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  1. Columbus' Anchor found?

    Every now and then, someone needs to come along and say it like it is. I am wholeheartedly with JerseyCity Frankie.
  2. 005_02.jpg

    Love this. Well made.
  3. The difference in measurement you would expect for the two scales is approx 80 mm. Several years ago I measured a Mantua Sergal Cutty Sark kit for a friend, as it just wasn't making sense to him. We determined that the drawings supplied and the kit were in fact closer to 1/72 or 1/74 scale (from memory), not 1/78 as published. So, beware published and rounded out figures on boxes, both for scale and size. They do not seem to be up to the exacting standards expected by discerning people such as ourselves!
  4. Do you secure masts

    My masts are not glued. They are inserted into a previously installed brass tube where the i.d. is slightly larger than the o.d. of the mast. All as per the C. Nepean Longridge method. The brass tube is held into place by the correct diameter hole in the deck and a gentle tap into the keel. For the amount of times a mast is placed into a model during construction, its perfectly placed every time, and it absolutely positively does not move. Cheers Martin
  5. Tall Ships

    Thanks BETAQDAVE. Now I understand. Actually very sensible. Regards, Martin
  6. Tall Ships

    Upon reflection. Does it work on the same principle as a spinnaker?
  7. Tall Ships

    Me too. Everything looked like it should until I saw that triangular sail. Is it peculiar to that vessel? Can someone enlighten me/us. Cheers Martin.
  8. Deafness on a 74 gunner

    Yes Mike. Agree 100 per cent.
  9. Recently, I have seen a couple of documentaries on Nat Geo or similar regarding the recreation of life on an 18th Century Naval ship. Powder monkeys were young, all hell broke loose below decks when in port etc, etc, etc. Now, as I have been building HMS Elephant (Amati Vanguard option), I can see the restricted space on the gun decks for myself. So, how were these guys not deaf after the first engagement. Fourteen cannon per side being fired at the same time! Several years ago I heard one cannon fired. Car alarms went off, kids were crying, it was loud, In the open air! Fourteen plus cannon fired in an enclosed space. I can imagine perforated eardrums, blood running from the ears etc.....then deafness. I guess from 200 plus years we can romanticize the era of tall ships. But it must of been a living hell for those below decks. Thoughts of the night. Regards Martin.
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    According to my old chemistry teacher, "alcohol IS a solution".
  11. Here it is http://www.hobbytools.com.au/electric-plank-bending-tool-240volt/ Cheers Martin
  12. Are Woody Joe kits any good?

    Buy a new guitar if it is a Gibson or Fender. Otherwise, buy the Woody Joe kit. Then sell the completed model to buy a Gibson or Fender. The circle of life!!!
  13. A Block Of Flats Or .....

    In the "sail era" the scourge was scurvy. Now it is outbreaks of "gastro" Hmmm, wonder why? maximum population limits reached? Great photo John. Martin.
  14. How much are you willing to pay

    This may not be the correct place to post this. But here it is anyway. As a corollary to the above. My 20 y.o.daughter came home 2 days ago. I was working on my Vanguard frame. Upon entering she asks, "Is that another new boat"?. I said. "No, its the one i got last year. Remember, you took the delivery. I am just having a bit of fun with it before...." "This is the pattern Dad, you start a boat, and then, when you get to the fart arsey bits, you start another one". "Finish the other ones first!". This actually happened. Cheers Martin p.s. Fart arsey is young Australian slang for small troublesome bits like blocks and stuff. p.p.s. Guilty as charged.
  15. How much are you willing to pay

    Oh Mike, Your first sentence would get me into a whole lot of trouble, with consequences! The rest of your post, oh dear, the consequences do not bear thinking about. Keep bailing Martin