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  1. figured I would leave out or not make sense here. his is my problem I am building the triton 1/48 fully masted with rigging it will be on a slightly raised cradle. I am getting together the tools I need to make one and also the idea of what design I would like to use. I have seen some ideas on here but need the info for making the case hopefully someone has built her this way and perhaps could make some measurements for me. I would need a ball park figure and yes I am aware of the space needed on each side top, sides etc. thanks in advance doc
  2. hi this is doc i hope to find out the measurements of a fully masted triton complete build as I need to figure out the size of a display case I will need and to design. please advise doc
  3. thanks guys I guess I am just getting old I like old things... doc
  4. Okay after quite a while of waiting I came across a very good deal on a nice German made proportional divider just got it today. it is made really well so I told myself wait a minute how do you use this thing in this hobby?. I looked on here found some uses but still not enough info for me, I went online through Google and other search engines mainly found info on their use in the artistic uses not much in wooden ship building. is there a instructional on the use of this tool at least a more precise one just for this art form? doc
  5. this has helped me a great deal in some of my other endeavors also mainly electronics. doc
  6. Thanks for the video i have gotten it for later use keep up the vids we can all use tips and tricks. Doc
  7. forgot to mention frames have all been cut awaiting the backbone to be finished. doc
  8. back at it again had to redo the front half of ship things were not right had to mill the wood as i ordered the wrong size wood so had to double up the wood and mill it down, lots of fun anyways. parts have been recut will attempt to assemble again. hopefully no more problems with the back half. doc
  9. cool welcome aboard doc
  10. yes daniel i m just getting to this point evry thing you can take a pic of please do i lost a lot of info on this build when the site crashed you are the one i am following right now. i have all the frames cut but not together yet i m only just now building the backbone lots of fun so far. doc
  11. i am back seems i had to have some hand surgery and am dealing with some arthritis hope to get this one going soon. doc
  12. i am back after hand surgery and have started on the backbone of the ship i am so behind but doing better a little at a time seems i hve RA rheatory arthritis in my hands mostly in my handed it is just a little uncomfortable but i do what i can day by day. doc
  13. looked for sureshot to no avail perhaps you can send link to us. doc
  14. okay yes you can download each individual page and do as i do, save it in word and build up and save your logs, depending on your word processor i use word, you right click on the page you want click select all, right click again and click copy. open word or similarword processor select paste special. you can do this for all the pages but it is very time consuming especially if the log you are trying to get is very long. i have been known to spend many hours gathering logs for my edification. what i was saying most if not all of the forums i go to have the ability to show the entire log via a button which loads the entire log. then you do as i suggested and it saves the whole log at one time. this is more efficient nd needs to be done on this site IMHO doc