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  1. I centainly agree It would have been a better solution for various parts. However the hanging lantern and the candle I could not have made with fiber optics. The optics cables only have a limited bending angle. Michiel
  2. Hy guys (m/f), I started discussing this in the LED topic, but it's quite a bit bigger. So it may need its own topic. For those of you that have some pastry in mind, it's not: The RaspberryPi is a full pc for 25-35 dollars of creditcard size with a series of ports to connect to the outside world. With these can be extended to stear close to a thousand engines leds sensors relais, ... here's the only modelship example I could find, just to give an idea: http://www.instructables.com/id/Making-an-autonomous-boat-with-a-Raspberry-Pi-a-/ So what do you think?
  3. I would really considder the RaspberryPi effectively you have a full pc for 25 dollars.: that row of pins are the GeneralPurposeInputOutput (GPIO) ports. Via those you can stear led motors relais.... tons of python libraries to program in. Especially if you're doing a modern war schip the posibilities are endless. step engines on the main turrets, on the radar. all kind of light patterns. And the best add a wifi dongle and write a little app and you can stear it all from a webbrouwser
  4. Thanks It's the prins willem the link is below : current: prins willem If I would do it again I would probably just put a raspberry pi in the hull somewhere, connect a speaker for sound effects and use the gpio ports for stearing the leds, some step engines,... . A dymic lighting system would be trivial, day night ... possibilities are endless by the way what are you building Karen? I can only encourage you to open your own log.. Best, Michiel
  5. Hi guys, I just use thorns of chestnuts. just collect them now. as many as you can and dry them. you drill a hole the size the nail needs to be and then press the nail in as far as it goes. Best, Michiel
  6. thanks for the info Erik: I put one between every other port, that give a reasonable amount of light
  7. The voltage drop per led depends on the led/ led color I calculated with 2.2 have a look at the pdf linked on the first page.
  8. I would say with a 9V battery you need 180 and 230 Ohm resitors. than you pull 18*0.02 230 mA so I would put a second battery in series. I only think it's a bit much light, where do you put your light? would half of them also work? @ mike: what do they cost?
  9. Thanks a lot, A bireme would work for sure. I also found decent plans. My main Idea was that the ship of Odysseus should be single rowed, that's what you see on all the vases. so I came to the pentecontor, But what you're describing will help search for sure.. The 20 man argo is probably closest.. Best, Michiel
  10. you could also try the battery of an electrical tooth brush, they usually have these induction chargers. It should be possible to hide that completely in the ship and stand...
  11. with the tooth picks: take a little metal plate and drill a hole in it with the same drill you use to make the holes in the planks. now look at the bottom side, the will be a little bit of metal sticking out. if you now push the toothpick in on that side and turn it round a bit you make, much faster than sanding, the axact right diameter for about 4 mm which is sufficient for sticking it in. I usually however don't even do that just stick the pick in as far as it goes with a little glue. for darker wood I often use chestnut thorns. Best, Michiel
  12. Would be a "follow new posts in this topic by the original poster" I do like following the progress of a build much more than what other people contribute in the mean while. That is for sure also interesting in many cases but one does just not have time to read all..
  13. I usually use lead balls that are usually used in model planes to create the correct stabilization, various sizes, cheap, and the rights color to start with.
  14. Does any one know of plan for a pentecontor, an ancient warship with a single row of 25 oars on each side? Looks like this predecessor of the tri and bireme Should be the type of vessel Odysseus used.... Best, Michiel