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  1. DSCF0748

    I'm throwing myself at the mercy of the rigging gods that I can achieve close results like yours! ^5
  2. 1:350 scale model by Trumpeter. I realized this scale is too hard on my eyes at my age! My first time working with Photo Etched parts on a model. Once again, I tried my hand at making her look like she's been at sea and in use.
  3. Launches

    Amazing job and talent! Compliments to the chef on this one!
  4. Wow - what a nice job you did on this ship. Very impressive rigging! I'm hoping that bt the time I get to that stage, I will have gained some better knowledge on sailing ships than I do at present. Congrats on your ship!
  5. EJ_L - Did this model come with cloth ratlines or pre-formed plastic? Mine are pre-formed.
  6. IMG 2321

    Nice and clean build!
  7. Started in 2014 and finished in 2015. Almost walked away from this model due to so many issues and frustrations. It's possible this kit was exposed to heat before I purchased it - this kit was badly warped.
  8. DSCN2185 Copy

    Thanks Robin B - fairly new at model building and I always new an Art degree would pay off. LOL I'm trying to gain some skills with the intention of building a wooden ship some day.
  9. TY WackoWolf for taking the time to look at her! This was a fantastic learning experience for me on submarines and her crews.
  10. Gato submarine

    1:72 scale plastic model. My 1st model build and attempt at weathering. I worked on this on and off for about 1 year.

    Nicely done! I've chosen to build the Constitution as my 1st sailing ship model. I hope I can meet the challenge and have it look as good as yours.