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  1. Druxey, Would you please PM me Mihail's email address too? I don't think I can resist these much longer!
  2. Now you just need to buy a "spare" motor Ken, and then you'll be able to have both machines set up permanently!
  3. Glad to hear that you're on the way home Michael. I look forward to seeing you back at the bench in due course but don't rush the recovery - we'll still be here when you're ready.
  4. Thanks Ian for letting us know. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Michael.
  5. I'm going over to Michael's house to play!
  6. Merlin, the new Shipyard Superintendent, reported for duty yesterday. 8 week old Black Labrador.
  7. Daniel, I don't know about "free" ones, but TurboCAD for Mac is very good and is relatively inexpensive.
  8. Great to see you back Danny and delighted to hear that your health has improved. I'll enjoy following along with another masterpiece.
  9. A block tumbler would be a very useful thing if you are going to use the kit blocks. Very simple to make with short section of postal tube, some wooden dowel, and some sandpaper. I posted my method for making one in my HSM Victory log. Link below takes you to the correct page. Description starts at post #161. I made mine to be powered by my lathe, but you could equally use an electric hand drill for power, or even a hand crank. The tumbler can turn really crappy looking blocks into something half-way reasonable in fairly quick time. Hope this helps.
  10. John, I understand your pain re shipping costs - we have the same issue downunda. My only advice is to order everything you need as a bulk order to defray the shipping costs - then it doesn't hurt quite as much. Work out what sizes and quantities you need for all your rigging line, and all your blocks, add a margin for error, then place one order with Chuck (Syren). You won't regret the decision, and you'll be commending yourself for doing so long after you've forgotten the cost.
  11. Hi Eddie, I have the 21" Excalibur, which I bought from Carbatec several years ago, and have been very happy with it - an excellent machine. The brand name changed a couple of years ago, and seems to have changed again, this time to Carbatec's own brand. I just had a quick check on the Carbatec site and it does look to be pretty much identical, but I don't know if they've changed materials or components at all. By the way, the 21" version is only $100 more than the 16" version and the price is about the same as when bought mine on sale. I'm with you on paying a bit extra for decent quality tools. I also have the Carbatec 10" bandsaw and it seems to be reasonable quality - not top of the line, but deinitely not junk either. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks Kurt, In the meantime, I just heard back from Mary with my member number.
  13. Thanks Kurt, With no disrespect intended, and at the risk of sounding belligerent, it seems kinda weird that I can't find my membership number when logged in to the site...... that would seem to be a fairly basic piece of information..... I've sent an email as suggested, but should I have to?
  14. Eric, I think your problem is coming from the selections yo make when setting up your custom stream. I had the same issue at first. In the "show me" selection, choose "items only". This will get rid of the multiple entries for each topic. I just did a test on my own stream and it proved correct.