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  1. The wingspars are of different length for the different wings. If all the wing spars (all six, three left wings and three right wings) are of equal length maybe you have gotten a "bad" kit where they have put three sets of one wingspan for one wing instead of one set each for the three wings? My guess is that you have taken the wrong wing spars (for example the lower wing spars instead of the upper wing spar) and built the upper wing with the lower wing spar. I built it on my table and had the drawings to my side but I checked frequently against the drawings. I checked, double checked and triple checked and then glued. Still I made mistakes and sometimes were saved by dumb luck... So my only advice is to really check carefully and measure everything before gluing. Also to keep the building area clean of other parts. But what ever mistake you did don´t worry, I´m sure Model Airways will help you and your building skills are very good. Even if the wing is wrong it looks very good!
  2. Hmm, as you say the aileron is the correct size. I don´t think you have used the wrong spar, top wing is WW16 - WW18. It seems like you have used the correct ones but double check this. Is it possible that you have used the wrong spars (maybe from the lower wing) AND turned them the wrong way, that is the "wing tip end" is towards the center of the aircraft? looking at the drawing the ribs match in the middle but deviates from the drawing further out on the wings. Does this help? But looking from the bright side your building skills are very good! nice work on both the wing and the ailerons Another good thing is that Model airways will most likely send you new parts if you have built it wrong. it means a longer time until the model is finished and lots of extra work but, building is the hobby!
  3. A short update from the beach, well almost The pilots seat is in place. I have also done all of the wiring (except one cable!) for the engine and the controls. Lots of wires going here and there and not much space to work in. Sometimes I would have needed a mutated third and fourth hand. But now it is almost done. Just one cable from the engine to the magneto left! The fuel gauge "face" will be added to the fuel gage itself on the tank. it can be seen in the top picture, a grey round thing on a rod so to speak. The grey boxes in front of it are the ammo cans and spent cartridge cans.
  4. Looks like the ship of a "super villain" from a movie featuring the Marvel heroes.
  5. Beautiful build so far! With this speed you will finish before my aircraft is done. Your prop is stunning (along with everything else)
  6. Due to work I have not have had time to build or update. Now I will be on vacation for a few weeks so updates will be fewer and slower But don´t worry, I will continue to build!
  7. An oldie but a goodie! I tried to build this model maybe 30 years ago. I never finished it, I guess other interests came in the way. It is very nice to see one finished!
  8. Yesterday I got the book I ordered, Fokker Dr I the aces´aircraft, a great book! Lots of information and awesome pictures and drawings. I wish I had this book when I started building six months ago. Lots of thanks to Vossiewulf who pointed me in the right direction where I could find the book
  9. Some parts, bolts for the propeller, engine, fuel tank partly done, machine guns, carburetor and air intakes and parts for the pilots seat. Up to the left are two pieces of flat aluminum, they are the missing parts for the fuel tank. I, of course, bent them "the wrong way". Trying to bend it back, it broke of course. Thin aluminum can´t bend often without breaking... I´ll drink a beer tomorrow and use the can for repair material Som Cockpit are slowly getting done, the grey box is the MG ammo box. Another angle. Today was a productive day. It went slow but at least all went according to plan, no mistakes!
  10. This will be a rant, if you do not like rants, do not read it.. I´m very frustrated and annoyed and plain angry for the moment as things do not go even close to plan. I started on the front mount accessory. It is molded white metal with little "nubs" on it. You are supposed to put a short "tube" of heat shrink tubing on it and put a wire inside it. All very well thought out but it does not work. The nub is too short to hold the heat shrunk tubing. Even supergluing afterwards is not enough. So what I recommend is to take the part EC 10 front mount accessories and snip of the nubs with a plier and sand flat. Then drill holes and insert a short brass rod. Maybe 10mm long. Then put the heat shrink tubing and wire on it and now it will work. Now the tubing have a longer "pin" to stick to, so to speak. The original nubs on the part are just too short. I also replaced the wires that run from the mount with either black rubber rigging thread or a thicker round rubber band (for the MG:s). The metal wires supplied in the kit will work but are fairly stiff and is therefore very difficult to work with. (see picture below, after redoing it with the rubber rigging thread) First I followed instructions and used the wire but it was stiff and got tangled in the fuselage of the aircraft and was basically a pain to try to use. Now it is much easier as the thread is more like string and therefore easier to "guide" through the maze of the aircraft with all its wires and stuff. Then the control yoke is supposed to fit on the stick in the picture below the one below this text. Trouble is where to two pieces meet is very difficult to glue. the control yoke is about 2 mm in diameter and the stick is also 2mm in diameter. So it is impossible to drill a hole in the yoke to slip it on the stick. Sanding the stick to a thinner diameter is very very difficult as it is already mounted in the cockpit and is very difficult to get a file or sanding stick in there. Just gluing it on won´t work as the contact area is too small for the glue to form a strong bond. If I hade been made aware of this much earlier in the building process I could have fixed it quite easily but now it is difficult as the stick is already in the cockpit with lots of things in the way. If you have some heat shrink tubing you could slip it over the stick and the end of the yoke and it is done but I do not have it. Finally I cut off the stick from the cockpit and replaced it with a 1,6mm brass rod (so I could drill a hole in the square part at the end of the stick, where it joins the rest of the assembly) and drilled a corresponding hole in the yoke. But it was a pain doing it as getting the drill into the cockpit area was a difficult. All in all today have been a bad day with lots of frustration and troubles. Lots of it could have been avoided if certain things had been pointed out earlier in the building process. For example to make sure that the control yoke fits the stick. Or basically sand the stick to a thinner diameter before putting it in the cockpit, then there would have been no problem. Spent cartridge can added. These pictures show the wiring before I redid it. Long stiff wires that are extremely difficult to work with.
  11. I´ve put some work into the ammo cans, spent cartridge can and fuel tank. Gluing and sanding, gluing and sanding is the recipe. First one, then wait and the other and repeat again and again. I will get some pictures at the end of the week! I´m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my book which Vossiewulf recommended. Then I guess the placement of all internal parts will be a breeze
  12. A better picture of the engine. It is funny to compare it with Vossiewulfs picture. My pushrods are thinner than what they said in the instructions. Instructions said to use 1,6mm thick brass rod. I used .8mm rod. I used .4mm rod for the wire from the spark plugs, but according to the picture should have used even thinner wire. Oh well, it is a learning process. Two of the instruments, will get some gloss varnish over the "instrument" to simulate glass and to protect it. Control yoke painted according to instructions. Don´t worry about the missing paint on the yoke, I will touch it up when it is glued in place. The same stuff, ammo drum to the right and spent cartridge can to the bottom. These will be sanded to a better shape and then painted either brown or grey.
  13. Don't worry Vossiewulf. They are there. You will see them when I can get some better pictures😀👍
  14. I´m continuing building small parts for the model. Working on the ammo cans and spent cartridges can. Compass and tachymeter is done. they turned out very nice. Now I just need photo bucket to cooperate so I can post the pictures of all the "small parts".
  15. It came with the kit. The kit was well supplied with jigs that made building the model (so far) easier, very good by the manufacturer.