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  1. Despite the bad weather, you have a nice well-kept garden.

    For someone living in a smal country (Verrebroek in Belgium) a move like this for work is unimaginable. Moving from Cross Plains Wisconsin to Colorado springs. That is approximately 1000 mile. If I move 10 to 150 miles then I live in another country. Good luck with the move. But I can not help you
  3. Maybe a translation error from me. The old likes from before the update are invisible on my screen The New likes after the update are visible Not a problem for me. The like button saves me a lot of translation work from Dutch in to English if I just want to say to someone : well done
  4. It looks that all the old likes out of posts have disappeared. Correct? But there is something new : "member's total reputation" Are these all the likes I've already received?
  5. I would also keep the bulkheads. For the same reason as Roger said : This is an easier way to build an accurate hull because the thin body plan sections (or the bulkheads) are in fact templates embedded in the hull. Used products. Ordinary universal filler for wall and gyproc plaster. Available everywhere (This is a Belgian brand) Ordinary white wood glue. I have used this filler for 25 years as a base on wooden boards for my military model. Never had any problems with it
  6. If I understand your question correctly. You may find an example here. I have built a solid hull with filler blocks between the frames (bulkheads). I was very pleased with this way of construction
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Hiking in wallendorf pont on the german -luxembourg border. And visit a bunker of the Siegfried line from WW 2
  8. Frustrating commercial items

    First i agree with juhu For me about sailing ships Plastic model sailingships or wood model sailingships are a world of difference. The (current) plastic kits are relatively "cheap" and well-detailed. And yes, (again) many of these kits come from China or other low cost countries. To me, some makers of wooden model ships still seem to be somewhere in the 70s or 80s (NOT all of theme). But these models are still being built by companies that have to make a profit. Building a wooden model of a ship. Is for many builders a dream that takes too long and never reaches the end. A combination of wood and plastic or resine would be ideal. Comment on your question : Nobody says you can not do a combination of the 2 yourself. Plastic model builders sometimes mix models from different manufacturers. And then use only the best pieces. Expensive But those choices are to be made. To start, building a wooden model ship is expensive in purchase. But considering the amount of hours spent on building a wooden model. It is relatively cheap hobby.
  9. I found these plans of the Wilhelm in "Risse von Schiffen des 16.und 17. jahrhunderts." There is also no explanation in the text about this. There is also a picture of a painting. Perhaps the former painter made a mistake. And the designers of the drawings simply took over them
  10. On my model The space between the waterline and the underside of the cannon port = 90 cm The space between deck and the underside of the cannon port = 70 cm So the cannon deck = 20 cm above the waterline Different sources all say that the height of the deck was about 160 cm (interior) At the end of last year I had some free time to do some calculations The buildlog about the "cannon breech rope length" Is very interesting (thanks Mark).. I came for the master frame on my Golden Hind at this result. 2014Gresham.pdf
  11. I agree with Chuck. 24 pounders are far too big for such a small ship. But if you really want to place these 24 pounders. Please put them under the upper deck. Otherwise you have an unstable ship (See my Golden Hind build log)
  12. Looks good. Your model looks similar to what I want to build in wood. The transom may be too low below the water line.
  13. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Building my Golden Hind in my garden Today the weather was far too nice to sit inside. And all the work in the garden was done.
  14. Hello from Belgium

    Welcome to MSW