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  1. In wood turning class they told us not to make tools from files as they tend to break along the scored teeth lines.
  2. Sorry about the misnomer. I know very little about modern ships. I thought the video was interesting because when I lived in southeast Alaska we had commercially made rubber rollers to haul out our small boats when we went beachcombing. Tide would go out and leave us stranded if we didn't have the rollers. One also had to be very careful to avoid barnacles and stuff that would puncture your rollers. I agree ,it appeared that one of the rollers burst as it went into the water. I got this video from a friend who still lives in Sitka.
  3. Thanks, I was trained to do lost wax casting on a centrifuge in Navt Dental tech school. Just looks like a fun thing to try again. I do a little resin work now and then but its not like casting metal. BILL
  4. Its a Zealand shipping face book page scroll down a couple posts and you'll see it.
  5. Where did you get your casting machine and other equipment. Please.
  6. One could upgrade this rig too with a Roto-zip or Dremels larger model for household work similar to the roto-zip. The roto-zip is a sort of mini router used primarily for dry wall work. Generally uses a side cutting drill. It has a 1/8th inch chuck.
  7. Hydrogen Peroxide ? I googled a couple articles but couldn't figure out how to move em over here.
  8. 5150 Ha !, This is Idaho Badams. WE have animal rights here. Three houses away they have horses . on two fair size lots there are 7 head, around the corner up the street are twenty ewes each with one or two lambs. Goats are here too. Chickens are here too as long as there are no roosters. The county fairground is about a mile away. YEEE Ha. Bill in Idaho. where the famous last words are hold my beer and watch this. Guess I'll shut up about the dogs.
  9. Check out this link for a Dremel drill press.spindle sander etc.
  10. Julie, That's my kind of neighborhood. Wish half my neighbors would leave and take their barking dogs with em. I like dogs had one myself up til a couple months ago. But those aussie cow dogs bark all day and the kenneled German shorthair howls quite abit. Oh well things could be worse.
  11. I built my Concord from scratch and started to construct the sides from framing as in the plans. It got too fiddly for me so I cut out sides from Basswood and carved them out. turned ot retty good but I still like the built up sides. One of these days I'll have to build another the right way. Nice work there Dan.
  12. With those guys lookin after you,you'll be good in no time.
  13. Ron,nice loco. I just received a Berkshire no.4112 from a friend who wants me to sell it. I haven't run it yet so not sure what I've got. I think its still DC but I have a couple of sound decoders I could install in it. If you don't mind would you PM me what you paid for it? I need to know an asking price. I'd keep it but its too large for my layout. Thanks in advance.
  14. Get well soon Michael. remember Illigitimi non carborundum.
  15. Had the same trouble with Hyperbowl and Hyperbole.