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  1. Planking Verdict: PERFECTO!!!!!! Am anxious of what is to come. Still long way untill embarking to America Dutch Colombus 😎 Christos
  2. Yes cpt Poison you are right thank you .... am keeping that as last plan.
  3. Thank you Kurt. I did and they (Zootoyz.jp) have responded very quickly and positive. Am waiting now... On the other hand (plan b) am thinking of a 3D printer... I got pictures of the lion.... but it seems our japanese friend from Zootoyz is a reliable professional in his field. There is also a plan c 😁. Billing Boats has the same model same scale.... Christos
  4. What can someone do? I have lost the lion casting piece of Sir Winston Churchill figurehead. Put it somewhere and can find it. The kit is from woody joe.... they have no website. Can someone advise me what I can do?
  5. Well done Dutchman! Sharp and clean.... thats good craftsmanship. Christos
  6. @Bertu and @Wallace thank you guys for your nice comments. Still playing with the I idea of redoing the build, but now knowing better, trying to avoid this time all the small mistakes I did on it the first time.
  7. Some friend asked about my new build. Its the yacht Sir Wiston Churchill 1/75 from woody joe. An interesting japanese kit. Here it the link to my new build log:

    Which flag is that?

    thank you Roger... now that you said so, I think it must be the Tall Ships Youth Trust emblem,
  9. On the main mast of Sir W.Churchill yacht is the St George Cross flag flying... but still something is added at the middle of the red cross. Can someone please tell something about this flag?
  10. Peter that was very nice of you giving such a detailed answer! Thank you very much you have been very helpfull. You said "most of my spares still sit in the laser cut sheets." Does this mean you bought all wooden laser cut sheets twiece? Or the kit has in it spare parts? Christos
  11. Thank you Peter.... outstanting work. Such details explained in the instr. means you got a great kit there. I didnt knew Shipway kits are so well made! Never had one since now, but looking at your work it does help Model Shipways to sell me a kit or two 😍 How did you blackened? Was it Birchwood Casey Brass Black? Did it cured enought so you could bend the wire without damaging the blackened surface?
  12. MESSIS


    Nice!!!!! Very nice!
  13. Well done! Have you made the chainplates by yourself or did you bought the pieces?

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