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  1. Ok time to pack up and head out to hotel here is what I got done this morning on the Keel
  2. For Reference I am using the Anatomy of the Ship book and here I arranged pertinent drawings to get ready for tracing the Keel.
  3. Well I decided to start work on a virtual ship I always wanted to build due to all the really cool details on it. I chose the HMY Royal Caroline as the basic ship build looked fairly straight forward and simple enough with tons of cool details to test my skills in cad. the thing with 3D modeling is there are 2 types of 3D modeling there is Polygon and Nurbs modeling with programs such as Rhino and 3D Max then there is 3D Cad with Programs such as Inventor and Solidworks (which I am using). Polygon type modeling makes it easier to model certain geometries as you can manipulate the polygons manually, but is also not very accurate. Cad type Modeling is more accurate but harder to get the correct shapes as the software uses mathematical formulas to create the shapes, thus you need to use guides and points to try and create certain shapes I use 2 programs when I draw. 1: Corel Draw - I use this program for my 2D work as it allows me to easily manipulate sizes, organize plan sheets etc. 2: Solidworks - I use this for my 3D drawing and for taking my 3D drawings and making plan sets in 2D for import into Corel Below I took a rough image of the ship and used it to lay out the size I wanted. In this case I wanted it no more than 25" tall so it would be a manageable size for modeling and also so it can be easily transported in a standard SUV. so with masts etc the overall dimensions are approx 25" tall and 33" long
  4. well I am abt to work on my first total 3D Build and show how I do it as I go. I chose a ship I liked from the beginning when I first started getting into tall ships HMY Royal Caroline. it doesnt look too complex ship construction wise but complex detail wise with the carvings and inlaid floors etc so should be a good challenge for my cad skills drawing up the details
  5. thanks I have that one and someone was kind enough to send me an excel sheet that calculates all the masts and yards etc. I just have to reinstall my office cause my prog was acting up
  6. I thought would show one last one that I finished last fall. it is a full scale Fokker DRI triplane from various factory drawings that was commissioned and is being built as a 1:1 scale flying replica. it is designed and being built as close to 100% as came out of factory. due to some info not available abt 25% is just guesswork and based upon construction methods of the Era
  7. Here is my Higgins boat. I also have done a complete lancaster bomber from factory microfil which took a loooooong time. so once i get some more stuff traced on tall ships I hope to have several done virtually to help me with building also showing one of the P-51 I had done
  8. I use solidworks to do my 3D modelling and drafting. I Wished i could get some plans in dxf mode to make life easier but I understand with concerns of Piracy. Luckily I have the Triton in cad format and am in the process of building it in solidworks. being new to ships I have trouble understanding some of the plans and building it virtually in cad makes life tons easier for me and makes it so I can understand better before I actually build the model. Look for the HMS Pandora solidworks build its a work of art and really helped me understand parts. I got the swan books and plans from Greg and am slowly working on tracing them so I can cad them up and figure out how everything goes together. it also allows me to make parts virtually that may not be on the plans and get they scale correct etc so I then have templates. that is one i wished already had in dxf format to make easier because of all the lines and some had to read I would be able to better understand things and start bringing in parts. I just got home from my week out of town working and before I head back sunday I had the galley washington plans sitting on my desk. now these are the types of plans I am used to working with so I will begin cutting my wooden parts but also will virtually build it as I cant build during the week in the hotel room and i have 4 more months of living out of hotel and coming home on weekends. So I fully understand what you are saying as a virtual 3D cadded model allows you to turn on and off different areas of the ship and lets you visually see what things are supposed to be like. I have the complete set of bath shipyard microfime I have used with the tables of offsets to loft the hull for a Fletcher class destroyer as I slowly do that ship virtually. I also drew up a Higgins landing craft virtually before I built my R/C model from shipyard drawings. so now that i am good with the steel newer ships I want to do the same thing for tall ships. 3D modeling is fun once you have the info you need but it is also just as time consuming as building it due to all the various parts to get drawn up. My friend Thomas Schmidt does virtual ships but using polygon modeling software. once finished his ships are used for books for research on the ships you can see some of his work here if you click the 3-D models link in his menu he has about 7 other ships he has done. it takes him several years for each ship as they are all historically accurately drawn and dimensioned. so yes virtual drawing can be very helpful for visually seeing details hard to visualize especially if you are working on something you are not used to doing.
  9. Hey guys after much false starts I finally found a set of plans I can use right from the start. I came home this weekend (working out of town these last 8 weeks) and my plans for the Galley Washington from the Nautical Research Guild was sitting on my desk. Now these are the type of plans I am used to working with, so while I cad the couple other ships up I wanted to do I will be be building this one. However the plans show Lateen sails and I want to do her in a Brig rigging as was used in europe and med as Privateer/Pirate ship. (still trying to make grandkids happy with their pirate ship) So my question is 1: How to you calculate what the mast and yard sizes would be for a ship? 2: Is there a link somewhere that tells how they come up with the data? I have a couple other small ships but they don't have full masts only cut off ones and would like to figure the masting out for them also. any help be appreciated Joe
  10. Thanks the Naiad books look nice and prob need to saver for them for in the future. Always wanted to do a Frigate or Vasseau and those books say they come with the plans too
  11. whats the site link for this company? and also just what exactly is a monograph soi I know what ppls are talking about for sure?
  12. hey I resemble all those remarks abt in over my head etc and still doing it lol. to be honest I have been designing and building planes for over 35 yrs and have built all 3 sister ships of revell's the President United States and Constitution even a few radio control hydros. But I feel I have the modeling experience to overcome the obsticles. as many have noticed I started cad drawing a few projects here then stopped them. it isn't that I cant do them but I started them before I took the time to actually read instead of looking at pictures the various build threads and to ask a ton of dumb questions. now I finally ordered the Admiralty swan class as my first POF and I think I am raring to go with it. a lot of the stuff i was having problems with on reading plans like the bevels etc just a couple days ago popped the light bulb in my head and I actually understand them now. I attribute that to years of plane modeling and drafting that once i asked the questions and let it soak in while looking at build threads and then seeing what i was being explained helped. So what I am saying here is that anyone with some experience can start a project but don't make my mistakes and not read builds. read them not just look at pictures then ask questions then go back to build logs and read them until you actually see what the answer was telling you. all before you make your first piece of sawdust. and don't forget to check out all the tools tips and jigs you might want to make while waiting on the right plan for you. Joe
  13. if you want to widen your range by 3 years for a future build you might look into swan class sloop 1766 - 1780
  14. welcome aboard and you are not only new one I just joined not long ago and getting up to speed really fast there is so much good info here I feel more than ready to start my first Plank on frame so do i like did and ask tons of questions ppl are very nice here even when I asked stupid ones