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  1. Greetings from Manitoba, Canada

    Welcome aboard Ron.
  2. The wisdom of buying expensive tools when you’re old...

    Of course the Admiral is right...Admirals are always right. And you're right also. Men need to hoard toys and whatever seemingly useless stuff (in the eyes of Admirals). So...buy it and put up a guilty face...it's how things work. Maybe buy flowers (btw...flowers lose 100% of their value in 5 days!)
  3. Greetings

    Welcome aboard and looking forward to hear about your building adventures. Robin
  4. Oh darn! I missed the coupon code! No worries...I'll keep it for a next order. Looking forward to receive the complete rope set needed for my build and the gunport hinges. I probably can't resist the Siren song and order a complete set of blocks soon also.
  5. Birthday prezies

    Nice! And (an early) congrats with your bday.
  6. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Nice start! For me...part of the fun of a build is the search for more information about what I'm building. I tend to go completely over the top with that. Not only many hours of internet searches for the real thing and other builds of the same, but also books and when not too far away...a museum where I can see it. Has a downside also...I always find things to improve and that can be frustrating, specially since I'm not overly handy and often don't have a clue how to do it.
  7. A Modeler does a TED Talk on making miniatures

    This is breathtakingly stunning...seriously amazing work! ...and a bit crazy of course, but ain't we all a bit crazy here? Robin
  8. Sopwith F.1 Camel Build Log

    Really sorry to hear your dad passed away, my sincere condolences. About the Camel...one thing you might consider: It will look really nice when you drill open the gun muzzles a bit. These things are such a focal point and it's a small effort to do. Robin
  9. Never too old to start moving again

    That's true. It's so easy to do something wrong...and hard to get it right again. I use kneepads in the dojo also, but on a mat you don't need them and the stone floor isn't very comfortable for your feet when sitting in seiza. The rocket...
  10. Never too old to start moving again

    Thanks Carl, It's a nice notare hamon. I'm in no hurry to use a shinken, but I'm not afraid of using it either. The nukitsuke and noto go really well ...combined with handling the saya and proper placement of the hand/fingers around the koiguchi and guiding the blade performing the noto. I'm no longer looking at where the kissaki is going. I practise twice a week in the dojo with a 7th dan sensei. He's a superb teacher. I sometimes feel sorry for him, because I'm a slow learner. On top of this I practise at home... High ceiling and my "portable dojo". As long as I get it out of the way after use...the Admiral is ok with this. Robin
  11. Never too old to start moving again

    Wow Carl! 2.7 shaku is a really long blade! Mine is also an iaito....made in Japan by Nosyudo, 2,45 shaku. There's a really good Iaido dojo in Amersfoort (Mokuseikan) and there is one in Arnhem also. I'm now saving my pocketmoney for a shinken. Robin
  12. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    These are made to fly, so I plan to do that. These planes are made of foam, not highly detailed models, but they look pretty good also. Robin
  13. Apart from work I didn't move that much the last decade, so I gained weight and started to feel unhappy with sitting behind my desk most of the time. But, what can you do when you're 57 years old? I gave it some thought and remembered the short time I practised kendo many moons ago...I liked it a lot. Nice and fine, but I'm surely not fit enough and way too slow now. What can I do? Iaido! Fairly low impact, that's an idea! So I became a member of an iaido dojo. On top of this I got myself a good pair of walking shoes ans started with long walks, healthy food, less alcohol and hardly any snacks. 3 months later...I got my first very humble Iaido grade and I lost 10 kilo while having fun. Feels good! Can teach an old dog new tricks. Robin
  14. Fokker DR 1 Building log

    I love this build!...and this plane...and biplanes in general! I'm seriously thinking about this (RC ultralite) one.... Micro Aces D.VII Robin