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  1. that's a gorgeous trieres! Edit: Daniel...perhaps give the guy the link to this forum. I'll love to see his future bireme build come together. Robin
  2. On the Dusek website the 1/72 Knarr model is 58 euros....not 88 Also....within the EU economy shipping is fairly quick and much cheaper. You can check my build report (link in my signature) about how pleased I am about Daniel Dusek. Imho both his products and his customer service are outstanding. Robin
  3. Welcome aboard Ted! Robin
  4. Welcome aboard Len! Robin
  5. The wooden blocks arrived today! My more or less forced break didn't stop me from buying stuff left right and centre. More books...can't have enough books! Name plate and extra cannons for the Kolderstock Duyfken, drill bits and a resin ship's boat....also for the Duyfken. Last but not least...a "Keep calm and carry on" poster. For the fun of it and to remind myself of my shipyard duties. The wooden blocks are very nice, but I still need to shape them a bit to what I need. Bigger hole, they're a bit too thick, so I'll sand them down to the required thickness and I'll sand them to the teardrop shape I need. Probably more work then remake the lost ones from plastic sheet, but I guess plastic bits are frowned upon, so it's okey. Back on the job now! Robin
  6. Tamiya. I don't like the Vallejo primer. I also hear good things about Mr.Surfacer, but didn't try it myself yet. Edit: Nothing wrong with airbrushing on the dining table. A piece of cardboard is all you need to protect the table. I did that for years without painting the living room in all sorts of RLM colours. The Admiral even liked it when I worked she's complaining about me hiding in my cave! Really...airbrushing (with acrylics) won't leave a mess and it won't kill the family. A fairly decent compressor won't make much noise either.
  7. Guys...when you use Vallejo acrylics with same brand airbrush thinner, you can airbrush indoors without a problem. And no need to do it in a dungeon either. It's non toxic and it doesn't even smell bad. Just fire up the heater a bit and you can airbrush without a problem. When it's comfy warm the humidity will go down also. The admiral only complains when I use a rattle can with basecoat or varnish....both smell and I'm not sure about how healthy it is to use it indoors.
  8. Harder & Steenbeck....great stuff! What brand of paint you plan to use?
  9. I'm not yet convinced I can do justice to a large and expensive kit, so I'm not even looking at them. It's not persé the money, but I don't want to start something I'm not ready for. That will only result in frustration and an abandoned build gathering dust. Slowly going up in skill level...and price of the builds. Bireme €55,00....trireme €120,00...Duyfken (with extras) €225,00. That feels about right I better don't keep track of what I spend on books, tools and whatever more I (think) I need.
  10. Welcome aboard Jim! Robin
  11. Welcome aboard Craig! I look forward to see your Titanic build. I'm still dreaming aboat building her sister ship, the RMS Olympic with the stunning WWI dazzle paint scheme. Robin
  12. Really beautiful! Robin
  13.'s completely my own fault (so glad I put the finished oars in a a drawer...a "me only" drawer), but we had an argument over it. "but...I thought!?!?!" "you can think anywhere...but please don't think in my room....just don't!'s my little place" "but...but " "ok...get your coat...we go to a restaurant" "yay!" "from now on...grape seeds are least in MY room! "aye aye sir!" It really was my own desk IS a mess! ( but it's my mess!) I now ordered ready made blocks (with more "stuff" of course!)
  14. Disaster struck! Remember these? The 23 blocks I made (I need 17 of them)....They're gone Today I was ready to attach the blocks to the stays and to the receiving end...on the deck and to the sides of the ship. I made my coffee...cleared my (messy) workbench and was ready to do the job. The small plastic cup (until last week) with them in front of me...on the cutting mat....with tools, glue and whatever. Only difference...the cup was empty. No blocks....gone! "Darling? you have an idea what happened here?" "Those grape seeds? I threw them away if you don't mind" "Oh...please...say that's not true" "What?" "My blocks!" "Your what?" "Took me days to make them!" "They looked like grape seeds" "Never mind " Sigh!