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  1. Hello Ginger - I just picked up this kit as my 2nd wooden build before I try my hand at a POB kit. I'm trying to finish up my 1st wooden kit on an old Scientific Bluenose kit. I'm going to tag along and follow your build for some pointers. As for your comment about pins, I used 2mm brass eye pins from HobbyLobby for both eye bolts and also as pins to secure my rudder to the hull. They can be cut with ordinary scissors. You may need to purchase some micro drill bits for modeling, if you do not already have them on hand. Smooth sailing on your build!
  2. Alan... thank you for this close up of the main boom and saddle. Saddles are not mentioned at all on my plans but this diagram clearly shows me where the placement for it would go on the mast. I wasn't sure on that. Thank you for your help - my project for Monday. Ron - thank you for your tip on the practicum for the Phantom. I would have liked to have purchased a POB kit as a next build, but I picked the Phantom up for $30 and one more basic kit would help my skills before I tackle framing a hull. This kit will give me a chance to work on plating a hull and planking a deck.
  3. Frankie Day - Compliments to the chef on this one. Not only the ship and deck but the rigging is Fantastic!!! Your time was well spent. Thank you for sharing this treasure.
  4. Took another try today - and I learned a valuable lesson about wood. Depending on the piece to be cut has a lot to do with the direction of the grain you cut through ! DUH!!! I was able to produce the jaws for the mainsail boom and another for the mainsail gaff. I still need to sand them down a bit for size but they work. Another split but 2 out of 3 I can handle those odds. I thank everyone for the ideas and especially to Bill who turned the 'light switch' on about angle on grain. I'm now a HaPpY CaMPeR thanks to you guys! On a side note, I just picked up Models Shipways 'Phantom' NY Pilot Boat for a screamin' deal. This will be my 2nd wooden kit and hope the next one will be a POB kit. By then, I hope my skills will be up to snuff.
  5. To Vossiewulf, Pat and Bill - thanks for these tips on glue and wood. I'm going to try gluing paper to the wood and go against the grain where the curve in the jaw is located and see if that works. Otherwise, I have some styrene sheets for those pieces! I'd prefer to stay with wood if possible. Thanks again for everyone's help and responses. I have my eye of either another solid frame build that would entail coppering the hull or an entry level POB kit for my next wood project. I will definitely try my hand at planking a deck. Good week to all and cheers!
  6. Vossiewulf - Wow! Thanks for this tip! I need to make 4 boom jaws. The kit is an old Scientific Bluenose model that I found at a garage sale. The plans are very basic but I've been trying to add many of the missing details for this schooner by using the Bluenose Practicum as a reference. Thanks again for helping me resolve this issue. Here's my link:
  7. Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I'm having a heck of a time trying to keep jaws from splitting when cutting them off of sheet. I'm using 1/16" thickness basswood. I've used a micro drill bit to rough out the curve before using my Xacto blade, but they keep splitting. I've tried cutting with and without drilling and working from either end. What am I doing that is wrong? Need help. The original kit by Scientific had 1/16" balsa sheets but totally useless, but I'm having the same issue with the basswood. Many thanks for any help!
  8. Rick - hello and here's to a good build! I'm curious to see how this will turn out for a card-stock kit. Following along.
  9. Hello Dave from another sod pounder missing my ocean!
  10. HOF - the Scientific one page plans that I have make no mention of Parrels for the masts but depict them on a small photo of the completed model. The plans only depict masts, boom and gaff jaws, so it looks like I'll either have to fabricate them or purchase them. I'm trying to create davits for the anchors which, also are one of the items not mentioned for this kit. Like I mentioned above, I'm getting some good experience in fabricating parts! Thanks once more for all of your help and things to consider! I also saved Mr. Earl's Practicum as a reference.
  11. Popeye - thanks for the feedback on masts, especially the info on 4-6 degree rake!
  12. Just adding a side view of the boat.
  13. HOF - from looking at different replies on the masts, it looks like some glue them and others do not. As you pointed out, I can see an advantage of being able to shift or remove masts if a repair should be needed. I'll try to take a look at "Ship Modeling Simplified"- thanks for that tip. I tried my hand at a little rigging on my Capt. Kidd model and my biggest problem I kept running into, besides hearing a dreaded 'snap', was keeping a line from slacking after being tied off. I was using a basic square knot. Would you happen to know what knot is most commonly used that prevents this from happening? If I understand the order of doing the masts correctly, I should: Make a rig to hold my masts until mast, yards, booms etc are completely assembled Work from forward to stern Work from inside to out Standing rigging 1st, then Running rigging last Work evenly from starboard to port with rigging * keep plenty of aspirin on hand and watch my language, if at all possible.
  14. Worked on schooner Monday/Tuesday - almost there with deck fittings! Added both cross bits next to wheel; compass housing attached to main cabin roof; brass belaying pins glued to fife rails; water casks in place; engine housing for winch now in place; chain box; kedge anchor ( awaiting chain); both masts stained and in place (not glued - only for fitting purpose).
  15. Popeye - hello and thanks for taking a look. I hope my attempt at the rigging will not be my downfall. All of the knots and lines look overwhelming right now. I have the book 'Rigging a Period Ship' but I get lost in a lot of the terminology! My plans say 'tie a knot' ... LOL BUT, this is a learning experience and I hope I will not get 'lost at sea'. Enjoy the week!