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  1. Shipyard under cotroll! Back in controll again! I tried to restore as much of the discardet wood I could. Soaking helped taking glued planks apart again.... not always. But now the shipyard is enjoying the work again. "No jobs lost and no strikes were held!" All the planking from the cannon deck and upwards, is finnished and the accurancy was within +/- 1mm. Am satisfied with that.
  2. Shipyard in panik And as everthyng was running smoothly... a thunder has fallen in the shipyard -when- after completing planking between cannon deck and upper deck (16 planks, 4 strakes in each side), I found out my mesuarments were wrong. The distances from bulkhead to bulkhead were misscalculated. So! Had to take the planks out. So most of them became not usable any more. Now am doing planking again and hopping planks wood want come short.
  3. Planking went well. The wood was very flexible after soaking in warm water bending was easy.
  4. Ps. eetteemmeettee has done a great work, but he stopped some time ago and we were all dissapointed.
  5. Φίλε, its a dvd not a cd. Has a pdf of more than 360 pages, pictures and text (three languages). Actualy the guys there did a hell of a work. Ok some people dont like that, they prefer the old traditional way.... I understand that. Me, am working on the modell and I really enjoy the quality of materials and parts, but also the very intelkegent instructions dvd. Its a matter of taste after all... isnt it?
  6. Dry dock has bussines Here I go..... started with keel and bulkheads. Then the cannon deck and some sanding with my dremmel, to round up edges for the upcoming planking.
  7. No crew wasnt included. AL offers the crew kit as an extra kit. But is designd specially for that ship kit.... scale is the same and it represents the crew that sailed the ship in 1780
  8. Yes Tim the crew is also made by AL in same scale representing that crew which sailed 1780 the ship to America carrying Marq. De La Fayette to the American revolution. As I said all materials deadeyes, blocks incl. are top quality. Lenght 750 mm Christos
  9. I opened the kit and I was very happy with what I saw. Great and tidy packing. Materials... wood, cast, etch, etc. everything is first class quality. The instructions in a dvd with more than 350 pages ( pdf ), colour pictures and text in three languages. Plus a number of videos explaining various building technics and procedures. Also a part's list , varius other small drawings, templates, paints katalogue, etc. and a colour drawing 1/1 scale with all the ships views. I never had such a wonderfull and fine made kitt. Am dying to start building.
  10. Just a few days ago I received the Hermione kit and an extra kit of its crew from AL. I boght it from the L Hermione Lafayette Museum in Rochefort France. It was the only supplier offering together both ship and crew kit. And more to that it offered the chepeast price including shipping. The best thing was that it arrived from France to Cyprus in only 4 days! Incredible! Here is my invoice.
  11. Eddie I bought it from the ships museum in Rochefort France. I could not find the kit and its crew both items together in the known internet shops usualy buy from and prefer. The museum had an ecxellent price, the cheapest shipping cost and it came to Cyprus within 4 days. Fantastic! Philo426 Tryed different stiffner agents "to put wind in the sails" and a few failled but the set now is not complete.
  12. Clever! I havent thoght of that... thanks
  13. Have meessed up my sails set. Trying to find and buy a new sails set of my AL kit of Hermione Lafayette. Does anybody have a clue?
  14. Very fine work. Congratualations
  15. Like this.... Do you apply the stif. agent in both sides or only on the side where the wind blows?