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  1. Thanks gents but I’m not rushing, it takes weeks to get little bits done you don’t even notice then BANG, it seems to jump ahead. The who deck has a few hundred pieces to make/paint/add, then ships boat, a plane, a million individual stanchions to be added.
  2. The two main superstructures have been glued to the deck. There are 4 secondary gun platforms that required 2 day’s work to add stanchions then rigging the 3 bar railings. Throw on some ladders and a few more carley floats and done.
  3. I used a single section of PE railinging and bent the top rail out, then glued it to the interior was, making a railing, then just glued the denier down with a tiny dab of CA Dirks photo hides a lot of sins
  4. Thanks, given the absolute lack of detail on this kit (it’s really dated), it becomes like being a little bit pregnant, you detail or you don’t. It seems to upset my OCD to not detail but this is really quite a big piece. Now, my black and white effort
  5. But wait! There’s more! The upper per bridge area has a lot of detail and it took a while to get my head around what was required. I cut cut off all the binoculars and range finder pedestals and replaced them all with North Star as the Pontos stuff really made no sense and the instructions just gave part numbers. The high altitude range finders were all replaced with North Star as well, and I added 6 signal lamps. I just have to add the coat the coat of arms then park it until it’s stuck onto the ship and it will get the final rigging
  6. Thanks all, signal Halyards done, I finally got smart and placed proper belaying points being bent railings
  7. I think when you look at this shot courtesy of the IWM it shows these octuple guns are a little bit too big.
  8. Multiple tiny bits finally starting to come togeather. 44inch spotlights, 21 inch signal mamas (Northstar), replacements for the Pom Poms and single 20mms, ladders.....bottom half almost done, need to rig the signal ropes. A source of frustration is Pontos has designed the PE for the Prince of Wales not the KGV, which just throws things out a tad, and the extras are on the borderline of my level of competence because they are so small. One of Pontos phots shows a DF sticking out the front of the bridge but it’s not on the plans or the frets, so it’s not going to be there.
  9. Yep, FB is an amazing window into people’s lives if they’re not careful and it’s not in the interest of FB to lock down things. That being said there are some good groups with good tutorials and amazing, repeat, amazing modellers out there.
  10. Nice to know I can inspire (I annoy Cog), nice start old boy.
  11. Magnificent as usual. I don’t think we’ll ever build out of the box again with the world of aftermarket.

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