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  1. Last sail in posotion. Mizzen top galand. Both Main and Mizzen masts have a slide turn towards port side and Foremast is straight. There is now a sailor on on the Mizzen mast looking if the british ship is still chasing L'Hermione... and yes it does!
  2. Mizzen galant in position.... and just another sail and then end is near. Anchors and some minor righing work is still do be done.
  3. @Kevin Thank you Kevin for you nice and clever comments... ok punish your self but dont get killed, just a nice whip and that will do fine! 😉 @Louie da fly Thank you my friend Steven.
  4. The mizzen mast in the picture above looks like its not sitting vertical on the ship. It looks like it has an inclination towards the ship's stern.... but it doesnt! I saw my upload myself and went at once to have a look on my build... no the mast stands 100% verticaly 90°... ufff everything is fine... its just a visual illusion made through the angle by which I took the picture!
  5. So main galand and top galand in position
  6. Just noticed a forgoten operation.... the holding wood of the lower schrouds on the mizzen mast has no rigging.... as it should.
  7. Main sail and life boats in place....
  8. It seems am really sailing her... its a great feeling! Today I started playing with the though the build is comming to its end. 18 months is a long time.... I never believed I was going to see her finished. And thats because most of the builds in our blog start and remain unfinished. It has been a great experience and fan... I enjoyed every moment.... I still do. The sails will finished this month or latest beginning of Oct.
  9. @Louie da fly Thank you Steven thats very nice of you to say so.
  10. @Dutchman Thankyou my friend. The GAC 400 its working fine. It seems am going to finish Hermione in this month. Its been now about 18 months that am working on her. I started this build in March 2017. I never put it down all this time... I only reduced my working time during the presidential elections campaign from September to February, a few weeks when we had guests at our house and a few other weeks as we have been in vacations. I ll try to figure out how many working hours I had. I guess about 15 to 20 hours a week, when I worked more intense.
  11. @Richmond Thank you Sir, am happy you liked the colors because it has been a long way until I came up with these colours and paint work. To that I have to thank a gentleman from Artesania Latina, Mr Juan Suarez, who has send me all the required details concernig the original colours of Hermione.
  12. @Frankie Thank you Frankie... but the sails look like the way you teached me to. You have been a great help. Its a great technik,which now I shall keep on using in all my future models.
  13. Fore topsail in position. Fore and main topgalant prepairing with "wind blow liquiid".
  14. NÂș1 Pantone 7401 - Vallejo Model Color 70837 NÂș2 Pantone Pro Black - VMC 70950 NÂș3 Pantone 7509 - VMC 70927 NÂș4 Pantone 7406 - VMC 70953 NÂș5 Pantone 120 - VMC 70949 NÂș6 Pantone 2728 - VMC 70930 NÂș7 Pantone 180 - VMC 70908 NÂș8 White - VMC 70951 NÂȘ9 Pantone 428 - VMC 70989 NÂș11 Pantone 556 - VMC 70838

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