miracle of chance that the original designs of these ships have survived (if they really ever fully existed) or are uncovered, I think all models of this era are fictitious to some degree. Educated, researched and based on proven knowledge but, still having to rely on some guess work. The only real exception to this rule is when a physical ship still exists such as the Vasa. Even then, as anyone who has even briefly studied it can attest to, there is still much to be learned. I don't think I would get to caught up and concerned about what purists think. Even if they do not agree with what has been done, the creation of dialog on the subject, (as long as it is constructive) can contribute greatly to our better understanding of the ships in the 17th century. Is that not what is really important.
  2. Well, I just added a couple more books to the wish list. With some luck, next year I will be able to purchase quite a bit of that list and greatly expand my library.
  3. I'm thinking that SR1 should make it to the top of your list for a future project. With most modern models and historical images being primarily focused on SR2, I think that an in depth research/build project (similar to how you are doing this one) would be a truly awesome thing to see here. Even if most of it is guess work, I think there would be great educational value in it both in the appearance of the ship herself but, also in build practices of that era.
  4. O.C., sorry to hear about the wife. Best wishes for a speedy recovery into good health. Take care of both her and yourself and we will be here when you are able to get back to it.
  5. I will second what Carl said. No matter what the medium, wood, metal and now rope, you set high standards and the results are worth the effort!
  6. EJ_L

    What have you received today?

    They are multi-purpose...
  7. EJ_L

    What have you received today?

    More clamps! You can never have too many clamps as the needed number for any project is always one more than you own.
  8. I love their ropes. I replaced most of the rigging on la Couronne with it and was very glad I did. They are clean with tight and uniform twists. Plenty of sizes to choose from so they fit nearly any scale and three different colors. You will need to recoil them when you get them. They are packaged in a nice coil but, in order to avoid tangles, you should rewind them around a bobbin or tube. The ropes work well. They are not overly stiff with coils that want to defy gravity and act like rope should. Not overly slick so they tie and hold knots well. All of those factors add up to create a rope that allows for beautiful and realistic details in very small scale rigging. I dont think they are unreasonably priced. For the larger builds like these first rates, you will need a lot of line but, to set up a rope walk, buy the materials and take the time to make all of that rigging yourself, in my opinion, the price is well worth it. I have enough tedious micro builds that I don’t want to worry about making rope. Plus he has very fast delivery as long as the materials are in stock. Even when not, they are good at getting the orders filled and out in a timely manner. I will recommend the serving machine though as it is a great tool for serving the lines that need it. You can also use some of the junk line from the kits to serve over. Here is is how I recoil my ropes. I take the cool from the shipping package and carefully spread it out between two binder clips. Then I unwind it from the clips to a blank plastic bobbin. I bought a 25 pack of them at JoAnn’s (any store that sells sewing/knitting products will have them) years ago for $1 and have yet to go through them all as I can reuse them when they run empty. The rope in these pictures is the .012 (.30mm) rope which is one of the smaller sizes. I will be using it initially for the tackle on the guns.
  9. The eight remaining guns for the waist and the sixteen for the forecastle and quarter decks are ready with their blocks attached. Now to make the breech ropes and the other half of the tackle and they will be ready to install.
  10. Well done! All of those details are really adding to the realism and giving her life beyond a standard kit build.
  11. Beautiful work Doris! I wish I would have learned your technique with clay prior to carving my decorations from wood on Soleil Royal as I think I would have been more successful using that medium instead of wood. I think I will attempt your way on Royal Louis when it is time as you have been a great source of inspiration and the results speak for themselves.
  12. I've noticed that those side windows are often not well placed for realistic alignment with the interior cabin layouts, especially on kit models. Many times I have noted that they would appear to be in the deck framing or even splitting the decks themselves. Since most kit builds do not worry about interior build-outs, this is rarely an issue worth worrying over. For me though, it has been troubling as I like to build out those cabins and continuously run into that alignment issue. This is the primary reason they have not yet been installed on my own build. I do like how you have built your frames. They turned out nice and fit in well with the surrounding frieze. Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with your stern and QG decorations! I'm sure they will be just as amazing if not more so than what you have done on the sides so far.
  13. Cannon building continues. I did get some new blocks and rope from Syren to help out. Step by step they are coming together!
  14. Quick update, cannon building this weekend. Ordered some blocks and rope to rig them which I should have by next weekend. Getting the remaining carriages built and will start installing the dummy guns soon.
  15. Regardless of what you decide for the final selection, this has been a fun exercise to see the varying results. I've done a bunch of this in the past on my model railroad for weathering of rocks and buildings. I've not done much weathering on ship models yet but, after seeing some of these results, I admit that I am tempted to give it a try on a future build. Maybe some on Royal Louis.

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