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  1. I would have more than just enough, if I`d see her in the size she was! Not my favorite pet........................ Regards Gerhard
  2. They DO!!!!!!!!!!! May take some days before you see her again, larger, in better shape than ever, and very hungry.
  3. Is it just the empty hull, or is it the spider? IF it`s just the skin, maybe you`ll see her again, a bit larger than before................
  4. So as I....................... Maybe the admiral???????????????????????????????????????? Regards Gerhard
  5. What have you received today?

    Received a planset today, old, used but good to work with! Came from a friend from another forum Regards Gerhard
  6. Better you catch her and set her free in the wild. I dont like spiders, but they eat all the insects we dont like, so let live her free Gerhard
  7. Maybe she`s growing and changing her skin for that??
  8. Thank you all for fast repair, well done! Regards Gerhard
  9. Not only the Like button missing, I also miss new replies to different topics!! PLEASE help us out from that mess!! Made a screenshot None of this replies is visible for me??? Regards Gerhard