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  1. Great build! Its a painting!

    Well done sir.


  2. Thats a painting! Thats really a piece of art! Well done sir.
  3. Thank you my friend. I ll follow your advise. All the best Christos
  4. First time coppering the hull. I wonder is it better to paint it first with primer? On the other hand concerning the glue.... I have a feeling that CA glue is not the best idea. It glues very fast and perhaps that makes the positioning (overlaping of CP) hard. I will apriciate very much some advise.
  5. A ok.... sorry a I didnt understood it. Am thinking of some lead powder on a cotton stick may be ..
  6. Thx Allan but the cannons are black and not brass cannons.
  7. Thank you very muchUlises Victoria. And thx for the great cannon pic.
  8. Thx Eddie. But I tryid and I dont seem to have it in hand.... it becomes a bicolour cannon!
  9. After painting the cannons I try to figure out the best way to hilight the points that give volume. Burnt liquit or as dry pigments, or even soft lead powder? Any gunman on board?
  10. Dear friend I thank you very much for your very supportive help. Yes the link is great. With your post I think the mater for me is resolved. Christos
  11. Trying to figure out how is the best way to make a nice flag blowing in the wind. Christos
  12. Yes you are right I was wrong....