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  1. No snow in lower elevation Idaho yet, but we've had a couple weeks of calm winds with temps in the 20s at night and maybe 35 daytime. Not bad weather at all. Roads have been good too.Been busy with family stuff and a new puppy which is taking way more time than I thought it would. Was wondering why folks were saying "so you're getting a puppy eh?"
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Some volunteers are building a Habitat for humanity house a couple blocks away. Monday they dug out the base for the footings. Tuesday they formed and poured the footings,Wed. they stripped the forms from the footers and set up the styro foam forms for the foundation and poured the foundation. Thursday the put the deck n and Friday had three walls up. All that in 20-30 deg weather. Although it was sunny and no wind.Volunteers mind you.
  3. Ship paintings

    I'm really enjoying your collection of paintings. Your style reminds me a lot of Mark Meyers whod id some pictures of early Russian and English explorers in Alaska,where I used to live. Great stuff, and so much of it too.
  4. Its one of those things when model building or drawing or any kind of creative work. I often have said if I knew it was gonna turn out this well I'd have used better paper or more details or better paint.Nice model BTW.
  5. Them Old Jokes

    We were talking about the dude who was going to prove the world was flat by launching himself in a homemade rocket. My 10 yr old grandson says " Oh I saw the Flat earth society was having a membership ship drive and stating they had members all around the globe."
  6. HMS Surprise

    I have not recently purchased from Tower Hobbies but back in the 80s and 90s they were the premier supplier of R/C planes and supplies and very reliable often receiving orders in Alaska within a week. I'd bet on them.
  7. What have you received today?

    I recieved this new shipmate about a week ago. He's now working as first dog on the USS Burrell dr. He's a shetland sheep dog also known as Sheltie.
  8. Hi from italy (Sicily)

    Welcome Giovanni, from the wild western US.
  9. Nelson/Trafalgar trivia

    Western towns are often renamed after something momentous happens and word gets out. The city of Clarkston, Washington was originally named Jawbone Flats until they realized they needed something more dignified. Its right across the river from Lewiston, Idaho BTW.
  10. Cool Tool Box

    At those prices you can't buy the materials and build them. Big LIKE from me.
  11. Metal work resourcnes

    Take a look at Ken Foran's book" Model building with Brass". He's a member here and a very good author.
  12. Wood Quality in old kits

    I think you can rehydrate old wood strips by placing them in a long plastic bag and dopr a piece of wadded up moistened paper towel in with it. I wouldn't soak the wood ,then you have to dry it out again to work it. Anyway ,a little water goes a long way.
  13. I have a BlueJacket Constitution on the ways for 15 years now. Its not that I don't have the skills or the time, its just that there is SO much to do. I've kinda reached that point with my Syren build.
  14. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    My condolences to your on your Dads death. Congratulations on your fine build.
  15. I would not recommend the Syren as a first wood model. Too complicated,and some shoddy materials to deal with. My first wood model was the Billings Lilla Dan built when I was 20, I'm now 73 and still have that model. I recommend it because its a fairly large scale, the parts are fairly big aand the planks are wide making it a more simple ship to build but stall has all the features a more complicated model might have,just less parts count.