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  1. reklein

    Orientation of wood grain

    This has nothing to do with ship modeling but everything to do with grain direction. I was visiting a state museum that used to be a post office thaat was built around 1900. The floor now in an entertainment area but used to be the main sorting floor was made of end grain pieces of clear fir measuring 2"x4" and 2 1/2 " long. These were held together by wires laid in grooves and in lengths of about 8 feet. The resulting strips were then laid on compacted sand and a floor varnish applied to the top. Still in good shape after close to a hundred years..
  2. That little model makes me feel that there are little people waiting around to go sailing.
  3. Nils,beautiful build, Check out Via Google the new movie coming out called Mortal Engines" They have a model builders page showing a fantastic air machine whose hull much resembles a Chebec. Just kind of a cool thing I thought.
  4. reklein

    Them Old Jokes

    A piece of rope goes into a bar (bear with me here) and asks for a rum and coke. The bar tender says we don't serve ropes here. (a pun in itself) The rope leaves. Once hes outside the rope unravels a couple inches of himself, goes back in the bar and asks for a drink. The bartender says,"arent you the rope that was just in here?" The rope says,"no I'm a frayed knot."
  5. Very nice project, Keep up the good work.
  6. reklein

    best constitutions wood kit

    BlueJackets Constitution is a very nice kit. Good size. Solid hull with planking over and many well detailed plans and castings.
  7. reklein

    Pet Peeves

    Coupla things. People driving through roundabouts don't slow down enough. Should be less than 20 mph. Yield to the car already in the roundabout. Second thing,Lewiston is a Mecca for the elderly because of its mild winters. BTW I'm 74. But I get a little peeved when I see people pull up take a few minutes to get out of their car,another few minutes to unload a walker,Then slowly go into the store where they get on an electric cart. My point is how are these folks competent drivers? They can't turn their heads or even see properly out of their mirrors. While I'm at it are the Little Old Ladies who push their carts into the store and once they are two steps inside stop and start rummaging through their purse,thereby blocking the door. There RANT over. PS wheelchair people who drive don't bother me as in this state anyway they have to be trained and inspected to get aa permit for an equipped van.
  8. While its true the viking age was 1100 ad . There are rock carvings in Scandanavia that depict those type of ships as early as 1300 BCE. Its an easy Google search.
  9. Its really interesting to see discoveries such as this. It also makes me realize that this ship is a result of centuries of ship development before this one went to the bottom. Viking ships were depicted on rock carvings dated to 1100 BC. As we say out west "this wasn't their first rodeo".
  10. reklein

    Them Old Jokes

    They got a cute new hygienist at my Dentists office. Next time I go there I'm gonna eat a box of Oreos before my next appointment.
  11. My grown daughter paints rocks and Posca Brand paint pens are the preferred brand in that hobby. They give a nice sharp fine line. They are then sealed with a clear coat to stand outside weather which probably won't be needed for interior work. I would give wood a clear coat seal before any fine line painting is done.
  12. reklein

    What Wood Is Best For What

    Red alder is good furniture wood. Tight grained and hard. Also takes stain well. Often used by furniture factories for kit furniture and cheaper things like end tables etc. Pretty hard for model wood but stable. Turns nice and if traeted right can be left on the ground for about 6 months for spalting which gives nice color.
  13. reklein

    What Wood Is Best For What

    One way to keep the chainsaw kerf from using up all the wood is to not cut widths any smaller than your bandsaw can handle. If your bandsaw will take 6 inch wood than don't cut smaller than 6in. with the chainsaw.
  14. reklein

    Virtual Reality Photography

    These shots need some pulsating sound effects!!
  15. reklein

    Funnel Cloud Forms Over My House!

    How does one know which way to run from a tornado? Don't they dance around some?

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