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  1. I am building the Prins Willem kit by Coral. At 1:100 I am going crazy trying to build the anchor buoy's. Anyone got any tips or tricks? Thanks JMS
  2. I am probably strange, but I often find pictures of modelers work areas as interesting as the work they are doing. I have picked up on a number of clever ideas this way and never seem to get tired of viewing how others do what they do, and where they do it. I have added a few pictures of my area to start and hope others will follow. JMS
  3. First of all, I hope the pictures are attached to this post. It is my first try at it. I have seen the experts tie rat lines and I am envious of their skill. I have some experience but not much and became frustrated with the poor quality I could achieve. I dreaded tying ratlines and almost gave up. This might not be new but I finally stumbled on a simple idea and I am now happy with my work [although my speed remains poor]. It is simply two pieces of square stock the size of the ratline spacing clamped in place to use as a guide. I cemented a strip of fine grit sandpaper to one side of each square. In clamping the squares together with the sand paper on the inside the lines are held firm and I did not have to worry about the "hour glass effect" to the main lines. I also found I could easily tighten the knots to secure them in place. If you are a novice like me and have issues with your rat lines this may work for you like it did for me. JMS