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  1. Newbie

    Welcome, Randy! I am 51, and also New to the hobby! I also am building the HMS Sultana. I’m sure you know there is a great practicum with pictures by Chuck Passaro on this kit. I hope you take the opportunity to read it before jumping in the the bulkhead work. I am following this as the main guide for achieving my first completion but it can be challenging. Please see see my log on my current (slow...) build of my Sultana! I will look forward to your build! Please take time to start a log as the folks here have some awesome experience to share. I hope you enjoy the hobby! Cheers Pat
  2. Terrified

    Also read my log.....you'll see what a real beginner looks like when jumping in! LOL Enjoy the ride, frustration, success, and minor victories that come with building. If you are a model furniture maker, you probably already have a very good eye and skillset for the wood ship arena. Unlike myself....but it is fun to learn. Lot's of folks here with oodles of experience.
  3. pict0412

    That is a thing of beauty. Without doubt. Nice!!!!
  4. pict0404

    Absolutely brilliant!