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  1. that's a gorgeous trieres! Edit: Daniel...perhaps give the guy the link to this forum. I'll love to see his future bireme build come together. Robin
  2. On the Dusek website the 1/72 Knarr model is 58 euros....not 88 Also....within the EU economy shipping is fairly quick and much cheaper. You can check my build report (link in my signature) about how pleased I am about Daniel Dusek. Imho both his products and his customer service are outstanding. Robin
  3. Welcome aboard Ted! Robin
  4. Welcome aboard Len! Robin
  5. I'm not yet convinced I can do justice to a large and expensive kit, so I'm not even looking at them. It's not persé the money, but I don't want to start something I'm not ready for. That will only result in frustration and an abandoned build gathering dust. Slowly going up in skill level...and price of the builds. Bireme €55,00....trireme €120,00...Duyfken (with extras) €225,00. That feels about right I better don't keep track of what I spend on books, tools and whatever more I (think) I need.
  6. Welcome aboard Jim! Robin
  7. Welcome aboard Craig! I look forward to see your Titanic build. I'm still dreaming aboat building her sister ship, the RMS Olympic with the stunning WWI dazzle paint scheme. Robin
  8. Really beautiful! Robin
  9. Welcome aboard! The kind people here are always willing to help when you have a question or issue. I look forward to see your Victory come together. Robin
  10. 100% Bismarck
  11. Bent cold sidewalk - Tangerine Dream
  12. Welcome aboard Jedd! Robin
  13. Two hundred!? I only need 6 for my (first) build and after some failed attempts to make them myself, I asked my brain to come up with an easier solution.
  14. That's a bit of a problem when you don't have a local shop. When there is one..a ruler or better... vernier caliper. The shop owner might think you're a bit odd, but that's fine. I just had to find my (long forgotten) tackle box in the garage and pick the fishing hooks matching the size I need. Robin
  15. Not sure whether or not it's something new, but perhaps people never thought of this... You can use fishing hooks for eye bolts. Countless sizes available...just cut off the hook and you have a perfect eye bolt. They're also available in several finishes...steel, brass, bronze, black. Robin