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  1. Chuck:

    How and on what do you print your flags. If you've discussed it in a post I  can't find it.

  2. 3 1/2 year build of Model Shipway's Charles W. Morgan. Aside from the keel and bulkheads, a few laser cut pieces for crosstrees and rails, and some cast metal bits, this is largely "here's some wood, make it look like this" kind of kit. My first fully rigged ship model, so a more than a bit of a challenge. I'm pleased with how it all worked out, although as my skills improved I would have done some things differently and better than I did when starting.
  3. Picket Boat #1 (1)

    Model Shipways kit with a few minor upgrades. Scale is 1/2 inch to one foot. Completed model is about 22 inches long.
  4. Picket Boat #1 (MS)

    Moving along in my self-education, just finished this model. Left the hull unpainted since my goal was improvement in my single-layer planking technique. Now on to something more complicated - Charles W. Morgan