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  1. Hi everyone, I yust put together the ropewalk and servo-o-matic and I wil at some time make some rope for the syren . But its time for a little sanding of some parts and I need to glue it . I post some photo of the rope later Svein.erik
  2. Am not american, but a viking , ( same same but different ) I want never by kit thats banned , I got kits from usa and the name chuck is written all over it, Chuck' plans and kit had help me to be a better builder of ships, and the learning curve is high. so I hope chuck develup more kit in future ☺ Svein.erik
  3. Hi thanks for likes, I working my way forward so I taking the task to make the margin plank, I wil plank the dekk with castello boxvood Svein.erik
  4. svein erik

    What rigging rope to order

    Hi, look at chuck 's syrenscompany (rope) Its the best on the market (I do think so) Svein.erik
  5. Thanks for the liks everyone, Wat did I do today 😃 I did conekted the wirering for some lights (lamps) And it looks grait ( better then the photo showes) But I think its going to be long time before I do this again 😰 its dam small and time consuming , it works and its dunn😃 Svein.erik
  6. Thanks everyone, Jim, I was thinking about that, I wil giv it a try (again 😰) Harley, it's always cleen.......... haha but I thing I need to, it's a mess😁 I wil post some New photo when I rigg the 2 lamps in the ship😉 Svein.erik
  7. And now, the finish result of the lanterns made from boxvood is small but it works, 3 more to go😀 Svein.erik
  8. Am now sitting and trying to make lanterns for my syren, 2 in the bulwarks at start, this has to be dunn before planking the dekk, its wery small so I do my best here😊 Svein.erik
  9. Thanks for the comments and likes, I have painted the casting for the stern gallery, the paint looks ok but the casting looks like ****, so I do need New one or make it my self, but how do I do that😲 Svein.erik
  10. So this meens that I need to use 3/64 general planking for the cheerful hull ? Svein.erik
  11. This is a master build, my Kids love to have one of this (with motor) haha take care😊 Svein.erik
  12. If I cant do the task of plating the hull I May have to paint the hull 😨 Svein.erik
  13. Thanks for kind Word and likes, but the stamp in not my thing😲 it work at first, Then ......... Its making a mess, so I looking around the site and get a hint 😆 Making nails patten using derma rollor, so I order one and something else to go😉 It need to be rebuild a bit.
  14. svein erik

    Wood options for Cutter Cheerful besides boxwood

    Syren (chuck ) has yellow cedar, and it looks grait Svein.erik
  15. Thanks for the likes Am know making copper stamp , I used needel for that and its stronger, I make a sample yust sto see how it looks , I think is ok (its my first time to copper plates 😲) Its know time to take on the gloves and make make make (port side first ) Svein.erik

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