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    Remember, this is 'interests'. Not 'activities'. Some of them used to be activities, but the body deteriorates over time. And the mind? Well, it, er, changes.
    Kite-flying. Orienteering. Cross-stitching. DIY. Astronomy. Computers. Model ships (duh!). Philosophy. Morris dancing. Folk/country music. Cooking. Beer (or Real Ale, to be precise). Belly dancing (because my eldest daughter is amazingly good at it!). And a few other things ...

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  1. In a couple of years time we'll even have to pay the duty - and the handling charge -on purchases from Europe. Such as, er, cannons from RB Models ...
  2. Orange pip
  3. Well, at last RB are making the cannons available. So last Saturday I ordered 16 of the 32mm ones, plus 16 of the tiny 15mm ones (they can serve as replacements for the kit's swivel guns). I had an email today saying projected delivery date is Monday 3 April. I haven't done much in the last few days. A lot of thinking though. The tutorial for building the stove is a useful guide to the basic job, but I reckon there are ways to make some of the little details more neatly.
  4. I wish I could 'cave in' my stomach ...
  5. Ah yes, but there comes a point when you can use your elderliness as a passport to favours. I've always been reticent about my age, mainly because people who I meet tend to pinpoint me at an age around 15 years lower than my true age. But last July I reached the tipping point. I'm a 1936 child, and I feel it's time to capitalise on my seniority. My favourite phrase these days is "I am 80, you know!" Which brings me to another, closely related matter. Here in the UK, the oldest Member of Parliament is referred to as 'The Father of the House'. Who, I wonder, is the Father of MSW? I'm pretty sure it's not me!
  6. I'm with Cathead. Although the sigh of relief usually has to wait until my darling Admiral has admired (is that why they're called Admirals?) my work, and approved the location I chose for displaying the completed model.
  7. Thanks Haliburton, John, Martin. Cannons: I'm beginning to feel a bit disappointed with RB Models. I keep emailing them asking when the 32mm cannons will be available, and they keep replying that they're making them right now and they'll be ready at the end of the week. But there have been several end-of-weeks now, and they're still not available. Yes, Martin, I do know about Chuck's cannons. Trouble with buying anything from a US supplier (when you live in the UK) is that [a] the postage costs are quite outrageous, [ b] the delivery time is awful, [c] there's a 20% tax on any purchase, [d] the carrier charges a £9 ($12) fee for collecting the 20% tax, and [e] the carrier holds on to the package while they get round to telling you about the tax (and the fee) and then won't let it go until you've paid up. Nevertheless, if RB Models don't tell me soon that they've made some 32mm cannons, it might be my only option. I seriously don't like the cannons that come with the kit. Progress: Actually none these last few days. I've had to deal with a dispute with our local sewerage authority, threatening them with appeals to various Complaints Commissioners, our local Member of Parliament, etc. In addition I'm the family Cook, and our stock of frozen home-made meals was getting low. However, I've been perusing some of the other Fly build logs, and I've come to the conclusion I have to provide my Fly with a stove. I've made a start, following the excellent guidance in Not worth a picture yet, but watch this space!
  8. Palot lounge??
  9. By invoking 'the Other Place', I do sincerely hope you're not thinking of selling your soul to the Devil? Mind you, he's probably already got mine. I'm 80, but he promised me I WILL have time to finish my own HMS Fly before he collects. On the other hand, we all know he's a liar ...
  10. Trouble with me is, I'm too honest for my own good. Nothing left out! Although now that the seeds of alcoholic decadence have been sown, I think I'll try adding a tot of Black Bushmills or Jack Daniels next time ...
  11. I'd leave out the mace. Reckon it's overrated.
  12. I've added the bits (including the bitts) that are supposed to be added before I tackle those two-piece plywood bulwarks. And everyone seems to feel the model needs a partition up there towards the stern, with doors on, so I've added one of them too. No excuses left now. All I need is some sandpaper, a kettle of boiling water, and a long, uninterrupted time slot ...
  13. The label on the jar says "Cinnamon, Coriander, Nutmeg, Clove, Pimento, Ginger". I usually add an extra ½-tsp of cinnamon. Sometimes I'm tempted to add extra nutmeg too.
  14. My 'signature dish' - Bread Pudding. Not exactly 'haute cuisine', but tasty. And quite sinful. Recipe: Ingredients: 325g 250g Stale Bread, broken into smallish pieces 400ml 300ml Cold water 100g 75g Soft Brown Sugar 160g 120g Currants, Raisins or Sultanas 65g 50g Butter – plus some more to grease the dish 1 tsp 1 tsp Mixed Spice (plus extra cimmamon) 1 1 Large Egg 210ml 160ml Milk Use an 8in x10in baking tin for the bigger one, or 8x8 for the small one. Method: 1: Pour the water over the stale bread, and leave for at least an hour. 2: Pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees – or 5/6 gas mark. 3: Manually squeeze out the water from the bread. Get it as dry as you sensibly can. Place in a basin and mash out with a fork, trying not to lose too much of the bread’s texture. 4: Break the egg into a mug and add the milk; beat the mixture briefly with a fork. 5: Add the brown sugar, the butter, the dried fruit and spice to the bread; gently mix it up, then add the egg/milk and mix again. The mixture should not be sloppy, but should drop easily from the spoon. 6: Tip into a well-greased baking tin, and even it out. 7: Bake for about 70 mins, in the middle of the oven (NOT top). Cover the top with buttered greaseproof paper, not weighted down, for the first 35 mins. 8: When ready it will be firm to the touch, and a fine skewer inserted at the middle should come out clean and hot. 9: Tip out onto a warm plate (upside down if a less ‘crinkly’ finish is preferred) and liberally sprinkle with granulated sugar.