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  1. strange, When I look at the same post on my smartphone, there is no problem. I can not make a print screen of this. I am rather "clumsy" with smartphones...
  2. Windows 7 and chrome Laptop had no updates the last 2 weeks Only on some posts
  3. 1/72 ADGZ M35 funkwagen armoured car

    continuation : Mounting the antenna Additional toolboxes The barrel of the cannon has been drilled out Armament placed. 3 MGs and a 20mm gun The hull and turret are almost ready thanks for watching
  4. it may be more colder it is actually too warm for this time of the year
  5. I looked at how the first snow fell. hopefully it will stay cold enough. so that it does not melt. party!! 4 happy goats . The branches hang lower because of the snow. they get enough food. but these branches are apparently a delicacy
  6. Hello

    And greetings form Belgium
  7. 1/72 ADGZ M35 funkwagen armoured car

    the exhaust and the "tow hooks" Made of model ship parts...
  8. New to Site

    And greetings form Belgium
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Great !!!! Unbelievable in Belgium. I first have to join a club a trial period a theoretical exam a practical exam obtain a license get a permit a doctor must approve me mentally. then we are about 10 months further I MUST stay a member of a club Shoot 12 times a year and have my license approved annually. Anything else?? That's all. But it's a fun hobby (Also have some at home....) BTW, nice shooting range
  10. Does anyone know what "the white stuff" looks like when a wooden ship is in the water for a few months? Or better , could have looked.. My idea was, painting with white or cream and thereafter weathering with a wash of dilute green. Examples of what I have in mind. Since I only have experience with painting military models. I now have absolutely no idea whether this is correct or totally wrong.
  11. 1/72 ADGZ M35 funkwagen armoured car

    Ken, thank you for the positive comment and the link. Short run kits are indeed a challenge. But, only thanks to manufacturers such as ace. I can continue my hobby. Otherwise, with about 1400 models build, its scratchbuilding or semi scratchbilding for me