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  1. Dremel Drill pess adapter

    He bought a dremel and is now looking for accessories. He did not buy the drill press adapter.
  2. Dremel Drill pess adapter

    I have one and its pretty handy for holding the dremel sideways to use as a more precise cutoff tool with the carbide wheels. Its a little floppy though for precise milling or the like' . For drilling plastic I like the Ryobi electricians screwdriver with a special chuck for drilling plastic. It has lots of torque and turns slow enough not to melt the plastic. IThe Dremel turns too fast for that and doesn't have low speed torque.
  3. Raining and 65 in Lewiston this morning. Hopefully no new fires from the T-storm last night. Great, now how'm I gonna mow the lawn.
  4. We finally got rain today in eastern WA !! I drove from Lewiston to Othello ,down to the tri- cities and had little showers all along the route. Cleared the air alot. Got back to Lewiston at 6 and had a T storm to celebrste. Not much rain though.
  5. Suddenly without my doing anything I can post on Internet explorer now. Thanks to the powers that be.
  6. List your miseries here

    Better watch there Brian, The bastards will ship you off to Australia.
  7. I can't post on microsoft main page, the reply box is there but won't open. but I can on Google. Anybody have any Ideas ??
  8. List your miseries here

    You must've been a rowdy SOB in your youth to deserve all that. About 10 years ago I added on a 10X18 to my garage. The inspector had a heck of a time trying to figure out why I wanted to mont my gas heater diagonally. It was located on one end of the Main room and I wanted it to direct the airflow acroos the room and not just oneend. He gave in but he thought I was crazy. I think something happens to folks common sense when they feel they have a little authority..
  9. Was wondering if John Allen is still above water down there in Louisiana? I see there's some bad flooding down there. seems odd that while we in the Pac.nwst are usually whining about rain, we're burning up instead.
  10. Weather looked like this in Lewiston ID around 7 AM last Sat. and its about like that now. Supposed to be in the low 100s qll week. Not even a T storm.
  11. Still hot and smoky here in north central Idaho. Was 101 F yesterday. Have a 6 hour drive to pick up my grandson tomorrow,hope the A/C works.
  12. Master and commander, the movie..

    Haven't seen any mention of "portable soup" yet.
  13. You guys are not alone. We are looking like the Nazis in that Indiana Jones movie here in Lewiston ID.Smoky here too.
  14. You'd have to remodel the stern for a proper cockpit'. I've seen real sterns built up by just stacking band sawn timber.
  15. You'll have plenty of time for building during the winter rains. Did you ever get your garden dried out?