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  1. Introduction

    Thank you William I've been away from msw for a while , I have become addicted to rc planes I hope to return at some stage,I still check in from time to time and it's great to see appreciation on my post thank you sir
  2. u.jpg

    Lovely build are you leaving it without the mast and rigging ?
  3. 2017-03-02 22.02.55.jpg

    Beautifully done and at that size it's hard to comprehend the work involved really nice job
  4. Introduction

    hello all this is my first time posting, back in November 2015 I begun my first ship the hms victory panart 1/78 before October of last year I had no interest in models or historic ships. as a joiner by trade of 17yrs a friend of the family asked me could I build a display cabinet to hold his hms bounty I agreed and on arriving at his home to get the sizes required I instantly feel in love with the ship and the sheer work that had went into the model. after building the display cabinet I started researching these ships and only then discovered there was kits out there for building these. I have read some of the threads and see a lot of posts advising not to jump in at the deep end with a kit like the victory (now you tell me lol) however with my joinery backround and access to specialized machinery I have successfully built the ship up to completion of the standing rigging studying hard and overcoming challenges such as the planking and copper plating and am currently beginning the running rigging. I have learnt so much so far and built a complete different skill set and had lots of fun along the way there is no turning back and have already purchased my second build but promise only to look inside the box for now lol. I would like to add sails so I have purchased a sail kit from mantua and am studying the plans very carefully before fitting yardarms with sails attached. I live in northern Ireland and can not find any local model shops that sell fittings etc for these ships I don't know anyone in my circle of friends interested in model ships and no examples to look at other than the bounty . I would greatly apprieciate chatting with anyone who has built the panart 1/78 victory especially with sails I will attempt to attach below some pics of my progress so far. I must admit I am a little bit stuck at the moment as to where the sails are made fast but 99%of the fun so far has been overcoming these challenges

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