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  1. Mamoli HMS Victory 1/90

    WHO you calling old an cranky John??
  2. According to F Kershner, Shapeways now makes a carronade for the Syren in 1/64. $12.50 for 8. His pics looked good.
  3. 'bout 25% of the time the repy box won't open for me unless I'm using Google. MSN doesn't always work.
  4. Don't Mention The Cricket

    Made me think of the guy who wanted the Browns football team to be his pall bearers so they could "let him down one last time"
  5. Miracles do occur

    Good for you to have the courage to get that done, I hope you recover fully.
  6. What have you received today?

    To go with Six Frigates read" Victory in Tripoli" by Joshua E London. a good read about the politics and actionsof the Tripoli wars. BTW the Syren and Argus are mentioned in this book.
  7. What have you received today?

    I got to go to Pheonix last week and picked the painting repo at an estate sale for $24 and the burr set I got out at Quartsite AZ which basically is a giant garage sale for $30 . Its all 3/32 " shank size and fits my new little General tools engraver chuck. I'm not sure the sails on the background ship are on the right tack. What do you guys think?
  8. Have you tried using Kicker ? Its a product that comes in a little spray bottle and when applied to the joint causes CA to set promptly. I do not usually spray it but use the pickup tube as an applicator to avoid overspray and waste. CA sets in the absence of oxygen so that what the Kicker does then quickly evaporates.
  9. Hello from Turkey

    Welcome aboard 007! Hope you find us worthy. !
  10. Kits with fewer Cast Metal parts.

    If you carve your own parts and then cast them from your own originals the parts are still considered original work. Its not too difficult to cast resin parts and theres a ton of material on how to on the net. But I agree that a lot of the metal kit parts are a little crude. The General public will probably not notice the difference though.
  11. Nonsuch ketch 1650

    That's a very nice model Chas.I didn't get to finish my post. We visited the nonesuch replica in Winnepeg around 2010 or so. Very interesting. While there I got a great set of plans that I've been meaning to build a model from from ever since but haven't been able to get started for one reason or another. Anyways ,that's a really nice model you have there.
  12. Hello gentleman,,, I am a new member ,,

    Welcome aboard Jaan. I have known only one other person with the name Ojala,and he lived in Sitka Alaska for many years and now lives in Hawaii.Just an interesting,to me ,tidbit.
  13. We got our big dump Fri. 4-5 inches of snow.Wind came up from the southwest it warmed up t 45 F and is now snow is mostly gone below 2000 feet. OK by me.
  14. What have you received today?

    Happy Holidays to everyone form the new pup on the block. Worldway, you are gonna love that new RAM pickup. I've had one for 4-5 years now and really like. Plenty of power for pulling my 20ft. camper trailer.

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