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  1. I don't know what A2 and A4 is. Yes, sometimes the instructions will be out of sequence. That is why it is best to read through the instructions to get an idea how it is to go together and decide the best way to go about it. I never use nails because I found out the hard way that you run the risk of splitting a bulkhead. One could pre drill them but still the risk is there. Like not drilling them straight or missing the mark all together. But that is the builders choice. I am sorry you feel that way. I am a relatively new myself and have found great support here at MW. But I don't expect it to come right away. RussR
  2. That is a good idea. It is easy to build a huge stash that you will never build. I did that and decided to sell everything except what I was working on. It is hard to do when someone is offering a big discount. RussR
  3. RussR

    Oooops... My First Big Mistake

    I did the same thing. I just left it off until later in the build before I glued it back on. RussR PS: If this is your "big mistake", stand by for more to come. I've had some real "whoopers".
  4. Thank you for the reply. I have to but, my experience has been that Sharpie Markers will bleed over to the adjacent areas.
  5. Does anyone use paint pens for detail work on wood or metal parts? If so, what is the recommended brand/type? I am concerned about the paint bleeding over. Thanks, RussR
  6. There was four solded on Ebay (USA): Aug. 12, 2018 Aug. 16, 2018 Aug. 29, 2018 and the last one Oct. 06, 2018 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Aeropiccola-Torino-Ralt-RA-5-Plank-Bender-Molding-Iron-Model-Boats-Ships-Italian-/392139232350?hash=item5b4d51d45e%3Ag%3AS-oAAOSwy2pbt7ps&nma=true&si=hOz8Y6lAHha6lnImNBzgRglaE1o%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 One has to be patient for when one comes along.
  7. Thanks, Kurt. This is probably what I am doing wrong. And I am not following up with a water rinse after the acetone soak. RussR
  8. How do you paint photo etched and metal parts. I have cleaned with alcohol or acetone and sanded to rough up the surfaces and the paint won't stay on. Is the trick to get some enamel paint for metal parts? I am using Vallejo Acrylic Primer.
  9. Great job on the model and video. I like the music selection as well. Yours is the 1st completed Hermione that I know of. This helps to keep me motivated to finish mine. RussR
  10. Great job. Your self discipline has payed off. This kit is a welcome change from the normal kit. Some like the natural wood finished ship without sails. This kit has the full package for me. It sands out from the rest. And that is what motivates me to continue. (not to say others are wrong) You are correct. I work on my Hermione everyday. Even if only for an hour a day. What is your next project? Or will you be taking a break?
  11. RussR

    What type of wood is this?

    So the moral to this story is, don't buy boxwood from ModelExpo. I don't think there is any confusion.
  12. Here is the latest as requested. There isn't much to look at because I covered the hull up because I keep messing up the paint and I even temporary lost one of the cannons.
  13. Great job, she looks beautiful. It took a lot of discipline on your part to complete. I am still coming along (slowly) with mine. I would send you some photos but I have the hull covered to protect the paint. Seems like I can spend many hours on it and get very little done. But a little progress is better than none. Which reminds me of a friend that built a home built airplane over many years. He said the secret is to do something everyday. If you do nothing the project stops. What do you think of the CD that came with it? I think I would like regular plans and instructions better. RussR
  14. Check out Fnick's other thread about this saw. Link:
  15. No one would have noticed if you hadn't told us. It looks fine to me. RussR

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