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  1. Hi. I cannot find any reference to 3D printing Rigging blocks. Having no idea on where to start. I downloaded Tinkercad and went through the tutorials one by one. Not sure on tinkercad .. maybe I need to try another CAD package like sketchup. At this stage I am open to any advice. Once I get the design I can easily get them 3D printed. Regards Antony.
  2. What have you received today?

    Hi. Today I got my shipment from Syren. Quick delevery to the UK. Most pleased with the blocks. Both premade and the laser cut ones are a real Jem. UK vat hits and UK post Office Slaps a £8 handling fee on top. But Happy with the blocks. Did not use super glue as my hands are not quick enough to complete the assemble before it sets. Regards Antony.
  3. Hello from South Korea

    Hello JW. Welcome to MSW. There are a lot of ladies here who make very splendid model ships and boats. That is a nice looking model you have there. There are several modelers here that have built Korean ships. Wishing you well Regards Antony.
  4. Hi Spider. Like Gjdale and Jim said Forget the string and the square bits of wood called blocks from the kit and replace them with chucks real rigging rope and blocks. You will find it a Look much better to work with and the finished ship will look like a real scale model. Yes it will add cost to the project but after all the time and love you put into building the Victory It's gotta be worth it. Regards Antony.
  5. Hi.

    You posted some inteesting junk drawings.


    Would you mind sharing the link with me.

    Regards Antony.

    1. hjx



      If the website is the one prohibit by chunk,i'm sorry that i can't publish or disseminate it in the forum.Another site, which contains many Chinese ship drawings, has been closed.


      If you need some drawings for research purposes, I can consider looking for it for you.


      It may be different from what you think. It's so rare that the ship model drawings drawn by Chinese . Instead, the European ship model company has developed a lot of Juncke drawings.



    2. AntonyUK



      Thank you for the reply.

      NP I understand.


  6. Terrified

    Hi Doodler. Welcome to MSW. Smart move with the swift kit. It better to get to grips with and easer to build. Tlloa the best Antony.
  7. I would put a like to this post...BUT. Same for me. Regards Antony.
  8. And I thought it was me☺☺😇 Missing 4 me as well. Using galaxy tab. Regards Antony.
  9. Hi. I have purchased from a UK company some drill bits of various sizes. This morning I went to use a 1.1mm drill bit on annealed brass. I did not check the bit as it was new out of its container. Put it in the drill and rubbish. Thought no more of it and replaced it with another new one. Same not cutting at all. Just skidding. I had a look under a X400 microscope. There was no tip. Had been ground but totally wrong. Checked all the drill bits one by one and all were sharpened differently. Only one had a correct edge Contacted the company and talked to custamer services and just not interested telling me it's me. LOL. Being a Toolmaker and engineer most of my life I know what's right and wrong. They did not even want me to return the bits... And no replacement or refund. No I am not going to name the company but I have made a complant to trading standards UK. So... Buying drill bits beware. Regards Antony. .... I feel better already for voicing it

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