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  1. On my model The space between the waterline and the underside of the cannon port = 90 cm The space between deck and the underside of the cannon port = 70 cm So the cannon deck = 20 cm above the waterline Different sources all say that the height of the deck was about 160 cm (interior) At the end of last year I had some free time to do some calculations The buildlog about the "cannon breech rope length" Is very interesting (thanks Mark).. I came for the master frame on my Golden Hind at this result. 2014Gresham.pdf
  2. I agree with Chuck. 24 pounders are far too big for such a small ship. But if you really want to place these 24 pounders. Please put them under the upper deck. Otherwise you have an unstable ship (See my Golden Hind build log)
  3. Looks good. Your model looks similar to what I want to build in wood. The transom may be too low below the water line.
  4. Building my Golden Hind in my garden Today the weather was far too nice to sit inside. And all the work in the garden was done.
  5. Welcome to MSW
  6. I have 4 volunteers to come and help... haha
  7. Here are some pictures of our visit to the Tirpitz museum in Alta Norway We passed it when we were on vacation in Norway A small and cozy museum with a friendly gentleman that keeps the museum open. In this museum the majority are pictures and personal remains. There are two scale models of the Tirpitz (finisht) and the Bismark (under construction) If someone takes offense with the swastika flags. Let me know i will delete this 2 pictures.
  8. And yes, Each glue has a self-life (expiration date). That means : The manufacturer guarantees the correct operation of his product (or should do this .... ) until this expiration date. This applies only to unopened packaging As soon as the package is opened, the product's "aging" begins to accelerate. And the promised shelf-life date will probably not be achieved. Once the CA glue is opened and applied to the pieces to be glued. The CA glue does not react with the oxygen in the air ( as I first thought). But with the humidity in the air. It takes a few seconds to attach A few minutes to attach good And it takes 24 hours to cure completely. The best storage method for CA glue once opened: Thoroughly clean the cap of the tube Tighten the cap of the tube extra with tape. So, airtight and no cold storage for CA glue My opened CA glue lasts about 1 year If opened and stored in the refrigerator : Cyanoacrylates are moisture-sensitive, and moving from a cool to a hot location will create condensation; after removing from the refrigerator, it is best to let the adhesive reach room temperature before opening. Each time you take CA glue out off the refrigerator. There is condensation which reacts with the glue. CA lijm.pdf
  9. Each glue, and chemical, has a shelf life date. I think the rapid action of ca glue is because it reacts with the oxygen in the air. I can ask this at the factory where I work (we make glue and other chemicals). But this may take a while I keep my ca glue airtight with tape and do not keep it in the refrigerator. Stays well for at least one year. Maybe I'll have more info later
  10. Today i made myself a watch opener. I was tired of paying each time 8 or 9 euros to the watchmaker to replace a battery. Now I buy my own batteries for 0.5 euros each. The distance between the pins is adjustable So watch big or small watch, i replace the battery myself. Designing and making this tool was fun .
  11. Dag Patrick


    misschien ben je hiermee wijzer ?








    1. Backer




      Dit bevestigd helemaal wat ik al vermoedde.

      De onderste "wale" bevind zich net boven de waterlijn.


      Ik maak er een "post" van in mijn bouwlog.

      Eerst nog wat studeren over dit onderwerp.

      Via de tekening van Mathew Baker moet dit zelfs rekenkundig te bewijzen zijn.

      Hoop ik ;)



      Hoe is't met de kat (wij hadden vroeger ook katten, vandaar)







  12. I would say. Go for it. But dont let it see to the admiral. Hide it until it is almost ready Then there is no way back between you and the finish LOL
  13. Thanks for the positive comments. Have you used this approach before? Scott, No. This was my very first lantern on my first ship. It is made in plastic because I have most experience with this material from my military modeling But I remember this advice when I make a lantern for my Golden Hind.
  14. Michael, I did fair the bulkheads before installing the filler blocks. Since I did not have good drawings. I had to draw my own bulckheads (frames) These filler blocks have saved my model. For me it is like the first planking on the hull. But with more space for sanding away any errors