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  1. I dont know David. As you see I tryed a 10 Mb small video but it failed. But the youtube link was enbeded! I just found it out myself mtaylor
  2. It wont work.... and now a lonk in youtube:
  3. Trying again... 20170708_174057.mp4
  4. I tryed guys.... it didnt work. 😯
  5. Thankyou SpyGlass, You confirmed me and am happy because I thought I was saying nonses when I said above that I have seen both cases. My current model has that step, and I tryed to find a picture of the replica on that spot to confirm my kits instructions. So thx for confirming.
  6. I saw both.... and smooth transitions and 90° step. The step is more to be seen in coppered hulls, but then I suppose thats normal.
  7. Guys this what wikipedia says... about flying courtesy flags from Hermione. "The frigate Hermione moored in New York in 2015, flying the Betsy Ross flag and the Serapis flag, two early US flags and ensigns."
  8. Tom, You have been very informative and helpfull... many thanks. I would appreciate it if you find a close up from the visit in Philadelphia. I was on board of Hermione last month but this rigging wasnt on.... and I forgot to ask. Thank you again and all the best. Christos Chuck, Thx for joining this conversation and offering your help. As you allready know we are talking about a french frigate 1769+. The replica of the ship travelling in our days has the french flag on the stern post and the visiting countrys flag on the driver gaff on the the peak of the gaff. But thats may not be what the French navy really did back in the late 18th century. Christos
  9. Thank you again Tom. This is what I said to my self.... "why dont tie to the driver boom and so forget that they had a flag". But I guess that a flag was tied to the gaff only when the ship was coming in the ancorage or port and so then there wasnt any hard sailing manouvering taking place. Another thing : I saw in a few pictures of Hermione's replica that there was a second block tied to the cleat on the taffrail and then the haliyard of the flag was going up to (passing through) the other block on the driver gaff. And it made sense, dont you agree Tom? Christos
  10. Hi Tom, Thankyou very much for responding. Your answer is very clear and sharp. But still, what happens when sudenly the driver boom has to change angle? All the best Christos
  11. Dear vaddoc, My babys (boy and girl) are now adults.... so am free to dink anything I like, at any time. But believe me I would have given away all the best whisky of the world if I had babys again in the house! So NJoy.... enjoy it its wonderfull. Christos Ps I said so my daughter..... and she is thinking of it.... you never know, a grandchild on board surely its a fine thing!
  12. Mmmm the CRWisky is simply superb.... we agree on that too.
  13. Sorry guys.... but why not scotch whisky? After all the British Royal Navy was and is in naval history of major importance! (am not british subj. but love a good scotch, single malt mmmmmm or blended) Cheers all Christos
  14. I try to find out how and where the mizzen/boom flag was secured on in the late 18th century. Picture underneath doesnt show.... found no picture showing. Christos
  15. Great build! Its a painting!

    Well done sir.