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  1. I downloaded a program called faststone have had very good success with it there is also a tutorial on utube of how to use it
  2. just found this log eddie looks really cool will def be following along one thing I did notice was the zap nozzles I also use zap a gap what I tend to do is save all me fizzy drink bottle caps and pour a small amount at a time into one then I use a metal dental pick type tool to aply small amounts of glue or if I really wanna spread glue in a hurry use a small length of planking ,the metal tool I can scrape clean the planking gets binned as does the bottle cap ,some times ive used the same bottle cap for two days running and the glue in it is still workable ,sorry if im teaching granny to suck eggs just explaining how I do use zap a gap anyways goodluck with your build looks really interesting to follow
  3. wow!!! unbelievable im blown away by what some of you guys have stashed away ,unfornately I don't have a stash to participate but I am enjoying all the pics thanks for sharing guys and cool idea for a topic eddie mate
  4. Thanks Eddie mate I'm getting now bit slow me 80,s child not into computers all that much thanks for the help
  5. Yeah I can create a signature etc just don't know how to copy and paste links over thanks steve
  6. Thanks Eddie mate I'm still nun the wiser tho I'm not very computer educated anyone explain in plain English instead of sending more of links
  7. I would like to add links to my other builds in my singnature could someone explain how to do this or if it has been discussed previously point me in the right direction thanks steve
  8. u.jpg

    Lovely build are you leaving it without the mast and rigging ?
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I do see potential in the one shown in the 5th and 6th photos bit of deck planking and some nice rigging could transform it the lady would sure be shocked and surprised if I turned up at her door and presented back to her in honour of her father
  10. hi tony I have no promblems here at my end on pc have you tried a smartphone or ipad type device seems to work fine for me on either
  11. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    carrying out some work at a customers house today I noticed the lady had some ship models about I questioned her about them and see told me her father had built them,she also said she had a box of models that where distened for the dump but she did not have the heart to dispose of them she asked would I take them and even if I don't do anything with them it would make her feel better than throwing them away, so I obliged and this is what I got the sad truth is I don't see me investing any time in restoring any of them but I am interested in what they where does anyone regonise anything here she said they where in the roofspace/attic since the 1950,s
  12. Hi john regards rigging line on my first build I spent a fortune on kit brand lines in ten meter rolls then it occurred to me it is not magical ship rigging line its just thread so instead I searched ebay for thread manufacturers and can now buy 300m spools for very little cost that suits me cause I normally use a 1 meter piece of line to tie a line 30mm long it took a bit of experimenting but finaly got right colour and size ,from memory I think they where sized in the thread industry in the uk as follows 0.25 is known as size 40 0.5 is known as size 20 1.0 is known as size 10 don't quote me exact sizes I chucked the packaging when they arrived hope this helps steve
  13. Slicing veneer-thick strips - tools or jigs?

    hi mark that's a very good idea that's what I do with my full size table saw unfortunately doug is using the small proxxon ks230 that doesent have an insert to replace
  14. Slicing veneer-thick strips - tools or jigs?

    Doug something else I may suggest this evening I needed some material about 1.3x.7 this eliminates the thinist cut last theory there both thin,so what I did do was create zero clearance on the saw this is where you set rip fench to desired then run a larger sacrificial piece into the blade and clamp it down then when you run your veneer it will not get pulled down into the gap around the saw blade
  15. 2017-03-02 22.02.55.jpg

    Beautifully done and at that size it's hard to comprehend the work involved really nice job