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  1. Mediaeval Cog found in River Issen

    Yes I have seen this already ( also the pictures,not the real ship ) And can you believe this : They even found a cog in "my backyard" . The village Doel is not far away from Verrebroek, Less than 10 km. Great news then. Great ideas and great plans for the future. But now, no money to make them come true. But There are plans to start in 2023 Hopefully they will ever do something with this ship, It is on my wish list as the next model to build. English https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/shipwrecks/0/steps/7971 Dutch search for : "kogge in Doel" or "kogge van Doel" https://www.hln.be/regio/beveren/doelse-kogge-pas-vanaf-2023-herbouwd~a140776c/
  2. New member here from Puerto Rico

    Jorge, and greetings from Belgium
  3. New from Serbia

    Welcome to MSW Miroslav
  4. Hello from neillydone

    Welcome to MSW Neil, And greetings from a Belgian living in Belgium
  5. Hello shipmates

    When I built my Vasa, I have attached a few pdfs of the Billings building plans These were then free and legally downloadable on the site of Billing Boats. Maybe you better start a construction log. Then you will find help and advice more quickly. Good luck with the restauration of your model.
  6. Hello from qwertyninja85

    Welcome to MSW. And succes with your first build
  7. Hello shipmates

    To be honest, I would not expect too much from the value (sorry) This is probably a unique model, but it is not an exact copy of the Vasa Have you already read this post?
  8. Thanks for the positive comments. I almost have the result I wanted to achieve. So, i probably will not change it much anymore.
  9. Its about time I built that model

    Welcome to MSW Mozartman, Greetings from Belgium.
  10. Greetings from Spain

    Oscar, Welcome to MSW and good luck with the Charly.
  11. Hello shipmates

    Your model is indeed a scratch build or semi scratch build model of the Vasa. Greetings from Belgium
  12. Thanks Steven The idea that I think of : a thin layer of white paint with a light wash of green over it. So that the wood structure and treenails remain somewhat visible Like this : Work in progress ( with one thin layer of white paint)
  13. Sawed a sick tree and cleaned up a henhouse that has rotten To crush the small branches I got help from a viking. The larger pieces of wood are firewood. The works continue during my lunchbreak,by the hens under supervision of the cock Finished
  14. meaning of words

    should i stay or should i go ??
  15. welcome, In the Netherlands they already have experience with this Google search : drijvende huizen nederland https://www.google.de/search?q=drijvende+huizen+nederland&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj13bzkq_DYAhVFSq0KHUpmCKQQsAQIOA&biw=1153&bih=483

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