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  1. Thank you very much for your offer.

    Let me know the total cost and I will gladly donate to MSW and recover your costings.

    my email should you want it is :-  antony.gilbert@sky.com

    Regards Antony Gilbert.

  2. Hi John. Thank you for your kind words. I am a beginner compared to most builders on this forum. What I like most on this forum is the vitality of skills members are willing to share to improve the skills of others. Regards Antony.
  3. Hi Jacek. Nice progress with the cross section. Has a chuckle to myself when I come across the above statement.. sometimes there is nothing to be said...... I would go for option 3 myself. Looking into another cross section are you... Could always wait for Chucks Pegasus to arrive. https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/17734-pegasus-cross-section-1776-148-by-chuck-swan-class-sloop/ I'me waiting..... Regards Antony.
  4. Hi.

    Have been looking for plans for the Mayflower.

    I am interested in a cross section of the middle mast area.

    Would you be willing to share your work / resurch ?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Regards Antony.

  5. AntonyUK

    Fusion 360

    Hi. Wow Wayne... That is impressive. I have only just got into Fusion360 this week. Found that I can import my Adobe illustrator files and Use a CNC router to cut the profiles. No I have not got my CNC router yet.. Making sure I can use the tools before forking out the cash. Also found a couple of videos that are right for MSW. Part one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixGnJjNPj18 Part two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zCteq0qkZM Regards Antony.
  6. Hi Chuck. Its been a Long time awaiting updates on the Pegasus cross section. I appreciate that you have other projects. This one is going to be one of your best sellers and it my type of ship model. Please don't let it fall too far back in the to-do list. Many thanks. Regards Antony.
  7. AntonyUK

    Interesting (IMHO) Stat

    Hi. My views... Modelling is modelling.. no matter what material you use. I have seen a model ship approx 500mm long being made in clay. I have used a mixture of all sorts on my model ships on the same model. 3D printed models will be with us sooner rather than latter. I have built one... If members think we need to have a separate section for plastic kits .. My view is to keep it in the same topic. Or I might miss out on some of the splendid plastic ship models. Regards Antony.
  8. Hi Greyhawk. A interesting build. Will you be modifying the model or building as per instructions ?. Looking forward to your next instalment. Regards Antony.
  9. AntonyUK

    Gondola by AntonyUK

    Hi. Thanks for the comments... Yes this is going to be a large model. . I have a friend that makes dolls and she makes wonderful costumes for them. Will be asking her to facilitate the the dolls. So No Barbie and Ken...... The floor is in 5 parts But every piece has complex curves in them. Thanks for looking in. Regards Antony.
  10. AntonyUK

    Gondola by AntonyUK

    Hi. First update for a while. Been looking at the best method of constructing the Gondola. So the plan is :- build a base building board with the curve and twist built in... The building board is just offsets of 9mm plywood 4mm plywood and a shelf that was the right length and perfectly flat. The base board.. And view And the other end.. The curves at each end will have 2 guides attached to then to hold the Bow and Stern at the correct angles. Will start milling the floor in the next few days. Very wide planks are used on the original. Not sure a can cut that depth of cut. The frames have all been drawn out and are in process of laser cutting. Theas will have extra batten on each side. That's it for now. Thanks for looking in. Regards Antony.
  11. Hello Dirk. A nice start to a great build. Looks like you have put a lot of thought into how you are going to build this model. I've not seen anyone use a fly cutter for large curves for some years. Nice Machining of the timbers. Regards Antony. Ciao Dirk. Un buon inizio per una grande build. Sembra che tu abbia riflettuto molto su come costruire questo modello. Non ho visto nessuno usare un cutter per grandi curve per alcuni anni. Bella lavorazione delle travi. Saluti Antonio.
  12. Hello Fernando. Stunning work on the Lucia. Love the colour scheme you are using. Really sets the boat off. Regards Antony.
  13. AntonyUK

    Gondola by AntonyUK

    Hi. Carl. Just the "disegno gondola singolo" Single Gondola Design . Basic but there is enough details to build a Gondola. Making my design quite different from the plans. Just the basic shape taken from the plans. Again Im'e using Adobe Illustrator to do my drawings. Drawings ATM are 80% done. Overall length of the boat is 940mm. With a Gondola being 10.85 metres long and 1.4 metres wide I think the scale is about 10.6/1 Not sure on this bit... Numbers I cannot do. Again I don't build small. And I will not be painting the model. The Book " An Extraordinary Naval Architecture, by Carlo Donatelli" is excellent and there is a lot of knowledge gone writing of this book. Lots of details and construction. Will be starting to mill the timber in a few weeks all being well. Thanks for looking in. Regards Antony.
  14. Hi. The tail boat is now complete. Car engine still has not arrived. So no photos with the engine mounted with shaft and prop. The scale works out to be around 1/16. That would make figures for a 6ft person would be 114.3mm high and a 5ft person being 95.25mm high and not forgetting the 4ft person would be 76.2 high. Does not match any figures that I have at this time. Full length of the boat being 1010mm in length and 125 beam. The Bow area And no I don't like the brass pins..But I have excess of then and need to use them away. Not going to paint , varnish or oil this boat. Thanks for the likes and comments. I have put a pdf drawing on the first post. Should anyone be interested. Regards Antony.
  15. Hi Michael. That's one super sized ship. I love the shape of the bulkhead you got wrong. But you got it geometrically similar. Nice building board. But with a model that size you need a table like Gaetan uses See link below. https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/15340-74-guns-ship-by-gaetan-bordeleau-124/&page=4 Will save your back. with all that twisting and trying to get into difficult places. This is a must follow for me. Regards Antony.

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