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  1. Hey Paul Your interests are as varied as mine. I even noticed a train layout. I am into N scale European trains. I like the display case in the first picture. Can I ask where you got it? JMS
  2. Gaetan Thanks so much for the link. This is just what I was looking for. JMS
  3. I am probably strange, but I often find pictures of modelers work areas as interesting as the work they are doing. I have picked up on a number of clever ideas this way and never seem to get tired of viewing how others do what they do, and where they do it. I have added a few pictures of my area to start and hope others will follow. JMS
  4. Pav You got that right.
  5. Maurys, I hear you. I have tried it all and although many like dry heat it just doesn't come close to the ease of steam for me. A $20 electric steam kettle and a 1"x 2"x 3' long piece of fiberglass tube for the chamber. Add water wait 10 minutes and I can bend in another 10 minutes. If things are going good I load 6 to 10 pieces at a time and mount one after the other. I thought I might be doing things wrong with dry heat too but I just went back to what works for me. Thanks Eddie. I like the looks of this. Steam is 100C at 1 atmosphere but that is plenty hot enough for me. If you heat it under pressure you can super-heat it to much higher temperatures. JMS
  6. Thanks Eddie mate. Got it. It works. JMS
  7. I am a real novice when it comes to taking pictures and posting them so I have a simple question. When I try to post a picture on this site I always get the message it is to large to post. The only way I know to get it to stick is to crop it down which often means it is so selective that it does not "show the whole story". Is there any way to reduce the picture quality so I can show the whole subject? JMS
  8. vossiewulf I guess different things work for different people. I tried a hair dryer and even a heat gun. It was much slower and more cumbersome than steam. And most importantly it did not impart nearly the flexibility into the wood. Just my observation. JMS
  9. allanyed I would recommend trying steam based on what I have experienced. For me nothing else is even close. And I started bending wood when everyone was recommending using ammonia and water. But be cautious because steam is really hot, obviously, and it also makes the steam chamber and the part you are heating get pretty hot also. I would never use a sealed container either because of the pressure. Steam is great but you have to respect it. Some expansion must occur in the wood but I have used it on four builds now and have never found it to be an issue. I have only used it for walnut and it does not soften the wood enough to be detrimental in any way. For my hull work I use a PVA glue and like to leave it set out for a short time to get a little heavy and never had an issue. I am now bending 1.5 mm x 6 mm walnut which is the heaviest I have bent but I would not hesitate to try it on heavier cross sectional area wood. JMS
  10. I started this topic a while ago but as I wanted to find the best way of bending wood, for me. I could see that there are many different methods and although steam worked best for me at that time I am always interested in searching for a better way to do things. So for the last few months I purchased a few different heating irons, tried soaking only, used crimping tools and tried heat guns. For me steam is by far the quickest, easiest method and allows the best complex bends. I am working on the Batavia by Kolderstok and I need to bend 1mm x 6mm walnut planking around the bow to the stern. This is a fairly tight bend with a cross grain twist that leads into a longitudinal sweep up with a slight twist. I tried everything and went back to steam with excellent results. After only 5 minutes in full temperature steam I could take a straight piece of walnut and bend it by hand to the final shape on the hull gluing it into place completely at one time easily. I did not have to fight with the wood at all. As they say, your results may vary but for me steam is by far the best way to bend wood. JMS
  11. Thanks I guess I will stick with Tightbond.
  12. Through some contacts I have determined this is an adhesive I want to use. Does anyone know a US source for purchasing it? JMS
  13. Has anyone used UHU Hart glue. It's seems to be the wood glue to use everywhere but the USA? I can't even seem to find a US supply. JMS
  14. Thanks for the information. I think I have been doing the cutouts about how most do it. I just need to refine my technique and the template is a good idea. However, I just watched episode 13 of the video that Ulises suggested and that is what I will do on my current build. Take a look. JMS
  15. I have decided to build the Batavia by Kolderstok. I just jumped over here from another vine I started about being not completely satisfied with my build quality. One area I would like to improve is the precision and consistency in which to cut the gun port openings in a 17th century Dutch ship. I have done the Prins Willem already but not to my satisfaction. I am looking for any tips or tricks to get a precise cutout of the hull with sharp corners and clean lines. Maybe I just don't have the talent to get what I want but any tips would be helpful. Thank you JMS