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  1. loupy45

    Newbie on a Mission

    Welcome to MSW. Regards, Renato
  2. loupy45

    Hello from spain to everybody

    Hello Javier, congratulations on your models they are superb!! Great skill and workmanship. Welcome to MSW. Un saludo, Renato
  3. loupy45

    Hello from Spain

    Hello Angel ,it is very beautiful and inspiring. Regards, Renato
  4. loupy45

    Hello from Croatia

    Hello Ivan, Welcome to MSW, as well I started with Artesania Latina HMS Endeavour it was a retirement gift from my wife. The problem with this gift was that i didn't have a clue from were to start. I left the gift on the box for 3 years as I went back to work, after that i had another look at my gift and started building the model. I gave up 5 times. My "Admiral" encouraged and supported me during the building stages and it took me 5 winters to complete. It is a Cat 4 difficulty therefore is not easy. Basically you will need to adapt,persevere, with lots of patience and innovation and you will complete the model. You will find challenges in building the kit, however skills you will acquire as you go along don't worry enjoy it is a fantastic hobby. I would recommend 2 books : Frank Mastini's Ship Modelling Simplified, and Lennarth Petersson's Rigging Period Ship Models. Good luck. Renato
  5. loupy45

    Hello from spain to everybody

    Hello Javier, welcome to MSW, your model looks great , It must take lots and lots of patience. Regards, Renato
  6. Hello Paul, very good progress. I have neglected my ship, it is too hot here and we are in the middle of serious drought. We can only use 50 Liter of water per person per day. I am attaching a photograph after of my progress after nearly 3 years.
  7. loupy45

    Hello from Spain

    Hello Angel, fantastic work!!! Renato
  8. loupy45

    Newbie from NC

    Hello Quincy and welcome, I started building the the San Juan Nepomuceno 3 years ago. From the photo your model looks OK, mine was not, the material was mostly warped and the casting was of inferior quality. I guess your kit is from A L Elite Series out of their branch in Hong Kong? Don't worry you will make mistakes as it is a difficulty 4 kit , but the main object is that you must enjoy it. I didn't start a blog OF my SJN on the MSW but i hope to do so soon. If you wish to correspond regarding the ship build frustrations, difficulties, and satisfaction. Let me know . This is my second kit. Attached are some pics. Regards, Renato
  9. loupy45

    Hello from Central Ohio

    Welcome to MSW from Cape Town. Your wife support is very important as it is a time consuming hobby. Renato
  10. loupy45

    Hello shipmates

    Quite a task, my very best wishes on your restoration. Regards, Renato
  11. loupy45

    Greetings from Spain

    Hello Oscar, welcome and good luck with your project. Regards, Renato
  12. loupy45


    Hello Mike a very warm welcome from Cape Town, the first city in the world that may run out of water!!! Regards, Renato
  13. loupy45

    Hello all

    Hello Peter welcome to MSW, good luck with your project. Renato
  14. loupy45

    Hello from Turkey

    Welcome to MSW. Padua... is like the town of Padova in Italy?
  15. loupy45

    Hello from Romania

    Hello Oliver , welcome to MSW enjoy the new hobby.

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