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  1. Y.T.


    Hi, what are cleats?
  2. Actually planking starts to look not so bad:
  3. You can look at what issues I was having with Mamoli Victory kit at this build log:
  4. On my Mamoli Victory metal gun ports never lined up either. I sealed off all pre cut slots in bulkheads and cut all new slots in line. If you want you can throw away all Mamoli metal gun ports and cut your own ports with scalpel. To support false guns you can just glue small cube chunks of wood to sides of bulk heads just behind the ports.
  5. I agree on Mamoli kits being poorly designed. No wonder they are out of business. I also had experience with building Artesana Latina kit and it was not much better.
  6. CA glue is evil. I stopped using CA glue for wood ship modeling. I use PVA white glue for wood to wood and epoxy for wood to metal.
  7. I am building same ship but from Mamoli kit. In case this may help this is what I came up with (after much struggle) for my first planking at the stern and bow.
  8. Sorry to intrude. I think stern planking is not a cause of an issue. Issue is that stern curvature does not look right when I look at attached picture. I would suggest verifying stern curvature shape and correct as required. By the way looking at the picture bow may be also out of shape. 🙁
  9. Hi Francisco. Thanks very much for publishing this. I build same kit but I am at much earlier stage. It is very helpful to look at what I still have to do.
  10. This is amazing kit! All just fits together out of the box. I had never seen such quality from any other kit manufacturers. I would love they designed some larger ship kits with same quality.
  11. Y.T.

    1/72 HMS Vanguard 1787

    Museum quality build!
  12. May be paint yellow background and glue on paper triangles of whatever color over it?
  13. Y.T.

    Mercury Glues

    I use 2 parts epoxy glue only - clean, sets in a few minutes, very strong. Something similar as on this picture.

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