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  1. Just a heads up that the Byrnes website is showing some new upgrades available for our JimSaws, Adjustable miter gauge extension Some new blades are now offered A spares kit of all the screws and miter pins Ben
  2. Hey Chuck, I like your rope walk design, however you no need to fear of me buying one, it's a lot easier and time efficient to have you make my rope. And the obvious fact that as you make hundreds of feet a week your quality and price would be better than I could ever produce for myself. Ben
  3. Ok, I'll throw a few cents in. As a newbie scratch POF builder, I transitioned from "traditional" POB kits, however I did learn a lot from POB kits, mainly that the plans and instructions were mostly terrible ( exception being MS Confederacy IMO ). I agree wholeheartedly with a lot of comments that having options for upgrading kits is great, but I think that's better left to the specialists like syren/crown etc.. to offer than the manufacturer ( it's not in their interest). Just check out the option kits available for a lot of plastic kits from third parties ( it's a huge business ). Now I think I can say with reasonable confidence that a large amount of ship modelers want to build something with a history ( why so many Vic's and Connies ), but there are a lot of other ships with great history's that are being ignored but my point being that who wants to build 5 Vic's, we need to have choice, but who knows what they are interested in until they get inspired by seeing something different, ( DA comet, GH swiftsure, CP barge ). I think what I'm trying to say is " if you build it, they will come" IF it's good quality, great plans and instructions, price reasonable for the subject matter ( $200 for a awesome barge, $800 for an awesome frigate, $1500 for an awesome first rate ). Ben
  4. A very enjoyable experience to go to this workshop and learn how to layout, spile and plank a hull correctly. Thank you Greg and David both. Ben
  5. Hi All, Need some advice on what kind/size/brands of dust collection and extraction systems you all use and would recommend. I just moved and now my workshop will be in my basement, so keeping dust down will be a big thing. The back workshop is a 12x25 space, this is where the really dirty tools will be located, 14" bandsaw, full size table saw, 12" Planer, 6" jointer, thickness sander etc....., I will need a good dust collector in here, maybe 1.5 HP with 4" ducting and blast gates. Front workshop is a 25x25 space, mainly for modeling tools ( Byrnes ) and other smaller stuff, get away with shop vac and dust extractor?? Any help or advice would be welcome, especially on sizing of units and reviews of good/bad equipment that you have experienced. Thanks again Ben
  6. Hi Alex Are you still planning to make razee plans for Anson? I have almost completed my Indefatigable razee plans. Ben
  7. Ed and Bob, please save a copy for me at the conference, I will bring my Niaad books for signing too.
  8. Hi Alan, Mr Druxey is quite correct, sometimes finding a plan in the NMM collection can be quite a trial but to answer you, I have the sheer plan for the Indy in the Razee form, also the deck layouts as the 44. Then I also have the 64 Indy sheer/body plan and the 64 Disposition of Frame of Nassau. I had to do a lot of work in ACAD to overlay and design a whole new DOF for the razee from the 64 and also to align the razee deck plans with the sheer plans. That part of the work is completed and finalized, it's ready to start lofting individual frames but work is so busy and Pegasus is taking all of my available modeling time. Ben
  9. Agree with the above, boxwood - well the castello version is more dense than Swiss pear, so pear should bend a little easier but is a little more prone to damage, but not by much.