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  1. Back again, with more about the Lippisch plans. This will not be good enough, so I decided, not to make it. Instaed of the Lippisch it will be the japanese KAIEN 3, much easier to build, and better plan views. I could make a good copy from the 3-View plans, more infos will come in a new thread. Here is a short video from that canard glider And from the original builders Regards Gerhard
  2. Give a little Bit - Supertramp
  3. Hi Lou The jig system for small turned wooden parts is "stolen" from Johann @archjofo. I could not work without a lathe, that is one of the most worthful tools for model building. And useful for some repair works in the houshold too! The patrol boat was my first attempt in scratchbuilding a boat, I must buy two new contollers to bring her back to the pond! Regards Gerhard
  4. Now that makes ME cry We have to pay about € 1,11 for only one liter...................... Regards Gerhard
  5. Hi Lou Thank you, here`s my channel : Regards Gerhard
  6. Hi Carl Thank you! If there are any requests, please dont be shy anyone! Regards Gerhard PS.: If you watch the video on Youtube, there are some more videos I made over the time. Not many, but I`ll keep on with it and make some more.
  7. Hi Folks As I wrote in the "What have you done today" thread, I`m working on redrawing the plans for the Lippisch WIG Craft. I use Open Office for the first steps, and later import them into Design Cad 3D Max. This mthod is useful, when the original drawings are not larger than A4 format, larger drawings can not be made with open Office! They must be redrawn directly in the 3D Program, in 2D Mode. Here comes the video! Best regards Gerhard
  8. Made a short video of how I make the Lippisch (and other) plans readable! Regards Gerhard
  9. Hi Lou NOTHING can replace tracing paper and pencil. There is no tool, that can make such works easier than that for the first steps. I`ll possibly make a short video from my screen, when I`m doing the plans, today I wont be home and visit my sister-in-law with my admiral, hopefully I can make it tomorrow and over the weekend. Open Office is one of the best programs for that work, drawing lines to the contour from imported pictures is easy to make. Scaling the redrawn plans can also be made, if the drawings is not larger than A4-Format. For larger drawings i use DesignCad 3D Max, now V24. Regards Gerhard
  10. Hi Lou No light table, just a sheet of transparent paper, and a sharpened pencil, thats all. Next step is to copy the two plans into Open Office, where I will redraw all the lines. I use mostly Open Office for such things, it`s better and easuer to use. Than the redrawn plans will be transferred to 3D Cad and scaled up to original size. Sounds short, but takes a lot of time. Anyway, it`s too hot for the "real" work on my Cairo model, so I`ve got time for that. If the plans are not good enough for me, there is another kind of WIG Glider, the Kaien3 from Japan. They made a different system but glides well over the water, so I have the choice. Regards Gerhard
  11. Photo Bucket has changed from a hosting service to "robbery"! No external links unless the user pays up to € 40,-- per month, or € 400,-- per Year Regards Gerhard
  12. Hi Lou Thank you, but there is still a long way to get a useable plan. The lines are much too thick for a good plan, so I will have to redraw the plan in 3D Cad, the now made copies are just done for that. So I will sit for hours and hours on my PC, and draw the lines point for point, in a maximum of 3 mm distance to each other. When that is done, I will see if the drawings are good enough to make the build. Regards Gerhard
  13. Ground
  14. Made the plans drawings for the Lippisch in the last days, now they are something I can work with. And scaled the drawings with 3D Cad to original and 1/2 size, maybe i`ll build that thing! But, where to post it? Regards Gerhard
  15. Wet