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  1. This was my work station in San Diego. I'm now relocated in Oregon and am in the process of setting up a new workshop. Still working on the cutty Sark.
  2. Crew figures

    Amazing. I have seen many attempts to incorporate figures in a project. Yours are the best I have seen yet. Having tried it myself, I appreciate the craftsmanship involved in their construction. Beautiful work!
  3. Revenge, mid-deck view

    I have wanted to build a ship from this eara for a long time. After viewing your build I will start looking for a suitable project now. Great work.
  4. 9 9

    I liked your figure at the wheel.
  5. 15 15

    You certanly meet your goal. She is wonderfull to look at, great job!
  6. DSCN2727

    supurb work,is there a build log to view?
  7. PenDuick11sized

    Beautiful work,a joy to look at.
  8. IMG 5581 (Medium)

    Outstanding work.
  9. JAB3151

    I love the color contrast! Very well done.
  10. Bounty3

    Very nicely done.
  11. 1

    Beautiful work I can appreciate the detail you included in your build.
  12. 31

    WOW! your detail is amazing.
  13. 826AVSComplete

    Beautiful work, an elegant ship.
  14. VASA12

    Had you ever considered masting and rigging her ?