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  1. For those of you on Facebook I have attached this image of a FB album containing 600 images from the Musee national de la marine. Its not not my album, but it's open source.
  2. At the end of the day if we can see each other's work and offer positive advice or praise we're still ahead.
  3. IJN Isuzu

    1/350 Aoshima Kit with Flyhawk upgrade and numerous other aftermarket bits of dandyfunk.
  4. Yamato

    Tamiya's Yamato with Pontos upgrades
  5. 203_1941.jpg

  6. HMB Endeavour

    A heavily bashed AL Kit of the Endeavour. Everything but the hull and deck planks was replaced or scratch built. Just to prove I can do more than plastic.
  7. HMS Dreadnought

    Zvezda 1/350 Kit with Pontos and other upgrades
  8. Artwox Varyag

    Artwox multimedia kit using the Zvesza Varyag and a lot of extras from Komplect Zip, North star and others.
  9. SMS Emden

    Revell's plastic kit with Eduard Photo etch and numerous other bits and pieces.