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  1. Jim, are the support blocks holding the transom pushing it forward? Looks like they are forward of that first engraved line on the build board? Maybe pushing your transom too vertical? ben
  2. Very Very nice Rusty - hope my planking turns out as nice. ben
  3. Transom has been glued, all frames completed and test fit in the build board slots - some minor tweaking was needed. Now to install the keel onto the framing. ben
  4. Off to a slow start with the Longboat, the more detailed keel was used and the halving joints were pared down using a very sharp 1” chisel. Keel bolts were simulated with the 20lb line and a coat of WOP was applied to everything.
  5. Very nice Rusty - you are motoring right along - makes me want to start mine now. ben
  6. I wouldn’t go near that with any type of power tools! it’s only basswood so just take it slow with some 100 grit and a couple of hours work will see you there. ben
  7. Lower deck framing continues up to beam no.9. This can be frustrating work to keep everything correctly spaced and symmetrical, constant adjustments need to be made as well to account for drift. Layout for the aft framing including the beam arms can be seen. ben
  8. She’s a beauty Chuck, are you going to add a full rig and sails to this one?? ben
  9. Glad to say I was able to purchase Chucks new kit , The Medway Longboat from the second batch, ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Friday. As per the norms it was well packed and complete as per the picture, everything looks well machined and the yellow cedar aroma is great. ben
  10. Got to agree, those are some beautiful clamps. ben
  11. Hi Thanks for the likes and comments. I made 5 of the sweeps and displaying them on the little stands that Chuck supplied. Here is the QA Barge completed and in her display case. This has been a really fun and fulfilling little build with enough complexity to keep me interested to the end. Chuck you are to be congratulated on a great kit that will be enjoyed by many people and I may have to have a go at your new longboat when it’s ready. Back to the Pegasus build. ben
  12. Getting ready in the workshop to start modeling again, humidity coming back into controllable range with my system, QA Barge just about complete and summer projects will be put away for Winter over next couple of weeks. First thing on list is to mill some Swiss pear to correct dimensions to continue with lower deck framing. Looking at the hull there has been absolutely no movement over the summer months - 😅 ben
  13. Sweet Rusty, How are you going to display her? ben
  14. And a couple more hours for the Jackstaffs and Flags, quite fun getting them to fold nicely. Now to finish the sweeps and this fun little project will be complete. ben

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