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  1. Malta is full of mysteries. I will always remember of some track lines cutting through stone cliffs, going into the sea waters. Some say they go kilometers down into the water. This manifests that Malta was a much bigger land one day - may be even not an island. May be this was more than 4000 years ago?
  2. It is only a single one on the bow. I do not see this as a problem. Just file metal down and put a port cover lid over it.
  3. Hi, dbar1, how is the weather at Malta? I always thought Malta is a mysterious place. Now I have a friend there. It is ineradicable.
  4. Finished planking one side. Preliminarily leveled planks on the bow.
  5. Hi dbar1, your work is absolutely excellent. Thanks for posting. I think you should have created your own build log on this forum. Otherwise people are getting confused on who's work they see and appreciate. P.S. I am not sure who's work ZAPPTO appreciated above for example. Was it yours or mine? He talks of planking as it seems πŸ™‚
  6. Y.T.

    What Wood Is Best For What

    My own observations : Same wood (as walnut or else) can be good or crap.
  7. The Planking Saga continues. Not without some success.
  8. Hey Bob Blarney - all great ideas! Thanks a lot!
  9. Chazz. This sounds good πŸ‘ Only issue might be how to securely clamp a wood piece so it does not shift around when I work on it. I believe I will figure this out. So far this seems to be best solution for my issue. I even might be using 0.5 x 5 mm wood strips to get 0.5 x 0.5 mm squares for my windows.
  10. Hi druxey, I looked for but did not find the minute watchmakers' screw slotting file anywhere.
  11. Hi Chazz, I did not understand what you suggested.πŸ™Some sketch may help.
  12. Hi Bob Blarney, how wide cut does jeweler's saw blade?
  13. I am trying this idea now. My issue is I need to build stern windows for 1:90 HMS Victory. Scale is small and a window height is only 10 mm (0.400"). Window frame is 1 mm (0.040") thick per instructions (might be over scale already). I have 1 mm (0.040") thick wood and this is not my problem. Problem is these vertical and horizontal wood items which hold pieces of glass inside a window frame. These ones must be much thinner than the frames. I assume they should be about 0.5 mm thick (0.020"). It is hard to find any material which is this thin and is having consistent profile I can use in my build. Idea with scraper tool made of tempered hack saw suggested by DRUXEY seemed very appealing especially after he showed how it can be done on his COMET model with jeweler's precision and elegance. So I tempered a piece of hack saw by heating it red hot and letting it cool slow at room temperature. Metal indeed went very soft! Then I started trying to filing it to shape I need and here is a problem. My finest files are producing ugliest large shapes on the saw material. See picture. How to file a really good shaping profile which is only half millimeter thick (twenty thou 0.020" of inch wide)????
  14. I did not know that AL Bounty is a plank on the frame kit. Kit Looks great and job done is great too.

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