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  1. Flag protocol

    Steven Thank you for your informative response, and wish you a Happy New Year. Christos
  2. Flag protocol

    Henry I believe the painting was taken accuratly from picture... or even its the picture it self after a computer intervension Christos
  3. Flag protocol

    Can someone explain to me which flag is flying on the Mainmast.... I guess its a british flag... A Queens flag maybe... but on which ocassion would that flag fly on the mainmast? Ps. the ship is Sir Winston Churchill still in uk ownership, before sold to greek ownership
  4. Andy I have just seen the drwg you have send me. Great! Just what I need! 1000 times thank you!☺☺ Wish a pleasant sailing trip Christos
  5. Denis my friend... I allready did the knight. Its the rigging of the knight that I dont know how to do. Tegards Christos
  6. Thank you Dave and popey2sea. You have been very helpfull indeed.Now its very clear to me what is a "knight" and what it does. As I wrote to Andy my kit plans dont include the knight into the the rigging. It just sits there, witout any rigging. But I want to include it in the ships rigging in someway... maybe just to riggied it. Do you have any pictures I could look at. Thx again.for your help guys Christos
  7. Hi Andy. Thank you for the quick response and the wide and round explanations! Great help! That was very kind of you. I am my self an engineer so it wasnt hard to get the full picture. The only thing is that my kit doesnt use that part in its rigging. It just sits there without any rigging. After your explanation I came to the idea to place it into the rigging of my ship. That would be interesting I think. Could you please be again so kind, if you have available any pictures, to send me some picture to see how it can be done? Thank you again Andy... you ve been very helpfull Christos
  8. Can please somebody explain me what is this "fixed deck block" item nr. 69? What is its purpose and how it functions. How is it rigged?
  9. Flag protocol

    Thank you Frankie, thats very interesting and it has added a lot to the information I have so far ! Thank you again Christos
  10. Flag protocol

    Absolutly very enlightening infos and comments!Thank you very much, that was very kind of you. Best regards
  11. Flag protocol

    Where is the host State flag flown as the Tallship enters its waters/port? Is it the gaff on the mizzen driver?
  12. DSCI5490.JPG

    I am looking forward to see if after Kaiser Wilhelm you could suprise us again with a new finer accomplishment. Ich bin gespant. 😆 All the best.👍 Is that a Chebec?
  13. DSCI5490.JPG

    1950 hours! Amazing! And thanks for all the information about the pucture backround. Whats up next? Any plans? Am thinking when Hermione is finished to start Sir Winston Churchil from Woody Joe. I still dont dare a scratch build.