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  1. I applied a hard wood strip lining all across the keel - do not want to see any traces of cheap lining provided in the kit. Waterline is now drawn. I am preparing the hull to accept an imitation of copper plates which will be painted with copper paint later. I had to build up some body on the hull at the rear (stern quarters). Issue was the moldings hanging off the bottom of the stern quarter sides would not fit right. The surfaces I initially created were curved too much. I had to straighten them up so they fit moldings in the kit and by accident to look more like real Victory.
  2. Building my second wooden ship in scale from kit I am not sure what I would use Dremel tool for. Drilling wood at 0.3 - 0.6 MM diameter should be done very slow and better manually. Fairing the hull must be done very carefully which mean slow so you do not make damage to your work instead of work speed improvement. What else Dremel is good for?
  3. Thanks all for good advice. The problem is now solved. I went by advise from some of my modeller friends. I went for a wood framing on front walls. On side windows under deck I scored deep line on polyethylene, added a few passes with fret saw blade and painted it in with brown acrylic paint. The most distant windows remained with framing drawn with black Sharpie as that wall was already glued on. See below.
  4. Y.T.

    CA glues

    This is a long topic. I just want to make sure we talk about same glue type here. CA glue in my personal mind is Cyanoacrylate Adhesive. I say this because a few years ago I myself thought that CA stands for Contact Adhesive glue which is sometimes called a Contact Cement. The Contact Cement is a worst of a worst type of glue for a modeler as it is way too messy, sticks to all things around you and cannot be cleanly applied to anything.
  5. By the way overall size of a smallest of my window is 6.5 x 8 mm.
  6. Hi David, thank you very much for a new idea. I would accept any material in my build as long as it looks good. A few questions to you: 1) what glue is good for styrene strips from Evergreen Scale Models? 2) we live in same Canadian province. Where do you normally buy these strips from? Thank you, Yuriy
  7. Hi, I am working on upper deck windowed walls the ones around steering wheel. I scratch build them as I was not happy with what Mamoli provided in the kit. I made windows of Polyethylene sheet. Polyethylene is quite different from PVC. Now I have a problem as to how to show a window framing on these windows. One of the ways I tried is simply draw a crossed lines with the black Sharpie permanent marker. See below. I however look for a bit more realism. I tried to make framing from carton, had it painted brown and tried gluing it to Polyethylene plastic with a white PVA glue. No chance. This glue does not stick to it. Goes right off! I was thinking of CA (cyanoacrylate) glue in a gel form - the one as a "Krazy" glue. This thing did not work for me as it is way to sticky and cures instantly. I am afraid ruining weeks of work on my walls. I need help. Does anyone know some better ways to do this work?
  8. Thanks all I appreciate your comments. I for sure will clean up and paint the barrels black. I juts hoped there is some easier way to get them right but apparentl7y there is no nice shortcuts here. I will use regular matt finish acrylic paint I already have. It looks very decent. I will prime with car body gray spray primer I have.
  9. This new kit is a significant improvement over what I got 3 years ago. Your new kit has wood gun carriages (mine were cast); wood life boat (mine - cast); nice etched brass parts (I had none); model support (I had none); sailor figures (I had none). Enjoy!
  10. Thank you, hornet. Here is a picture of a cannon barrel. It is already finished somehow in sort of copper finis. I do not think it is brass as as I shaved a trace of finish one can see some white metal. Do you think Birchwood Casey Brass Black would work?
  11. Hi, please advise how to blacken gun barrels provided in Mamoli Victoria kit. I would not like having them painted - too much work and paint comes off easily. Hopefully blackening is easier and more stable? Thanks YT
  12. Y.T.

    Caldercraft 1:72 Victory?

    For me 1:72 scale is to large. I live and work in condo. I had to stick to smaller 1:90 model.
  13. I am sorry to say this but story of this ship makes me sad. This ship was made beautiful but sank right out of dock. I would not build the model of this ship as to me and to me only it is a bad luck. Sorry if I had discouraged someone.
  14. Let us see how it goes. This does not look as an easy kit to complete.

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