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  1. Great job, you two! Makes me want to pick it up again as well. But after the summer holiday it's back to work and it will take a few weeks to get things going again. In the meantime I enjoy following your progress.
  2. Oh, you'll manage alright! I have every confidence
  3. @Warnerade: depends on what your goals are. There's some who like to scratchbuild a model using 1 block of wood, original plans and a knife. There are some who like to make their own ropes or sails. But if your primary goal is to make a nice model without too much difficulty, the master korabel kits are perfect. And while building you still learn enough techniques useful for when you decide to take on the more difficult kits later. You will still be facing enough challenging problems to solve to make it an interesting build. Imho it is a nice step towards the nonprefabplank kits. The most important thing is to enjoy building it. Succes with deciding and have fun!
  4. Do you ever eat or sleep or go to the head? The postings keep pouring in! But I really enjoy and admire your work. Sail on!
  5. Kit has arrived in perfect condition. No import taxes (lucky me). There is sailcloth included, unfortunately not precut. Oh, well...
  6. Yes, well, maybe. I'm better at reading than posting. And I don't have such a great help as your daughter. My youngest son (17) prefers beating me at golf in stead of helping me building a model ship . I expect delivery of the model tomorrow. I wonder if the pre cut sails are included or if I will have to order them seperately. We'll see
  7. Can't wait till the end of august begins. This is a real cliffhanger! You two made me so enthusiastic for this kit, I just had to order one for myself. And the kit is on her way now even as we speak (write). A real bargain for €130! (Shipment included). I just hope customs won't impose import taxes
  8. You lucky you! So you are a teacher as well! And therefore a collegue of mine. My, my, we sure have a lot in common then. I still have 7 weeks to go before summerholiday. Just barely surviving Off topic? Right, well, your build is coming along fine. I'm enjoying it very much! Sail on!
  9. Darn! Wish I'd known earlier. I 've used the binder clips for the bulwarks. And that worked well. I thought clips to be a bit clumsy for planking (must be me..) and the screws looked cool. Oh well, I'll find out the hard way, I guess
  10. between music sessions I ordered those planking clamps you use. Might come in handy when I start building this ship. In the meantime I eagerly follow your build. Steady as she goes!
  11. I totally agree! I tried the Union a few years ago, to see if modelling was something for me but gave up. I then found out that The Swift was a far better model to start with (thanks to this forum). I have finished it and I'm half way building the Lady Nelson, which is a good choice for a second build. But still....even if it was failure, it got me interested. A learning experience after all

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