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  1. Frosty says 'thanks for the rescue'! Stay warm 🥂
  2. You're right - she's starting to look like 'the ship'. Wonderful work!!! Smooth sailing and Good Holidays
  3. Wow !!! The rigging on your cannons are amazing. Are the hooks that you used on ropes scratch built? Magnificent work "GooD HoLiDaYs" to you and loved ones!
  4. Update on my beacon towers. I am a little irritated and confused with Lindberg and their 8 page instructions. I started to notice that their were some 'extra' parts on the sprues that are not listed or shown on the directions. I started to look at photos of the real ship and of model builds and that's when I found the answers to my confusion. At least two of the pieces are rings that attach inside of the tower's beacon light cages. Three other pieces are for the radar unit atop the aft tower. The radar unit was installed towards the end of WWll. Lindberg needs to update the instruction sheets and show accurate directions for using the parts given to one supplied in the kit !!! 🤬 I went ahead and decided to include the radar unit to my model. I had to cut a little off the bottom of the four vertical rails and sand and about a 45 degree angle to get this unit to fit into the aft tower.
  5. Compliments to the chef !!! She looks awexome !!!
  6. Final test run of lights before installing deck into the hull. Only the pilot house and two beacon towers are glued to the deck. The one light below deck will illuminate the engine room skylight and random interior portholes covered with yellow transparency film. All other portholes have been blacked out. Prop and rudder will be added today. I used tin foil stripes that were painted with flat black to cover both anchor openings to prevent light leakage. The same will be done to prop and rudder.
  7. Ouch! Your determination on getting this correct is to be admired. On the de-bonding, I had my masts set up backward on my Bluenose and I used an acetone based nail polish remover to loosen up the crossbars and platform.
  8. Bill - Great job on your cutter! Nicely done and very clean. You should be pretty happy, as well as your rc group, on this one.
  9. Dave - thanks for posting this information on Robert Hunt's practicum and about the adhesives used. I'm shooting for the end of December with my project well LOL Cheers!
  10. I've been following along and the work on your planking looks great! I'm hoping to pick up some tips from your build for my 1st planking kit coming up. Cheers and a Good Holiday Season!!!
  11. What a wonderful journey indeed! Some great crafting on this one !!!
  12. Popeye - thanks! The lighting came out better than I expected. I have installed (3) 1.8mm warm lights for the three main cabins. For the engine room skylight, I will use either a 1.8 or 3mm warm light to illuminate a few of the interior portholes along with the skylight itself. My next step is to start randomly blocking out many of the portholes on the hull as well as backing a few with yellow transparent film. Once I finish with that I can connect up all of the wiring and install the deck to the hull.
  13. Jack - Thank you and I certainly appreciate the kind words. I'm having fun putting this ship together and that old adage is true: "Practice makes Progress". Another good lesson I've learned with modeling is 'patience' !!! Good Holidays to you and loved ones 🥂
  14. I finished installing the navigational lights to the main cabin. I also finished installing my beacon lights to the towers. Here's the test run. Forward beacon tower is shown in picture.

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