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  1. Nice selection of goodies, Yamsterman. I went all nostalgic when I saw the map on the box in your second picture. It shows Mersea Island, where I used to do all my sailing and canoeing back in the late 1940s / early 1950s. Ah, those were the days!
  2. I meant to mention that I was a bit disappointed to read, here, about NZL having amassed four (minus one) points already. Not because I don't want New Zealand to win (which I do, actually), but because here in the UK it was a spoiler. We don't get to see the 3rd and 4th races on TV until tonight at 11.30. Oh well. It'll be like watching 'highlights' from the Formula 1 races on BBC after they'd already told us the result on the news program.
  3. Wikipedia says: The first team to get seven points wins. So far, Emirates (NZL) have 3 points (four, minus one because Oracle (USA) carry over a point for winning the 2017 Louis Vuitton Cup Qualifiers Round). Oracle have no points. Yet. Racing resumes on June 24th, and proceeds at two races a day until one of the teams has the requisite seven points. NZL need to win 4 more races out of the remaining maximum 10. USA have to win 7 races before NZL can get there.
  4. Today I cooked a huge saucepan-ful of soup. Ingredients: 1kg minced turkey thigh; A savoy cabbage; an entire celery; 500g of mushrooms; 3 leeks; 3 onions; 6 carrots; 4 parsnips; a red pepper; olive oil; seasoning (salt, black pepper, herbes de Provence, 3 oxo cubes, 3 big garlic cloves) and about one US gallon of water. Enough for 18 meals. All now portioned out, into used Chinese takeaway boxes, and frozen.
  5. Wrong trousers (I hope the Wallace and Gromit cartoons have made it to the New World. If not, that won't make much sense ...)
  6. Born there, Eddie? With any interesting gold-rush or criminal deportee history?
  7. Born in Marylebone, London. Lived in various London suburbs and watched Spitfires, Heinkels, Hurricanes, Messerschmitts, V1 bombs, etc., flying over me until I was 8, then ... Colchester (Essex, UK); Abingdon (Berkshire, UK) (RAF service); Tripoli, Libya (RAF service); Portsmouth (Hants, UK) (I worked in the office that's right under the bowsprit of HMS Victory, as one of the Admiral Superintendent's secretaries); Newcastle upon Tyne (Northumberland, UK); Cobham (Surrey, UK); Farnham (Surrey, UK); Llanwrtyd Wells (Wales, UK); and now Haverfordwest (Wales, UK). I've left out a whole load of other UK places where I lived temporarily.
  8. This little workshop is where I do mine. When I can get to it, that is It's been quite a while - disputes with the local water authority about how and when we can divert a sewer that was exactly where the foundations for our new conservatory have to be built. Luckily, we've been making progress recently. The drains have been diverted, and the base work's been completed. Seems hopeful that the plastic work (windows and roof) will be up soon. So now, yes, I do have physical access to the mini-shipyard. But the stress of all this has taken its toll. I might have to wait until the builders have done their work and beggared off before the mojo returns and lets me attend to the needs of my part-built HMS Fly ...
  9. ... but then I would have had to ask myself, what am I going to do with this huge model now that I've got it?
  10. Oooh. I'd have offered £30 for it and seen how far down I could have beaten the shop keeper. I'd probably have shaken his hand and taken it if he'd accepted £50. I wonder if he would have.
  11. I think I almost understand most of that. What I says is, why won't my Monkey Island games play in the Windows Ten environment? And incidentally, the game that gave me the most fun, ever, was the 'Batman' game that was devised for the Amstrad PCW computer. Oh, happy days ...
  12. Blimey, is this thread still going? OK ... Boat hook
  13. All the talk of where people were stationed has set me wondering. Is there anyone here who was stationed at Wheelus US Air Base near Tripoli, Libya? I remember visiting it once, briefly, in 1957 (when I was stationed at RAF Idris, which much later became Tripoli International Airport). I think Wheelus (and RAF Idris) ceased to operate about 1970, when Gadaffi took power from King Idris.
  14. Best wishes for a quick recovery Michael.
  15. Thanks everyone, for the comments re the 4-jaw Proxxon chuck. I ordered it yesterday; it should arrive tomorrow. So should the 1kg of liquorice torpedoes I ordered on ebay at the same time. I've never been able to shake off the desire for them. Always used to call them liquorice cumfits when I was a kid.