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  1. Chuck, I would also buy the stand as a sub-kit. I think it looks great! Tim Murphy
  2. If you could build these two beauties than this build should be a joy for you! (No Rigging) Tim
  3. I'am not surprised with the quality of the Kit. I have never seen a bad product from Chuck. Hopefully I will see my Kit on Tuesday! ( no mail on Monday, Fed Holiday.)
  4. Your right about the first Fletcher's were round bridges. The sq. bridges based on the Bath Iron work plans were different than the one's based on the San Pedro plans. The hatches/doors were different, also some portholes Tim
  5. I'm an Ex Destroyer Sailor. I was on a Fram 1 out of San Diego in the early 70's. I LOVE destroyers. Good luck with your kit! Check were the Sullivans was built. There is a different bridge for West Coast and East Coast bridges. There is a 3-D printed part that could help you. I am now retired and I volunteer at the Charlestown Navy Yard. We have the Cassin Young DD793 an I sometimes work on her. An questions I may be able to help. Tim
  6. Looking forward to the start of this project!
  7. The colour of the flag was based on what Fleet the ship belonged to. The Admiral of the Fleet chose the colour. It could be Red, Blue, or White. The Red Cross is the English Flag, or the Flag of St. Andrew. The White Cross with Blue back round is the Flag of Scotland. This is the Union Flag of 1705. The Flag of the Royal Navy, as we know it was used from 1865 on. The White Flag with the Union Flag in the upper corner and the cross of St. Andrew
  8. Tim Murphy

    Return to the Shipyard

    Pete, It's good to know that your back in the Scale model building dept. We have missed at the Guild and the Merrimack Club! Best of luck Tim Murphy
  9. I came across this topic on Chuck's Medway Boat build. I am not a computer adept person. Being 68 years old it is very hard to understand this stuff! Your topic here has given me a chance to understand how this is done. Thank you! Tim Murphy
  10. Chuck, another good project to help me understand how to build boats. I would love to be a part of this. Thank You for all your great projects Tim
  11. I'm an X Destroyer sailor. I was on a Fram 1 Gearing in the early 70's. I love destroyers and I think that Arli Burkes' are the best looking ships in the Fleet. Good luck to your Build. Tim
  12. I was just lucky to get the Kit. I will follow your build with great enthusiasm. I hope between your build and Chuck's directions I might build a good model. Thank You. Tim
  13. Chuck, Hope you will be at the convention at St. Pete's.

    If you have the Kit at the Show I hope to buy one there.

    If not, then I order one.

    Great work, as always! Tim

  14. Clare, read your new post on the Kamakura Boats. Look's like I will learn something more on the History of Japanese boats! Thank You, Tim Murphy

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