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  1. Drill Bits

    Thanks WackoWolf, My order is in for some real drill bits. I am tired of buying what just looks like drill bits.
  2. Thanks, Gregory and Lou, for those great ideas. What was suggested so far I think is doable. I think that the author of the video's intent was what he built with only what was handy. Kind of like a "MaGyver Project". Russ
  3. Gregory, Thanks for the info. So it would cost about $20.00 plus some styren or wood and a couple of connectors and a switch. One might even run it on eight D-cells if you didn't plan on using it much.
  4. Sorry I don't. I just saw the video and though it may be of interest to others. May be someone else here would have some suggestions. RussR
  5. Not long ago I ask how to cut a piece of 30mm X 4mm X 4mm into four equal parts and received many great ideas. Just now I found a video on YouTube "How To Make Mini Cutting Machine Cut Popsicle Sticks". I haven't made one but I admire the creative thoughts of some people. I have downloaded this and hopefully I can upload it here. RussR How To Make Mini Cutting Machine Cut Popsicle Sticks.webm
  6. I appreciate all you guys input on my little problem. All of your ideas are well taken and filed away in my mental bank for future recall. What I had done was I found a piece of 3/16" square junk wood and cut it to 7mm length and sanded two edges to 4mm. I just painted them. Since they are so small I think it will look like it was planed. At this point in my skill level I bought an AL model of the 1805 Pilot Boat for $35.00 on eBay to practice on. My skills are far from perfect at this point. It is doubtful if I will even display it. I am learning a lot. But it gives my pea brain something to do. Like they sayl "you learn by doing". Thanks again. RussR
  7. Dave, that is a good idea. I only wish we had a local model shop. The closest thing we have to a model shop is Hobby Lobby or one that is about 60 miles away. And they sell mostly plastic. I'll have to make do with what is available. Thanks for the reply RussR
  8. Since you showed me yours (work space that is) I'll show you mine.
  9. That was my though, but I have to think about cutting the last piece into two. I would have to be able to hold a very tiny piece and cut it. At this point I am thinking I would be better off to just buying some 4mm X 4mm basswood stock at Hobby Lobby and cut it with my 2" cut off power saw. The trade off is I would need to either paint them or stain them. My complaint with kit manufacturers is they don't put dimensions on there drawings. And they don't consider how the builder is to do what is required for a good out come. I am looking forward to the day that I reach a point to start scratch building from plans. Thanks again for the reply.
  10. Jan, Thanks for the reply No. It is to be cut into roughly 7mm lengths. Sorry that I wasn't clear bout that.
  11. The model that I am working on requires that I cut a piece of 30mm X 4mm X 4mm walnut into 4 equal pieces. I considered using my exacto hobby saw. It is probably to thick for side cutters. It is probably to small for a 2" power cut off saw. What do you old "Salts" recommend? RussR
  12. This may be old news for some, but I just found these two videos on YouTube that was very interesting to me. The site won't let me post the link. You will have to do a search on youtube. "Flagship Endeavour Ship - The Launch / HM Bark Endeavour Replica / 9 December 1993 HD" And the other one is "HM Bark ENDEAVOUR, 1999, 18th century sail training". RussR
  13. Hello, I am trying to make a donation via my Paypal account, for some reason it doesn't recognize my paypal password. But when I go to Paypal website I can log in to my account. I don't Know why when I try to make a donation via MSW with my paypal account it doesn't work.
  14. Okay, I own the Dremel 3000 and the drill press adapter and it works good enough for model building etc. Also I own the router attachment but haven't used it so at this point I don't have a opinion. But for a hobby tool how good does it have to be? For a tool to make my living I want the best quality.

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