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  1. Thanks Don I will check it out when I get home tonight. Wished I could find a copy of a 74 gun ships contract online but so far nothing and with all I been spending lately to get my shop equipped for micro tools and ref books etc it will be a while before I can order anything like that if I come across something. I thought had everything i needed for the black prince lol I am just trying to find enough stuff on a 74 or 50 gun ship that I can draw up a set of plans decently
  2. well the marked piece isnt the keelson I have that drawn in above. After looking again I think because of the quality og the plans, I drew a scarf as it looked like one but looking again I think the scarf isnt there but the end is just rounded over but Personally I think that should be the Bow Deadwood then Needs another Piece on top of it. will have to think on it some more and check other ships of the type
  3. well obviously I looked or I wouldnt be asking once you pointed me to the book. as far as I can tell the closest thing is on page 29 fig 1/19 that looks like there may be a second keel on top of the keel however its so small of a section it doesnt show how far back it goes. pointing to books all the time doesnt answer questions when a person is new and there are hundreds of pages to sort through when they dont really know what they are looking for in the first place. thats why we new guys ask questions but it seems those that actually do answer point to a vague reference to a book instead of answering the question or pointing to a page or chapter of a book as a general area to start looking for an answer
  4. Ok guys looking at the above image and this closeup the drawings showed a scarf joint there but then nothing on the drawing shows what it is scarfed into. it is almost like it ends there and oh lets just throw in a scarf. can someone explain to me what is going on here?
  5. I put everything together on one sketch now to see how it looks. I think the next thing to do is to work on doing some 3D and get the keel tweaked in. I will also have to figure out the head pieces and the deadwood in the aft so now seems like a good time to work on that stuff. Besides then I can at least build the keel and such as I draw the other stuff giving me a break from either as I go along plus allows me to test fit everything.
  6. well I am off today so far today I got the galleries and stuff in the transom drawn up
  7. and now I have a nice sexy curvy bow mmmm so sexy looking
  8. So Now I am working on the Keel and the Stem Parts. I have the rabbet and keel and false keel set and am working on the curves in the bow section and have my arcs started
  9. Crown is still going. there was a Family emergency with one of their Kids he has been playing catch up with his wood orders. I had an order in abt the time it happened and I got an email explaining it. so either he just forgot to change the website or some kind of emergency still going on. however it has only been like 2 or 3 weeks they reopened the shop and started working back orders.
  10. and now the gunports are finished
  11. So this morning only have a couple hours before getting ready for work so I took care of the gun ports. The lower deck they are all 3 foot 5 inches wide for the 32 pounders and 7 foot 6 ish inches apart (I say ish as they had to fudge them an inch or two in some places to clear things) and on the gun deck they are 2 foot 11 inches for the 18 pounders so now I can trim off the extra lines and another layer of drawing is finished. the keel seems to come to 18 inches when I checked everything out which seems about right so I will go with that. What I dunno where to look for numbers for the taper of the Beak in the bow and the sternpost in aft and the thicknesses of the deadwoods
  12. Yes I had it thanks has lot of info in it. Ok so I got 2 things done tonight before I head to bed. First thing i got is the wales and rails curves all figured out and drawn in Just have to do like with the flooring come up with the thickness of the rail wood Then the second I did was figured out the gunport sizes and got the curves drawn for the gunports. tomorrow night I will get the widths drawn in which came to like 3 ft 5 inches width and then will be 7 feet 6 inches apart
  13. ok I thunk I got that one will look
  14. thanks guys. Wayne you mentioned Goodwin a couple times but what is the name of the book I should be looking for? also yes it is general arrangement for the class and there were 6 Black Princes built 1650 small 10 gun vessel 1774 Black Prince (32 guns) later renamed Alfred approx 8 Nov 1775 1816 Black Prince 74 gun ship 1861 Black Prince 36 gun ship (warrior class Battleship) 1904 Black Prince Duke of Edinburgh class Cruiser 1942 Black Prince was a Dido class Cruiser hehe oh and don't forget the British Black Prince Tank so there were a few of them and it is cool the Alfred was originally named Black Prince. Anyways I am not doing per se as I said earlier and exact model of the black Prince but using the drawings etc to do a general Black Prince class ship. Unless I have a ton of reference like with aircraft I never like to do a particular ship as if I have to do to much guesswork you will always get someone that may be more familiar with the ship finding errors. Instead I like to do a general class of the ship which gives me a lot of leeway. My only goal here is to learn Ed's method of drawing up a ship to draw a ship and i had a lot of drawings for this to go off of. He used Steels book for a lot of reference and since it does have a lot of info be it exactly correct for this particular ship name doesn't really matter to me. where dimensions etc are listed on the plan sheets or where I can find them I will use them otherwise with my knowledge I am forced to use the book. However like said earlier with the DF the dimension was way off and I cannot figure out why. Even on a generic ship given he posted the length the same as this ship his dimension for the DF should have been really close to correct spot and it wasn't. so once I know the Goodwin book you speak of I can look things up otherwise I have so many different books saying different things I just have to choose something and go with it.
  15. This afternoon I did some checking on the accuracy of the sheer plan drawings as per looking for distorion. enlarged to full size most lines are between 1/2" - 1" deviation That said I think I will use the sheer plan as drawn for the most part and just correct lines that are off. when I did the decks and checked them they were between 1/8" and 1/4" off from the lines shown. As per reading from Ed's book they should be a continuous arc and that is how I drew them. the lower 2 decks where parallel to the keel but the top deck and quarter decks have a slight downward angle to them from the stern to the bow. the next thing I need to do is to look up and then verify the heights and widths of the gun ports, the height and width of the keel, distance of top of keel to the keelson, height of the keelson, thickness of the deck planks, height and width for the false keel. that should allow me to verify the validity of what is shown on the drawings and let me finish up the basic sheer plan. what I am not sure of is what are the two dashed lines I have marked they go to the perpendiculars and then curve down