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  1. Robin Lous

    HMS Greyhound by Old Collingwood - Corel

    It seems like my "take it easy" advise went out of the window. Looks great OC!
  2. Looks spectacular EJ! I checked for my build and...yep! also! So, I'll shamelessly steal your idea.
  3. Thanks...the deck planking is abachi, the tree nails are walnut. I picked walnut, because the tree nails are tiny (0,5 mm) I'm not sure what I should do with the hull planking. The planking will be walnut, so no idea what I can use for the tree nails there. I'm afraid lighter wood will look odd. Walnut on walnut might be subtle, but perhaps hardly visible ( a lot of work for no result?).
  4. Great stuff! bookmarked! Robin
  5. Just to show I'm still working on the shipyard...a minor update. Only very limited shipyard time until January, so things slow down, but I do something daily. Most deck planks done, so more nailing trees soon. I switched from painting the sides of the planks with a brush to dab the paint with a cotton bud. This goes much faster and it doesn't destroy my paint brushes. I use undiluted acrylic paint, so the paint won't suck into the wood. More soon(ish), Robin
  6. Robin Lous

    Never too old to start moving again

    Tuesday I passed my 5 Kyu exam. 5 Kyu is still close to nothing, but for someone who start at the age of 57 it feels like an achievement anyway. Receiving a diploma Japanese style. A small step forward is still heading in the right direction. Besides the twice per week club training, I now also attend national seminars once per month and in january a big international seminar and tournament. My target is to receive the 1st dan grade within a year, but right now I'm still a 57 years old iaido puppy.
  7. Robin Lous

    Build Log Photography

    I use a Canon Ixus 285 HS... Good macro and spot focus, 20.2 megapixels. I make most photo's while I'm working on what I'm building...just in front of me with the available light (most of it from my magnifying lamp). Robin
  8. Thanks guys, I now finished the centre part of the deck planking...including the wider planks (schaarstokken) these wider planks don't have nails in them. Different from the manual. After checking photo's these planks are wider, but not noticeable higher. The manual uses 2 regular planks glued on top of eachother. I used wider planks...only a fraction thicker. 232 hecho a mano tree nails used so far. I can now continue the planking, but near the sides (in between the frames) it has to wait until after the hull planking. Frames 4 to 8 will be removed after planking the hull. Slow, but steady...more soon. Robin
  9. Robin Lous

    Greetings from Manitoba, Canada

    Welcome aboard Ron.
  10. Well Carl, the only way I could think of to make the tree nails.... It is tedious, but only making the tree nails...the rest goes reasonably quick and easy. Marking the place with a pencil, the drilling, placing (with a drop of PVA on the tip), cutting and sanding...all no problem at all. Just sharpening those 1x1 mm walnut strips takes most of the time. I do a batch of about 40 in 30 minutes....just the sticks. Where I am now... By trial and error I learned it's far more easy to use longer punji sticks. The cutting off with a cutter or a pair of decal scissors, filing and sanding is done in minutes. It's all fine, because I think it is worth the effort and because it's 1/50 scale the 0,5 mm tree nails don't look too oversized. A lot of it will be hidden underneath the foreccastle and the quarter deck, but well...I do those also. 138 done! More soon, Robin
  11. I do part 5 a bit later...I made the planks longer there, so I can cut them to match the cabin wall. Minor update.. More soon, Robin
  12. Robin Lous

    The wisdom of buying expensive tools when you’re old...

    Of course the Admiral is right...Admirals are always right. And you're right also. Men need to hoard toys and whatever seemingly useless stuff (in the eyes of Admirals). So...buy it and put up a guilty face...it's how things work. Maybe buy flowers (btw...flowers lose 100% of their value in 5 days!)
  13. Robin Lous

    HMS Greyhound by Old Collingwood - Corel

    Indeed...indeed. Looks lovely and so nice you found your mojo again.
  14. Thanks gents! It works! It works! But...but...I need about 1000 of them...oh dear.
  15. That's a good idea Carl!

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