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  1. No picture update but work continues! Unfortunately the stringers on the body separated from the frames so I had to reglue them. That was a small setback. Then my soldering iron gave up so I had to buy a new one. So finishing the stabilizer took far longer than necessary. Now I´m working on the control stick and its assembly. Going pretty well. I´ll try to upload some picture tomorrow or day after that!
  2. All the pieces so far! I have decided to "paint" the model so the metal parts have been spray painted with "plate metal" color. Wooden parts I will keep "wooden". It takes time but it is a very rewarding kit to build. I really look forward to putting all these subassemblies together. Then it will really begin to look like an aircraft instead of a pile of parts. I also look forward to some "easy" building of the engine and getting all the details in place. And although I enjoy soldering it will be nice to be more or less done with it (for the moment at least!) Some work left on the stabilizer and tail section on the aircraft and then, I guess, time to build the final jig. Once again a great kit!
  3. @xken, that is absolutely beautiful. Very well executed. I'm very impressed. 👍
  4. Correct Vossiewulf, the elevator part (lower part in the picture) is not finished, some ribs are indeed missing. My English is not perfect as I called it the "aileron".
  5. Done with the stabilizer and working on the aileron. New epoxy glue bought! Now nothing can stop me I enjoy soldering, much more satisfying than gluing.
  6. When I was going to continue with the fuselage I noticed that someone had used up all my glue... When I asked my 5 year old about it she just said she needed glue for her projects. Who am I to say that it was wrong... So I´ll have to get some more tomorrow. So instead I started on the horizontal tail. The fuselage can be seen in the background. The soldering on the tail went very well. I have one question for you all. Should I paint the fuselage with silver paint to simulate the welded steel? Or should I keep the color of the different metals used for the model. In other words should I keep it looking like a "true model" (no paint) or should I go for a more "miniature" look and paint it? I cannot make my mind up which to choose. I think both sides have merit. I´m like a donkey between two haystacks, I change my mind a couple of times a day
  7. A quick update before off to work. Being excited how last evenings work worked out I got up earlier than necessary this morning and added a few more stringers. So far I´m very pleased. I can imagine realigning the fuselage with tension wires must have been a chore. Was it the maneuvering of the aircraft during air combat that was partly responsible for the "twisting" of the fuselage? I had no idea this had to be done. But since the aircraft was covered with cloth did they remove and replace the cloth or did they have "access panels" in the skin so to speak? Amazing what can be learned here by knowledgeable people
  8. Adding the stringers to the frames. Not easy, at all... Getting everything aligned and centered and not having the top stringers "pop loose" as there is some tension is difficult.. Some picture from the drawings how the parts should be aligned to fit each other Important to note how close the engine frame are to the other frame, the first of the "aircraft frames". using one rubber band was way too tight. using two was way to slack. But using the clamps and two rubber bands was perfect. That way I could adjust the tension perfectly. I want the rubber band to hold the stringer in place but not really put much pressure on it so that it bends or deforms or pushes the frames out of alignment. The two top stringers in place. It took quite a long time to get everything in place, Now I will glue them in place. I will use cyanoacrylate glue aka super glue. The instructions says epoxy, but this should work. The two top stringers are not to join with the last frame. Two shorter stringers go from the second to last frame to the last frame. So far so good.
  9. First a picture of the frames then the same frames and engine mount mounted in the jig. A bit tricky as all the frames will need to be perfectly aligned to each other. I must say that the instructions are very good. At first I did not like them so much but now I have changed my mind totally. It is almost like a kitchen cook book, just follow the instructions exactly and you can´t go wrong... It is a good idea to read ahead a bit for each new part or section you are building. Reading ahead and looking at the pictures of the finished parts helps a lot as it is othewise slightly like not seeing the forest for all the trees. When you know what the finished piece/section will look like you get a much better picture/understanding of the instructions you try to follow to get there.
  10. A bit of work done yesterday and today. Not much to show pictures of though. the next major step is to basically assemble the fuselage. Then there will be pictures!
  11. Thanks a lot! You have identified my major worry, alignment. With so many parts and "points of contact to glue" I think there is risk for "warpage" ( for lack of a better word). The jig will be of great help ( I hope) and I think it will be of great importance to really follow the instructions and do what they say so to speak. It is with great trepidation I venture into building the fuselage...
  12. A WIP picture of the top wing, adding the nylon string that strengthens the wing. Done! Some small photo etched parts will be added when I add the ailerons. Now it will get a coat of varnish and dry for a day or two. So while that dries I will start on the frames. All the frames have been washed and sanded to remove flash and ugly spots. The holes in the turnbuckles have been drilled out. The string is being prepared. It said that the nylon string should be wetted with water and hung for a day with a weight to "lengthen" it. So it is hanging with a weight until dry. Also the middle wing, which I got a spare part for is also drying. The plywood part was to be soaked for 30 mins then wrapped around a dowel and left to dry to shape it properly. Basically now all I can do is wait for the varnish on the top wing to dry, for the string to dry and for the plywood to dry. I guess I can roam the internet for a while with a clear conscience
  13. Time to (almost) start on the fuselage. The jig is assembled. Also some great news! I got the replacement parts from Model Expo! So now I have enough parts to finish the wings. So before I start on the fuselage I will finish the wings. The plan was to start on the fuselage but the same day I was starting I got the parts from Model Expo. The fuselage parts are washed with water and some soap to get rid of grease or other goo from the casting process. I have also tidied them up with some sand paper to get nice parts free of casting flash and miscasting.
  14. The second aileron almost done. I need to solder a few details and then polish them a bit. Luckily Proxxon sells a polishing set... Amazing how one always need to buy something... Just one more thing or set, then I have everything. Until next building session. My very much improvised "base" used for soldering. I have an "extra hand set" but the crocodile clips does not hold the parts perpendicular to each other and it is difficult to get everything straight. This method, although not very pleasing to the eye, worked great. Soldering the wire to the end of the aileron the extra hand set worked great. Some extra crocodile clips used as heat sinks. Almost done, some detailing needs to be soldered on and then polishing! I have also continued to work on the top wing. I´ve added a few braces. Hopefully the parts from Model Expo will arrive in a week or so and then I can finish the wing. Next step will be to add the ailerons to the top wing.
  15. I got an answer from Model Expo yesterday! They will send the parts I asked for! Good news. I have started to solder the second aileron, will post some pictures tomorrow. As soon as I get the parts from Model expo I can finish the middle and top wing. Then I´m "back on track" with building things in the correct order I don´t know why but I really like to do things in the correct order.