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  1. Steve has offered some good pointers and tips. I purchased my line from Syren Ship Model and Cottage Industry Models. I was not happy with the seam lines from the three-part deck so I purchased my deck from Scaledecks.com on Amazon at a special price. I also reinforced the underneath of the deck seams by gluing plastic styrene strips. Run a good thick bead of cement all along the inside of hull seam. This, along with the reinforced styrene will prevent hull separation when it comes time to install the decks. Once again, like Steve mentioned, how much detail and time do you wish to put into your build depends on you. I have spent two years working on and off and I have finally installed the gun deck. I added lights and made some modifications before I had to step away for a while. Oh yes, I have learned quite a bit in these eight years of modeling and I am so thankful for the help that has been given to me from fellow modelers in these sites. Big lesson is take your time. Completing this ship is a challenge and your goal. I wish you smooth sailing and good adventures with this ship!
  2. Congratulations !!! A great kit with very good detail. Mine is on a holding pattern. I had to step away from her and try to learn some needed skills with some other models. I hope to get back to her in the near future. Here's a good book to pick up if you do not already own it. "The 44-Gun Frigate USS Constitution 'Old ironsides' (Anatomy of The Ship) " by Karl Heinz Marquardt. It has a lot of reference diagrams along with history of the ship.
  3. Fright

    Civil War blockade runner

    Many thanks for sharing your photos of this model. Nicely done!
  4. Doug - I'm signing up for your adventure with this ship build.
  5. I just came across your build and I'd like to congratulate you on a fine piece of workmanship !
  6. E.J. Enjoy your reading. The work on your ship is really amazing and shows off some of your excellent skills!
  7. Congratulations on the hull !!! 🥂 Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  8. I was able to get a little time to do some further work on two of the three smaller boats that attach to the davits on the deck. I chose not to use the pre-fab tackle that came with the kit, but to make my own. I drilled fine holes thru the top of the davits and also into the bow and stern of the boats. I made small eye rings out of 30 gauge wire and glued these into the holes made in the boats. I used pliers to attach my wire around the blocks that were to be used. I glued the davits and boats into place on deck and then finished by running my tan thread thru the blocks to connect the boats to their davits. Could anyone help me with identifying the names of these boats? The largest one has a motor and prop with rudder. Would this be considered a whaleboat and /or a launch? Second largest has no motor. The third is very small hull - would this be a dingy? I read countless articles on the Nantucket and could find no mention of these boats.
  9. She's looking good so far. It's nice to kick things up a notch on a model build and your attempt looks very nice. It's those 'little' things that make things great!
  10. Wow! We've got enough musicians to start jamming! LOL Bassist and guitarist here. Santa was kind enough to leave this under my tree.
  11. I was able to get some more work done on the deck fittings over the weekend. I ran out of my Spar paint and still had a few bollards, cleats and fairleads to paint, so I mixed some Acorn Brown and Straw colored acrylic paint until I came really close to a match with the spar. Next up will be adding the three boats and davits to the deck and then on to the rigging.
  12. Many thanks! Ken - I'll be following along on you Longboat build. That is my next wooden kit after this one. I can use any pointers and tips that I can get on planking. CPDDET - your hull on the Bluenose looks fantastic - especially with the light stain that you applied!
  13. Wow! The hull looks wonderful after your sanding and staining. Beautiful work!!!
  14. Finally, with the help of the Mrs., I was able to install the deck into the ship's hull BUT, not without a major blunder on my part. I was so proud that I finished soldering all of the wires that I forgot to feed them through the bottom of the hull. That certainly put a smile on my wife's face!!! After removing the deck and redoing the wiring, we finally re-installed the deck to the hull. I had only a slight gap at one spot between the deck and hull, but it was resolved by using some CA glue and tying some string around the hull until the glue dried. Now i can move on to gluing all of the pieces to the deck, along with the rigging and then create my water effect in the frame. Two photos taken in our bathroom to see how the ship looks like with it's lights.

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