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  1. Hi captain al my comment was not based on your gallery pics it was based on the status of the build .its been a pleasure to follow your great build I'm sorry it's finished would have like to see the top mast fitted but hey each to there own you have a great build there and something to be very proud of I look forward to your next build
  2. I think your build is great however I am sorry if this offends you but I just can't accept it as complete without the upper mast I am sure others feel the same but won't say so I am giving an honest opinion that is my opinion and mine only please don't be offended
  3. Hi john regards rigging line on my first build I spent a fortune on kit brand lines in ten meter rolls then it occurred to me it is not magical ship rigging line its just thread so instead I searched ebay for thread manufacturers and can now buy 300m spools for very little cost that suits me cause I normally use a 1 meter piece of line to tie a line 30mm long it took a bit of experimenting but finaly got right colour and size ,from memory I think they where sized in the thread industry in the uk as follows 0.25 is known as size 40 0.5 is known as size 20 1.0 is known as size 10 don't quote me exact sizes I chucked the packaging when they arrived hope this helps steve
  4. Hi husky thanks again for following and commenting I'm basically trying to base it on the john mckay book and a mixture of some of the other logs and what look I prefer.
  5. Some of the deck furniture and gratings built and fitted im trying to replace plywood parts with hardwood where reasonably possible the plywood will stain or paint up but I find less coats required with hardwood . The next few pictures show the bowsprit bracket fitted or how I fitted it billings instructions don't show much in this, after studying for a few hrs a checking all other logs I found nothing so decided to rebate the brackets into the keel I know this will make more sense if your actually building the billings version so I hope these help
  6. Hi EJ i like the idea of planking upwards and the finish line growing easier rather than harder I think I will adopt this on my next build
  7. Hello all thinking ahead I'm considering what to do with the dead eyes my initial thoughts was to paint them and asked the question of how to paint multiple parts at once on another thread with some nice suggestions my question is should I paint them or leave them as they are
  8. Thank you very much EJ for the kind words and continued following and thanks others for the responses I'm blown away by the kind comments I never thought when I first joined and looked at other builds I could achieve a build worth a following from others Grendal the artesania latina kit looks very nice I recently built an artesania latina kit and went for a natural unpainted finish I'm really enjoying this painted build but I think my next build will be natural and perhaps another artesania kit as I really liked there way of doing things I used a clear gloss laquer (maybe not for most but really liked the finish ) U can check that build out see if it gives you any ideas it's the mare nostrum mentioned earlier in this log
  9. Thank you very much to the new faces kind comments and the likes it pleases me very much to know someone out there gets something for there own build from my log
  10. Thank you don I respect your opinion very much I am very much the same if a girl asks does my bum look big in this and it clearly does then unfortunately I say so
  11. Thank you Doug and thank you for raising the question I'm keen to hear from others on there verdict on blocks and scale however I'm happy as they are but advice for future builds would be positive
  12. Hi Doug thanks for asking I was going to ask others the same question they do look rather big especially the double hole blocks unfortunately they all I had to hand as I don't think the kit provides any for the canons ,also the space between the rear eyebolt and the rear of the canon surely is not enough to retract the gun from the gun port I did consider not using blocks at all but feel adding them gives a bit more realistic look to the untrained eye which apart from on here will be her audience
  13. Hello all here is some pictures of the wooden canons rigged I still need to add some rope coils but will wait until more deck furniture is placed so I can position them . I was going to build and rig the plastic canons for comparison but feel I will only end up back with the wood canons purely because I like the different colours interacting and also it has taken me the best part of a week of my free time to rig these ones
  14. Hi husky i will be following along purely because I am fascinated with what can be done with plastic even tho I have no knowledge of how to build plastic but I am keen to see your progress, what would you say the secret to plastic is? is it the painting? glueing ?adding more detail above and beyond the kit?