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  1. I really like that big framework,It will be a shame, kinda, to cover it in planking and metal.
  2. reklein

    What have you received today?

    Backer, that looks like a pretty good cat environment to me. A barn and some hay. Probably a few mice to hunt and a nice doormat to lounge on. There are worse critters to hang out with than chickens. I do believe you have got yourself a cat.
  3. HA! our statement "I'm in Europe or I would send you photos " immediately brought to mind the question ,"why would that matter?' Then it dawned on me that you meant that you're not at home and don't have access to the subject. Minor point but it sorta startled me.Sorry to interrupt.😊
  4. reklein

    Wood grain

    I think it doesn't matter which way the tree was growing as far as the grain is concerned for an individual board. If the grain in the board runs even a little diagonally you'll want to plane into the falling grain side. If you flip the board end for end you'll have problems regardless of where the boards position in the tree was. BTW tree grow from the bark outward and only taller from the new growth on the tips of the branches.
  5. reklein

    What type of wood is this?

    I'm gonna guess Obechi. Specially if its a european kit wood.
  6. We had a Hurricane on the WEST coast ??? Ohhhh, you mean the west coast of Florida. 😄
  7. My reasons for simple paper models are twofold.😄
  8. Mind your fingers, please count them before and after every use.
  9. Hey Windships, Note that Knightyo is in Boise. There's a pretty active bunch of model railroaders in Boise and I'm sure there must be a few cross modelers among them. Can't tell you where to start though,maybe look up NMRA members online. I'm in Lewiston about 250 miles north ,I get down to Boise about every five years. Most of my modeling freinds are north in Spokane.
  10. reklein

    Vexing vacations

    The difference between an expidition and an adventure is an expidition is planned.
  11. reklein

    Milling Lumber for my upcoming POF projects...

    Those are good saws I had one for a few years then bought a new one at home depot. Turns out the home depot one had identical trunions and table top. They were both made by Emerson electric now based in China. Clean up the top with steel wool and Naval Jelly and then use a saw top dressing after. Hopefully you got a good parallel guide with it.
  12. My first guess was an old Sterling kit. I didn't know they were so big thought. Thats gonna be a great kit to motorise.
  13. Actually the theatre is the most basic of kits and has no power at all. The locomotive looks way more complicated. But I agree the fit and design is very clever. I may disassemble mine and put some color to it.
  14. reklein

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    Hey Bob,I have that same collection.
  15. I see these advertised regularly on FB. I also bought a small kit directly from Hobbytown shop in Spokane WA. The one I got ,the Theatre, tok just a few hours one afternoon. Kinda fun.

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