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  1. Some questions about shrouds

    I’m glad to hear it’s worked well ...I discovered on another build log these “serving machines” and I’ve ordered one from domanoff workshop a few days ago. I can’t wait till it gets here!
  2. Some questions about shrouds

    She’s a real beauty hellmhut. I love how weathered your deck looks! It appears that you have served the part of the shroud that goes around the mast...if you have may I ask what your method was?
  3. Some questions about shrouds

    Thanks for the recommendations everyone I’ve already ordered some!
  4. Some questions about shrouds

    Thank you mark p...It seems my kit doesn’t include this detail. I will also take this into account and will do some research. And then do some kit bashing As I said I am working on the Bounty which I imagine was rigged as a merchant even after her RN refit. Thank you for the book recommendations, I need to build up my stash and will take your advice
  5. Some questions about shrouds

    Wow thank you Jim Lad that really helps...and you answered even the next question I was going to ask if you told me that both ends of the pair where on the same side and there was an odd number of shrouds! ...mind blown
  6. Some questions about shrouds

    Apologies thistle17...I’m working on the Bounty...and having a ball doing it
  7. Hi guys. I’m coming up to the shrouds in my build shortly and other than a picture which I’ll post, the instructions are a little bit silent on details. So I’ve been doing some research into ways of doing them and standard practice Firstly I’ve seen from my research the the shroud seems to be served. But how much of the shroud should be served? Is it the whole shroud down to the deadeye or is it just for the loop around the mast Also secondly I see that they are done in pairs. So if one shroud goes to the forward most starboard deadeye, does the other go to the forward most port deadeye or the aft most part of the same channel? Or just simply next to it? I’m sorry if this doesn’t make sense...if it doesn’t please let me know so I can explain it better.
  8. Block basics

    Thanks very much for the help guys...those vids really helped puckotred, they were well explained. Finished my first rigged block! Many hundreds to go! 😁
  9. Block basics

    Hi druxy. And thank you very much for the quick reply. I think I understand your suggested method for rigging the blocks I will try it shortly. As for fixing the eyebolt to the deck, the plans the plans show this illustration the plans still state that the hole is 1.5 mm but the deadeye is not that width...yet still the illustration shows the deadeye sitting snug in its hole with no real gaps. This is how it looks in realityit certainly isn’t the snug fit that is shown in the plans. But it if it is common practice I will proceed as the plans state?
  10. Block basics

    Hi there guys. I’m currently working on Mamoli’s HMAV Bounty and I’m reaching the tiller rigging stage. I’m trying to do a quality job and am happy with my progress so far but I’m approaching the rigging stage and don’t want my rigging job to let the model down.... I have several questions that will probably seem really basic to some of the seasoned modelers on here. But I’m struggling to find information or clear answers on the subject. Firstly is it correct that the thicker rope between the block and the loop that goes through the eyebolt in the illustrated picture on my bounty plans is from a separate smaller rope making it appear to be thicker? Or is it the same rope? Which is the ideal way to do it? Is here any good videos or books that I can download that can show me how to do these kind of basics? I have no shortage of ropes so either way doesn’t bother me...I’m just trying to do it most realistic looking way possible and learn. Secondly the way the plans are asking me to fix the eyebolt into the the deck seems unusual to me. And I just wanted to clarify that it isn’t another mistake in the plans (which I have noticed a few) The eyebolt has a width of .5 mm and drilling a 1.5 mm hole in the deck sounds wide to me, even for a folded eyebolt. Just wanted to check that this is common practice.

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