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  1. msw6

    Nice job - beautiful display. Gary
  2. 7Y9A1036

    Nice job on your whaleboat. Very neat and clean. I like your choice of wood stain and hull color. Beautifully done. Gary
  3. Downeast Wherry 5

    Patrick, ChadB and Anja - Thank You. Gary
  4. Downeast Wherry 7

    Jesse, Chasseur, Christian and Ron-B - Thank You. Gary
  5. Downeast Wherry 1

    Jack12477, Nils, Marcus and Mike - Thank You. Gary
  6. This boat is typical of the working craft in the Penobscot Bay area of Maine around 1900. These boats worked the then thriving salmon fishery. It is scratch built in a scale of 1:18. A build log can be found under the same name.
  7. JAB3137

    Outstanding job! Clean and exacting workmanship. Very nice. Gary
  8. IMG 6738

    Beautiful model - well done.
  9. Bow

    Beautifully done. Clean, crisp, exacting work. Gary
  10. finalavs1

    Excellent job, beautifully executed. So crisp. Gary
  11. IMG 03

    Terrific job on this boat Bob. Very nice. Gary
  12. I0238

    Thank you John. I appreciate your opinion. Gary
  13. Trata 6

    Excellent work. Your rope, chain and anchors feel as if they have actual weight. The wear and tear on the deck and rails are as good as any I've seen. Very convincing - nice. It inspires me to do better on my own modeling projects. Gary
  14. I0238

    Thanks for the kind words Nils. It was fun to build. Gary
  15. This model was built from an old Laughing Whale kit. 1/3" = 1' It came with no pre-cut wood and the only castings provided were the belaying pins. Bluejacket now produces this kit with laser cut updates.