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  1. Thanks Rusty and Druxey, what do you mean by ears druxey? ben
  2. Hi, it's been a long time since an update due to a very heavy load working away so little modeling time to be had. Another set of eight frames and a spacer frame have been installed up to B Aft, if you look closely you will see the rough cut out in the A-Frames for the fixed double block, and below the hull you can see the block bodies that have been made out of boxwood to match the hull planking when it's done. The frames are just roughly faired and sanded to 100 grit just like the rest of the hull until hull is closed in. So 16 frames are left to go to fill the gap, hopefully it won't be as long until the next update. ben
  3. Showing your dedication to good results as always Rusty.
  4. I'm so glad you decided to purchase at least Vol.1 of the TFFM books, to me it is one of my fave books on the topic of historical ship model building. Ben
  5. That's a lot of very pretty wood there Chris, look forward to seeing this build start. ben
  6. Mike - I have not used any finish YET, I will be using either sanding sealer for a rough hewn effect, or my normal WOP which I have used on other models. Another part of me wants to try using a oil based finish. Anyway, until the hull is complete, all sanding and fairing complete there will be no finish applied. Ben
  7. I would agree with Toni and Chuck, the TFFM books that are available from seawatch books are a must in my opinion for building such a complex model as a swan class in full framed admiralty style.
  8. Pat - absolutely they will, all the Swiss pear being used is out of the same master billet of wood I got from Jeff at Hobbymill when he was operating, no finish has touched anything so it is the natural darkening of the wood that is occurring. Ben
  9. Thanks Chuck, Yeh - 2 years later it's back to where it was.
  10. Yeh Gary, I have made some silly mistakes when cutting out frames, only piece of absolute advice I can definitely give is check the scale every time you print a set out plans for the framing - ask me how I know!! Ben
  11. Another set of eight frames has been completed up to 2-fore, you can see how light the new pear framing is in color compared to the recovered old framing, the floor fillers for this section of framing has only been glued to the fore side of each frame so as to be able to "float" as per druxeys advice. I am currently sanding and fairing it to match the after side framing. Ben
  12. Yeh Dave, A little Benny Hill descended on us there!
  13. Hi Gary, I scanned the entire Mylar and used autocad to trace the parts accurately and printed them on separate PDFs on normal printer paper Ben
  14. Just a heads up that the Byrnes website is showing some new upgrades available for our JimSaws, Adjustable miter gauge extension Some new blades are now offered A spares kit of all the screws and miter pins Ben