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  1. You might try a contact cement such as Pliobond, or a contact cement that is used for cabinet tops. The 3M spray cement should work well just be sure you use the permanent type and not the repositionable.CA may not wick completely into the joint
  2. I've always liked models that are finished but unpainted. Not plastic so much but models that are what you'd call multi-media,styrene,brass,wood,photo etch etc. However in the end you may get tired of that and want a finished look. I have brass steam engine models that are unpainted and agonize (mildly) that they should be painted but then they lose that valuable look. Some of my favorite models ever are cutaways specially of sailing ships and WWII fighters but those are always completely finished so you understand how the planes and ships were built and loaded.
  3. I learned to sail while in the Navy but not from the Navy. I was a dental tech stationed at Bremerton WA. I was watching a small boat class from shore when the kids asked me if I wanted to come out. I said sure and learned from the class. Eventually married the girl who asked me to go sailing.
  4. Eric, I eally like the look of your paper sails. In the photos they "read" really well. Think I'll try them next time, maybe on My Syren build coming up. On mt Halifax I used handkerchief material but I don't sew and although the the lady who did it for me tried hard it wasn't quite right. I did use spray starch to stiffen the cloth some and make it more managable. I see one guy on the forum used old kahki pants and got great results.
  5. Boy!! You are gonna have to be careful when handling that. Nice work.
  6. Jack,I saw your state on National news this evening. Don't catch a heart attack out there. This time of year it'll all be gone by Fri. The snow looked really wet anyway. Talked to my freind in Juneau AK and they are having some of the same as you. Here in cental Idaho we are having around 50 F and rainy.
  7. Just a few more details--------- Inter-Action Hobbies C.R. Lamb
  8. Chuck,You answered my question. The day after I donated, the donation goal dropped about 20%. Not that my donation was that big ,but I thought "what the heck?". Then you posted that it was bill paying time and the light came on. Thanks for the explanation in advance.
  9. There should be a name for this syndrome. "If I knew it was gonna turn out this good, I would have done a better job" or " If I knew I was gonna live this long ,I would have taken better care of myself" or " If I knew it was gonna tur out this good I would have used better materials" That last happens a lot when I experiment with something. I think I would finish the project as is and move on with your experience in mind on the next project.
  10. I feel for you folks in the east. But,its really nice in the upper 50s F here now. Its odd 'cause a week ago we had that 4 " of snow.
  11. Actually turned out pretty nice this afternoon,62 F and sunny. Still not motivated to do yardwork.
  12. I've had military wives tell me that one of the best remedies for the moving blues is to get everything unpacked and set up as quickly as possible and back to normal. Having said that I still have stuff in boxes left from my move 15 years ago.
  13. Rained all day here yesterday,good day to work on the sternwheeler. This morning is heavy fogand about 40 F. Nothing to shovel thank you.
  14. 38F and snowed again last night. This is gonna slow down the daffodils that are poking up in the lawn.