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  1. awesome model ship. a true bliss for the eye. thank you for sharing it with us cheers. Jens .
  2. I love all the details you adding - It giv a werry autendik look.
  3. Hi Don. It's probably the most exciting building kit I've seen, I did not know it existed. I am totally envious of the high quality and building information - lucky you, I'm looking forward to keeping track of your construction project. Jens
  4. hi Denis I think it's a very successful model you've got put together , it looks werry good
  5. Hi Denis. thank you for your posetive fid back, now I have to painted them finish . and fitted a variety of rope and then on to " 3. floor " . still dame long way to the top Cheers Jens
  6. Hi All. komming along well with "2. floor" - finish maiking brass fiting and started painting . stil som way to go thou Cheers Jens
  7. Hi Denis I just point out that the model ship Norden, which you build model of, is not designed to be landed - the many videos that are with boths are some very special and very few. - they are broader than the Norden and are supplied with support wood keel and extra reinforcements at the bottom. Billing boats also have a model of such a vessel that named Bent. ( 5006 coastbot Bent ). The Norden is a plain boat that needs a harbor space like most other ships The winz you discussions that are located at the wheelhouse are for unloading via rops throug the mast and the boom . and for other fishing teknike , and for anker up as well , in other words -- multi purpose function . Cheers Jens
  8. Hi Denis The netting machine is used to put and record bottom net that is put out and rumored the day after . the ship Norden is not the type of cutter that can be landed as seen in one of the videos it is supposed to be in port . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlm2G6O3fTw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q6FPTECYmE
  9. Hi Denis nice work . your fish cutter looks good I thought if you have googled the boat type to find photos for details? good words to search for are: Norsø kutter or Fiskekutter or Hajkutter and for old blak and wite pic just at : gamle billeder - or - sort og hvid before fiskekutter . her just an apitiser have fun
  10. Hi Denis, it's an impressive pace you're building with and it looks good
  11. hi Denis thank you for info. even mizzen mast has one too it's just one thing that's not included in the versus cutty sark construction kit so i'm oriented cheers Jens
  12. Hi Tim Thank you for your response, it makes sense that it supports the yarden. I du not think it looks flexible at the bottom. for turning the yard. but then the good thing is that when building a model, things do not hawe to work, just they look right. Cheers Jens
  13. HI Nenad nice work . hard work that has paid off.
  14. hi there is someone who knows what this is and how it works and how are the details at the bottom i have been unable to fine explaining pictures. good explanations are very welcome Jens.
  15. Hi Eduardo the right color is black but it will downplay the details. so it's a compromise to make metal parts stand out

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