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  1. Nice looking project. I have to comment on those odd looking rear wheels though. Were they wood or what. Wondering how I could find out more on their engineering?
  2. In the case of buying parts then they appear. That often happens on household projects when I know I have a part or a bolt or a color of paint at home but can't find it. I go buy a new one of whatever and when I get home,,,, there it is sitting in plain sight. I think this might be a function of not throwing anything out.
  3. Ha, we got the same size lot. The EGO makes two models one is not self propelled and has a smaller battery also about $150 cheaper. The EGO company also makes a string trimmer, several leaf blowers and a hedge clipper not to mention a snow blower that all work on the same battery. Probably a good Idea to store the batteryin in a protected place. They don't have much tolerance for extremes. The battery is easily detached for charging.. I have a heated garage so I'll probably keep it there as its also my shipyard.
  4. My neighbor across the street bought one which prompted me,that and the fact that my gas mower is having drive wheel problems again. My front yard is on a little slope and that makes it difficult.I shouldn't have to take a Nitro pill just to get the yard mowed.
  5. If it was yours ,then where's mine? Speaking of Forida, I met a guy from West Palm Beach at a college baseball tournament Friday night . Had fun watching them get beat.
  6. Didn't know where to put this for sure. But, since it doesn't have anything to do with ship models other than save a little time for model building I'll put it here. It, the mower is battery powered. It has a 56 V battery that charges in about a half hour. Its not entirely quiet but more so than a gas mower, Its all plastic so we'll see how it holds up. Its also self propelled. I'll let you know next week how it works. I bought it after I mowed today hoping to catch a memorial day sale but it wasn't the case. Was $581 at Home Depot.
  7. I've been wrapping pill bottles and small boxes in some diamond plate patterned Duct tape somebody gave me for Christmas. On the other hand garish colors may help one from misplacing the box.
  8. I think Revell instructions got cheap as the years went by. It may help you to find supplementary instructions from a more sophisticated set of plans. Some of the rigging parts may have to be replaced or modified. I'm thinking of the deadeye arrangements and the pre formed ratlines. Bluejacket Constitution rigging plans are very comprehensive and may help you out if you can find a set or buy them from Bluejacket if they are not too dear.
  9. Today ,I had a six inch stainless steel ruler disappear form my work table. After looking for it for half an hour,while doing other things, it reappeared right in front of me. I'm not sure where it was in the meantime.
  10. Wow,thats a lot of berries! do you do a farmers market? Or, are you canning? My berries are nowhere near producing yet,besides who knows what variety they are as the birds planted them.:)
  11. I'm Caucasian,german,scotch irish mix. Born in Montana,18 went in service,college in Washington state,working life Sitka Alaska Retired 2000 now live in Lewiston Idaho.
  12. We had grapes in Montana where it got 50F below zero. Grapes can't take the disturbance of frost wedging to there roots. I've seen producing grapes in Sitka in greenhouses though.
  13. Video runs fine. Click on the arrow in the pic. Very interesting ,Wish I could attend.
  14. Of course, you can't leave pics here. You already have two pics to post on a build log. Think of your patients Doc.
  15. I have gone by there several times but haven't stopped in . Usually in a hurry to get to Seattle. You beat me to it. Starting the Syren. Don't think I can start til around the 10th of June. Got a couple trips to do.