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  1. Driver
  2. Anything goes
  3. Rescue
  4. Without hats
  5. I have a Royal Navy sword which I picked up about 20 years ago, I know it is 19th century but have never had time to do any research on it. It has a great lion's head and crown and anchor. For now it sits in a storage box but I do plan to display it once the kids are older. Scott
  6. Declining
  7. I have a Royal Navy daily rum tot commemorating Nelson. I take my rum in a glass since the daily ration they gave to the sailors seems pretty skimpy to me. Scott
  8. I will definitely go self-propelled. I need all the help I can get these days!
  9. Somebody mentions to me that it is a good idea to store these units in a basement rather than garage over the winter to avoid harming the battery - thoughts?
  10. I'm impressed that this unit is self-propelled, a step up from my gas powered unit I've had for 15 years. I have a ryobi cordless trimmer that is a hybrid in that you can operate it as a corded unit. I usually have enough juice to complete my 80x140 lot on one charge. But sometimes I get caught short if I forget to do a full charge ahead of time (my own fault).
  11. Hi Bill, I'm looking forward to your update on the ego lawnmower. I've been looking at it for a while as I search for a replacement for my old craftsman gas unit that always gives me grief trying to get it going in the Spring. I'm worried about the battery duration/life of the ego but the consumers reports suggest it is a good unit. Scott
  12. Ron, I have the same dreadnought - it does look like a great kit, let me know what accessories you end up sourcing. Hobby Boss has come out with a new kit I just picked up, the pre-dreadnought French navy battleship Danton which also comes with PE. They have also issued the Lord Nelson circa 1905 that I'm looking at. Scott
  13. Per, that's a really nice cross section of kits - I see your dilemma as they all look so tempting. Syren would be my own choice, but going with your gut is always a good thing. Scott
  14. Settled
  15. Double trouble