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  1. reklein

    Them Old Jokes

    A Lewiston man carrying a protracter,compass and ruler was arrested near the high school today and charged with possession of weapons of math instruction.
  2. reklein

    Them Old Jokes

    Five puppies were stolen from Petco this week. Police have no leads.
  3. reklein

    Them Old Jokes

    99% of people addicted to brake fluid,,,,can't stop.
  4. 23 F here in North central Idaho, No wind, and snowing hard for 'bout an hour now.2 inches accumulated. first real snow of the season.
  5. And we call ourselves ship modelers!😃
  6. 35F and heavy fog here in North central Idaho. Still haven't had any snow here in the valley at 760 feet elevation. !0 miles away at 2500 feet theres plenty.
  7. reklein

    Alaskan Yellow Cedar

    Its a good picture of what a spiled plank should look like.
  8. Tiny portholes are easily made by winding appropriate size wire on a mandrel of the correct size. Then cut off the tiny circles made and flatten them . Apply them to the side of your ship paint the ship,then paint black inside the circles, and put a tiny drop of CA in to simulate glazing. Eyebrows can be made in a similar way.
  9. Wind Blowing 25 from the west , temp is about 45F ,still no snow this season.
  10. Looks like a mini Shopsmith sorta. Good find.
  11. reklein

    Micro Chisels

    I like Flexcut chisels. Good for what they are meant for. They do have a good feel in your hand. Be sure to get the Flexcut sharpening compound and strop to go with them for better luck in sharpening.
  12. reklein

    Now I Feel Old

    I served on the USS Intrepid in 1966. Now she IS a museum. TAlk about feeling old.
  13. reklein

    Orientation of wood grain

    This has nothing to do with ship modeling but everything to do with grain direction. I was visiting a state museum that used to be a post office thaat was built around 1900. The floor now in an entertainment area but used to be the main sorting floor was made of end grain pieces of clear fir measuring 2"x4" and 2 1/2 " long. These were held together by wires laid in grooves and in lengths of about 8 feet. The resulting strips were then laid on compacted sand and a floor varnish applied to the top. Still in good shape after close to a hundred years..
  14. That little model makes me feel that there are little people waiting around to go sailing.
  15. Nils,beautiful build, Check out Via Google the new movie coming out called Mortal Engines" They have a model builders page showing a fantastic air machine whose hull much resembles a Chebec. Just kind of a cool thing I thought.

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