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  1. Chris, I use a Worksharp 3000 model electric sharpener designed for chisels and plane blades. Costs about $175. Comes with two glass plates and four grades of abrasive to stick to both sides of the plates, 100,400,1000,4000 grit. When I’m normally sharpening I’m just using the 4000 side and it takes the burr off the back with a separate piece of 4000 that it rests on. Has a rack that the back of your chisel rests on that has preset and repeatable angles set into it. You can also purchase a leather hone plate if you want to go to a pure mirror finish, however I find the 4000 is plenty sharp enough for almost anything I do and only takes a few seconds to maintain silly sharp edges. ben
  2. Agamemnon and Vanguard twin ships?

    Sister ship of the HMS Agamemnon 64 was the 64 HMS Indefatigable, both built at Bucklers Hard. ben
  3. 8 small