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    Remember, this is 'interests'. Not 'activities'. Some of them used to be activities, but the body deteriorates over time. And the mind? Well, it, er, changes.
    Kite-flying. Orienteering. Cross-stitching. DIY. Astronomy. Computers. Model ships (duh!). Philosophy. Morris dancing. Folk/country music. Cooking. Beer (or Real Ale, to be precise). Belly dancing (because my eldest daughter is amazingly good at it!). And a few other things ...

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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Thank you Toni. (shudder...)
  2. What have you received today?

    I just have. Here.
  3. What have you received today?

    Nice coin, Al. Looks to be in pretty good condition too. Are you a coin collector, or are you planning to use this in a display associated with your Halifax build? Anyway ..... This has just arrived for me: When I've ripped the cellophane off, and drooled for a while over the contents, I'll no doubt start a build log.
  4. What have you received today?

    Thanls Carl. I'd better wait for my wallet to get over the shock of paying for the Occre "Mississippi" kit (ordered just 15 minutes ago)!
  5. What have you received today?

    I did. Joshua, you’ve woken up my tool-lust monster. These little beauties are currently some way above the “can’t afford” line on my tool-lust-o-graph, but I’m confident I can force them downwards...
  6. Congratulations. And thank you, thank you, thank you. Having a group like this, where I can share my modelling problems AND triumphs, and get the support and help and pats on the back, makes a hell of a difference.
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I teak-oiled my workshop worktop. It's not exactly a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of occasion, but it only seems to happen when I'm in between shipbuilding projects.
  8. Lobster fishing boat. The model's based on boats that sailed from Le Camaret early in the 20th century. But I've renamed mine "Mephisto", after a boat that was based in St Gilles/Croix de Vie, Vendée, about a hundred miles SE along the French coast.
  9. What have you received today?

    Received late last week, in fact. Less than £10. I wasn't going to bother to tell you about it, but it's proved SO-O useful to me ever since I got it. It's called a jeweller's saw. Fitted with one of my finest fretsaw blades I can cut 0.5mm brass wire with a clean, straight end instead of just nipping it with pliers. I can cut patterns in the 3mm brass strip that came with my Constructo 'Le Camaret' kit. I can make my own cleats and minuscule shackles. The saw will even make precision cuts in 4mm thick alumin(i)um. So many uses. I wish I'd bought it years ago!
  10. What have you received today?

    Really? Sounds rather steep to me. Or does that include for value added tax, import duty, 25% trade-war tariff etc?
  11. Well, you could buy it from a US supplier, of course, and wait six weeks to get a notification that it would be delivered to you once you’d paid the value added tax, and the import duty, and (presumably) a 25% import tariff, and the fee the carrier charges for collecting the VAT, import duty, tariff etc etc ...
  12. I've been battling with this same problem ever since I started in on this model-building game. Six model ships now, and never enough space to really lay out those huge plan-sheets that come with the kits. If I need a small area of the plan, to work on, I'll do a fold-and-scan-and-copy. That's easy enough. But for things like rigging, when I really need to see everything in its overall context, trying to get a decent view of the plan in my over-stocked, over-equipped 8 x 16 shed is like trying to read a broadsheet newspaper on a crowded commuter train. The only unused wall space is where the windows are. Aah. Maybe that's the answer? A simple roller-blind above the window. I could attach the plan to it, roll it down when I need to refer to it, and roll it away when I don't! Worth looking into ...
  13. Cataracts---Choices for Vision Correction

    I agree with Jim Rogers - get both done. Have implants that give you perfect distance vision. I had my cataracts removed just 2 years ago, at age 79, after wearing glasses full-time since the age of 8. The wonder, the pleasure, the sheer joy of being able to read car number plates at 30 yards without glasses, just one day after the operation, was indescribable! My left eye was done in April 2016, the right one two months later in June. Before that I was very short-sighted. Actually this was very good for model-making - I would just take off my specs for close-up work, and was in focus when my eyes were about 5 inches from the work! I had separate glasses that I wore when reading or sitting at the computer, or just for normal model-work. Now, I see everything crystal clear, without glasses, from about 30 inches outwards. I use cheap, 1.5-mag glasses for reading, computing and model-making. If I need to get up close to my model ship-building, I've also got a couple of pairs of 3.0-mag ones. And Phil, when you have the op, just enjoy every minute! The psychedelic effects you get while it's going on - mad flashes and patches of amazing colour etc - are truly stunning!
  14. Good Morning, from Somerset.

    Greetings, Rory, from a MSW member on the other side of the Bristol Channel! Welcome to the club! That's a neat job you're doing with the Mantua "Amalfi" kit, and it looks as though you're not far from finishing it. Have you had any thoughts on what you'd like to do next?
  15. What have you received today?

    Received today. 50 yards of red ribbon. 25 yards @ 6mm wide, 25 @ 10mm. Total cost £2.44. Free delivery. I only needed about six inches of each, to make little flags to go on the floats that mark where my model 'Le Camaret' lobster-fishing boat leaves its traps. Buying locally-ish, I could have got a quarter-yard each of both sizes for £1 (plus about £1.44 for petrol, tyre wear, contribution to cost of car tax and insurance, annual depreciation etc etc.) So now I have roughly 49½ yards of spare scarlet ribbon, and it cost me nothing. Does anyone know of a little girl, anywhere, who's praying for 'scarlet ribbons for her hair'? Where's Harry Belafonte when you need him? Oh, and this sort of thing does sort of explain why so many local retail shops are closing down..

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