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  1. Wood Quality in old kits

    I think you can rehydrate old wood strips by placing them in a long plastic bag and dopr a piece of wadded up moistened paper towel in with it. I wouldn't soak the wood ,then you have to dry it out again to work it. Anyway ,a little water goes a long way.
  2. I have a BlueJacket Constitution on the ways for 15 years now. Its not that I don't have the skills or the time, its just that there is SO much to do. I've kinda reached that point with my Syren build.
  3. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    My condolences to your on your Dads death. Congratulations on your fine build.
  4. I would not recommend the Syren as a first wood model. Too complicated,and some shoddy materials to deal with. My first wood model was the Billings Lilla Dan built when I was 20, I'm now 73 and still have that model. I recommend it because its a fairly large scale, the parts are fairly big aand the planks are wide making it a more simple ship to build but stall has all the features a more complicated model might have,just less parts count.
  5. Gibbs and Cox models

    Well to answer my own question I googled Gibbs and Cox and got an eyeful. There is quite abit of info on the models and where they are displayed. Also ,interestingly they explain the man hours put into the models by expert model makers. 40,000 hrs for the Missouri alone b sixteen people working on it. WOW.
  6. Gibbs and Cox models

    Does anyone know if the great Gibbs and Cox models are still around and where can they be seen. When I was at great Lakes boot camp in the winter of "64' I was lucky enough to be a recruit MAA in one of the rec halls. They had several of those beautiful large scale models in cases in the hallways. Total fascination on my part.
  7. Colour of riverboat hulls?

    I'm pretty sure the boats were painted white on the bottom. The roof area on the wheelhouse decks were coered in heavily painted canvas. Roof walks were made to keep foot traffic off the decks. I researched and built a 1/48 model of a snake river boat run by the Union Pacific railway. I visited the Sicamous in Penticton BC which is a steel hulled boat but wood above. Also an acquaintance sent me numerous photos of the Klondike which is a retired Klondike river sternwheeler.Yu may want to google these ships to see how they were built in the latter days of sternwheelers.
  8. Well, The weather has cooled off and has been raining all week in WA,ID and MT, OR too. Many off the fires have been knocked down and the air is cleared of smoke. Now to get the folks on the south east coast and Texas out of trouble .
  9. What have you received today?

    Lou, looks like that is as close an explanation as I'm gonna get. Sure looks like 70s vintage. I got another old Billings kit of the Santa Maria. Maybe I'll look in there for a catalog or something. Thanks for your time.
  10. a glutton for punishment

    The Yosemite AD19 Newport RI. With a summer in the yards in Boston. I mustered out from her in Dec.68. Went yo Olympic in Bremerton and then to WSU.
  11. a glutton for punishment

    Well it was the summer of 1967 and I was home to the farm on leave from the Navy. I had bought and built the model on board the destroyer tender I was stationed on and in those days you could take odd carry on things with you on an airliner. After a day or two at home I had time to take it out to the" reservoir",what we called the farm pond and tried her out. I had a cheap R/C transmitter in it instead of the cam controller. However the little breeze that was blowing turned out to be a 1/72 scale cat. 3 hurricane and swamped my destroyer and she went down. I did recover it but she never sailed again. As I recall it was about $35 for that kit at the time. I may have gotten it cheaper at the BX.
  12. Syren vs Irma

    GOOD LUCK !!!
  13. a glutton for punishment

    Lou, I had alsmost the exact same experience. No need to even retell it.
  14. Forest Service has upgraded there fire danger signs to Holy S..T.
  15. What have you received today?

    Nope, no numbers, just says copywright by Einar Billings and Roskilde Viking ship' I think the current kit is called the Roar Ege now.