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  1. Dear Malcolm Sorry, but it took me a while to find the files of the figure head. There are obout 7 pieces: "the Prinicess", 2 Cherubs, The Crown etc. I will send you pictures of them If you like. The fille has a high resolution. To finish the design figure process it takes a lot of time (more than 30 hours). I run out of the resin I use for high resolution printing. Considering a 3D high resolution printing on my newest machine the price is 138 dollars. Will sound very expensive, but I'm only considering resin and printing, no design son please, if you want it ill be on 3 conditions: 1. For yor model only 2. No copies of it 3. I will like to see pictures of it in your postings Kind Regards, Eduardo
  2. Malcolm I'm glad you saw my posting. The figurehad is mado of resin, you will have to paint it. Let me find the file in my computer and check the proce of the resin and I will send you the final proce. Kind Regards, Eduardo
  3. Here is another view from Giorgio Osculate drawing. You can see the difference in scale and proportions as well.
  4. Hello Pat Thanks for your interest. There are two softwares: Free forms plus and Geomagic DesignX. This are proffesional softwares that I had the chance to use in the office of a frind of mine, There are quiet expensive. Kind Regards, Eduardo
  5. Hi Tony Thanks for your interest! I took the images from the Anatomy of the ship Series from the Royal Caroline to make the starting front and side views (at the negining made using a pencil) to start. Some of the drawings of the book were out of scale though, so I did further research on the web and begun to make the ·D final scketch doing interpolation and extrapolation. I took a lot of time and corrections when it came to the time to fit it below the bowsprit. If I considered the size of the Crown from Giorgio's Osculati drawing, the Crown didn't fit in the actual space. Then another issue was the smaller Cherub. I had to use all my "artistic" ability to work the proportions. Then the Kit's Keel seems to be a bit unaccurate, so I had to adapt the dress a bit.
  6. Hi Folks I must be the member that visits the forums at most, but to shy to begin to build several kits that I have waiting. It wasn´t till our last earthquake that some models built by my father in Pittsburgh. I begun to buy some of them on eBay. I´m talking about basic kits from Scientific (solid hulls), but belive me, he was an artist. I woud like to share my log of the 1851 America in the near future. But I wanted to share some different first About 6 years ago I bougt the Royale Caroline Kit and the Giorgio Oscoulaty Anatomy of the Ship Book. The Kit Fogure head is metal casted and it doesn't look to good for me. More ove, looking ad the drowings from Giorgio Osculati and some carvings from the Rope.I begun lookig for an upgrade. Many years ago I've foubd an artist who got amazing results, He made all the carvingsor arnaments in brass, but he didn't sell anything. Today with the help of a friend of mine we came up to this results (a 3D printed figurehead in resin) that I wanted to share with you. Please let me know if you like them. I'm looking for a good gold paint to airbruh it. Thanks a lot!
  7. Future Ship Models on Your Bucket List

    Pete If in one of your fifferente sets you have a forntal view of the pump (that's on the rear deck). would ypu tell me where to buy them please? Thanks for the good wishes with my Volante Project. Eduardo Tubino,
  8. Future Ship Models on Your Bucket List

    Pete In 3/16'' scale will look amazing, please start building her as son as posible and will follow you right away. Actually is the same scale as the Eagle? Pete, the plans you have, are rhe Model Shipways ones? Eduardo Tubino.
  9. Future Ship Models on Your Bucket List

    Pete I was waiting to get some strips for planking the hull of my Model shipways Volante. I´ve been following your work on some previus build logs and in the ones that you posted again. I became obses with the yellow boxes from model Shipways. I say your Eagel and the Katy of Norfolk. Both are masterpices, I really like your work and I´m trying to copy you, Actually in my search for some Volante Pictures I found this discusión. There is one doubt that I have from the plans. It apperas to be a pump on the rear deck. Did you buil a Volante already? Kind regards, Eduardo Tubino.