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  1. John, I understand your pain re shipping costs - we have the same issue downunda. My only advice is to order everything you need as a bulk order to defray the shipping costs - then it doesn't hurt quite as much. Work out what sizes and quantities you need for all your rigging line, and all your blocks, add a margin for error, then place one order with Chuck (Syren). You won't regret the decision, and you'll be commending yourself for doing so long after you've forgotten the cost.
  2. Hi Eddie, I have the 21" Excalibur, which I bought from Carbatec several years ago, and have been very happy with it - an excellent machine. The brand name changed a couple of years ago, and seems to have changed again, this time to Carbatec's own brand. I just had a quick check on the Carbatec site and it does look to be pretty much identical, but I don't know if they've changed materials or components at all. By the way, the 21" version is only $100 more than the 16" version and the price is about the same as when bought mine on sale. I'm with you on paying a bit extra for decent quality tools. I also have the Carbatec 10" bandsaw and it seems to be reasonable quality - not top of the line, but deinitely not junk either. Hope this helps.
  3. Congratulations on completing another fine build Sjors - well done!
  4. ...door bangs...dishevelled Aussie stumbles in.....pant, pant, puff, puff....... Whew! Just made it in time for a front row seat. I see Sjors has the popcorn set up already and no doubt Mark will be along shortly to run the bar. This is going to be a real treat! Pour me a beer when you get here would you please Mark?
  5. Thanks for all the nice comments and likes folks. Denis - the lever is the throttle (though I like Sam's idea too). Sjors - I'd be happy to make one for your bus, but I'm afraid it would cost more than the rest of the bus......
  6. Nicely done Mark. I've yet to meet a re-do that I haven't preferred to the original - so well worth the effort.
  7. Congratulations on completing your first build Elijah. You've done a great job and it seems you've learned a lot along the way too, which is what it's all about. I look forward to following your next build too.
  8. Congratulations on completing another very fine build Bob. I look forward to following your Halifax build.
  9. Thanks very much Hof, Mobbsie, Slog and Remco. Remco - not sure if I understand your question. If it is about the paint, the brand is Vallejo. Plating was with a Caswell brush plating kit.
  10. Finally got around to completing the wheel today. I painted the hub assembly, trim piece and wheel rim with Vallejo Ivory, sprayed through the airbrush, while the Horn Ring and Throttle Lever are chrome plated. After test fitting all parts, I glued them in place with epoxy – no going back now! Here is the completed wheel and steering shaft assembly: And another view: And here it is side-by-side with the kit-provided part: And finally, here are a few “glam” shots showing it in place in the boat: I decided I wasn’t happy with the cutwater, so have re-made it this weekend as well. Pics to follow once chrome plating is complete.
  11. I'm in too! Just enough room left in the front row.
  12. Thanks Kurt, In the meantime, I just heard back from Mary with my member number.