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  1. Doug, Sherline also offer a 10,000 rpm pulley upgrade kit - easy to install. So you can always add that later on if you feel you need it.
  2. My missing likes are also back Dirk - thanks for your efforts in fixing this.
  3. Dirk, I've just noticed that all of the posts by other people in my build log that I've previously "liked" have lost their likeness......
  4. What have you received today?

    Ken, That is the kit that I built - it has the potential to build into a really nice model with a bit of kit-bashing as I know you're more than capable of (more like a master of ). Just be careful with the instructions - if you follow them to the letter, they will build you into a corner very early on! PM me if you'd like further info on that aspect.
  5. Sherline also offers a 10,000 rpm pulley set for about US$80, so higher speeds for wood and small diameter cutters are no problem. The "standard" pulley set runs at speeds up to 2,800 rpm. The upgrade set is very easy to install.
  6. I'll add my vote for the Sherline. A quality machine that is reasonably priced and with a huge range of accessories. And remember, "quality is remembered long after price is forgotten". A quality tool is a joy to use and I find great enjoyment every time I use my Sherline.
  7. MSW Sick Bay.

    Great news Mark, and yes, please do give the smokes up.
  8. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    Think I'll join th crew following this one John, as I have this kit in my stash for "one day". You're certainly off to a great start.
  9. Jay - you're killing me! Stop feeding my addiction. No don't stop. Yes, please stop, No, don't stop...........................
  10. Miniature Hand Tools

    I've spent a small fortune at Lee Valley this year, and my wish list is still quite lengthy! Just placed my latest order yesterday. Gotta love quality tools!!!
  11. Probably a good decision Eddie - just make sure you check out what blades are available for the one you choose as that will be the determining factor in your re-saw capability.
  12. Hi Eddie, I have the Carbatec 10" Bandsaw. It's okay for what it is, but it is quite limited in terms of the blade options available. For example, you won't be able to any re-sawing (I think that's the correct term) with it. If I were buying again, I'd save my shekels and go for the Laguna 14" SUV Bandsaw. Regardless of which bandsaw you buy, you should check out this YouTube clip of how to set up a bandsaw properly:
  13. Congratulations on yet another fine build Danny. I'm sure your grandson will be delighted.
  14. Eddie, I have the Jet OSS (also purchased from Carbatec) and have been very happy with it.
  15. AL 1/10 Scale Stage Coach 1848 - Finished

    Congratulations on another fine effort Bug. Your wife must be very pleased.