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  1. Great idea Thistle17 with a webcast for a seminar for members not able to get to a venue. At work we use skype to communicate live across the continent and there are a lot of other tools available that are very effective. Definitely something for NRG to consider. Scott
  2. Great idea for the strip wood cart. I did an internet search and found some similar dividers here: https://www.tigersupplies.com/Departments/Large-Document-Storage/Roll-Files.aspx Scott
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I had a fantastic day with my daughter (11) just hanging out, doing crafts, homework and cooking dinner together. Nothing fancy, just spending time together and talking about life. Scott
  4. Micro mill and planer

    Hi Dave, thanks for advice, do you have any examples of things you've made with it that you can share? Scott
  5. Micro mill and planer

    Thanks Mark, I have the Jim Saw and scroll saw and lathe, so I'm pretty well equipped. Sounds like between them the micro mill has the greatest potential of being used, but even so, it's use might be limited.
  6. I have a friend looking to get rid of his dewalt planer (model 724) and proxxon micro mill (mf70). When I say 'get rid of' I mean sell! I'm thinking about buying them with a view that they may come in handy for some serious scratch building down the road, but I'm wondering if I would/will ever get to the point where these tools would be worth it. Any thoughts? Scott
  7. Go to the home page and look under the sponsors column on the right hand side, the third button down is John's Proxxon store link. Scott
  8. 1/350 Trumpeter Warspite

    Thanks CDW Scott
  9. 1/350 Trumpeter Warspite

    Hi Chris, you can be sure that this site will be where the build log goes, that project is a bit down the line however! Scott
  10. 1/350 Trumpeter Warspite

    Thanks Keith, I will check that out! Scott
  11. 1/350 Trumpeter Warspite

    I have the Trumpeter 1/350 Warspite and am wondering what after-market photo etch upgrades are out there that are compatible with this kit. Everything I've seen is geared to the Academy version. I wonder how much trouble I will have if I use the Academy photo-etch? Thoughts? Thanks - Scott
  12. Does anyone have any opinions about or experiences with the Rikon 70-100 lathe? Thanks -Scott