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  1. If you keep your eyes open, there are lots of things that can be repurposed in modeling.
  2. Walter Biles

    i got sick, so i,m out a bit.

    Hi Vivian, I just got a notice that you liked my post way back. I sure hope that means you are getting well again.
  3. Jim, I think some of those turrets might be selectively independently ranged and trained in stead of being run by the main directors.
  4. Dan, I am wondering what the T pipe behind the bridge boat storage might be. The only thing I have come up with might be some sort of detection device. Walt
  5. Popeye, yes, Blue Jacket America is the plans I got on the 1/4" scale, and I had hoped to get the frame built and get ahold of the kit one day, and use the kit parts to do all the finishing. When I saw the old kit on there, I figured I might get most of what I wanted from that. The bid closed about 10 minutes before I got back online to follow it out. $375 is a lot of money for the new kit. From what I have seen of those frames, the grain all runs side to side on all of them, I can't see unless they are plywood, how they would hold up to the building. I had intended to make them all in a 7 part frame each such as the real ones would be. I figured if I could get a CAD model plan drawn, that once I build the 1/4" scale one I might do one in nearer to 1/2" scale for RC. I really prefer my models built as much like the real ones as I can. I found out early on, that I did not like staying alone. I invited my younger sister to come here to live. She is on disability, and never could afford a place of her own. We get along pretty well, and seem to tolerate each other quite well. She appreciates the freedom to live here. As a non-cook myself, but a fair house keeper, we each have skills to give.
  6. Hi, Popeye, No, since Linda's passing, I have still been overwhelmed by work to catch up here at the house. Also, I bought a 10" parabolic mirror and have also been preparing to make a telescope with 2" eyepiece adjuster, to study some stars. I still need to finish the modification to my garden tractor bucket, and get the shop cleared out of excess stuff. During the kids screening what they wanted from their mother, my shop got filled back up with stuff. I am slowly digging out. I put an Ebay bid on one of the older America BJ kits to get the frames to check against mine, but I got outbid at the last of the bid time. I had really hoped that with that old kit, I would be able to supply the boat I'm making with the deck furniture and rigging. OH WELL!
  7. Hi, Popeye, It's looking pretty good! Keep up the good work.
  8. Thank you all for your likes and concerns. I will be back when I can. I had the boat frames all ready to start building, and the material. As soon as I can get myself back together with my mental capacities and readiness to build, I will be seeing you all again.
  9. Thank you Mark, I appreciate your thoughts, and thank you, and the later part of your comments are pretty much in line with what I plan to do.
  10. Patrick, Thank you so much. She was in so much pain, and she has it no more, and is, in our belief, in a much better place now. Knowing this I can only be sad for myself, and I must go on for our family's sake. I will recover, and be back when I catch up on putting my home back in order. I am making a lot of adjustments to reduced income, and revising my values on day to day needs. It will take time, but I will make it. Walt
  11. Due to the deterioration of my wife and her eventual death in early September, I have been unable to work on this or any other boat for the last few months. I have been clearing out and cleaning up my home with the help of one of my sisters, and trying to re-adjust to my life as a widower. I have made some progress on the house. I will come back to it when I can.
  12. There is quite a bit of research information at the top of the heading banner under Articles Database. That is a library of sorts of information that is free to use. You would also find links to lots of information, calculators, and various other things there which could be of interest to your search.
  13. Is that a koala bear on the bow? My eyes are not that good since I dropped my glasses on the patio, a bad case of road rash. Excellent work.
  14. Danny It looks like you've got an international puzzle to build. Great job! Walt

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