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  1. Rossi,


    Does your name have anything to do with MotoGP racing and Valentino Rossi #46?   Just asking because I am a MotoGP fan.



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    2. VACorsair


      Only a 26 point spread between the top 5 riders.  Could be a good second half of the season!

    3. Rossi46


      Yeah, i really never understood why it didnt catch on, especially during the hayday of US racing during the early 90s.  I made the trip to indy on my triumph, it was a great time, but the stands were empty. 


      It will be a very interesting second half, marquez looks menacing.

    4. VACorsair


      I never saw a MotoGP race but I rode to Mid Ohio twice to see the AMA races in the late 90s and early 2000s  saw Nicky Hayden race Duhamel and that bunch.  Good fun.   Camped at the track.  Crowd was decent both times. 

  2. Mare Nostrum starboard

    JR, I love the two sided model! For a first wooden model it looks like you jumped straight to professional level and your choice of model is spot on. Thanks for posting it.
  3. Downeast Wherry 7

    Remarkable!!! Excellent model detail!! Perfect photography!!! Can't stop looking at it!!! 10 out of 10!!!! Congratulations!!
  4. pompey museum Of slavery

    I thought it was a photograph of the actual wreck! No kidding!
  5. VASA12

    Holy Cow! Had to have been that little guy on the quarter deck that did all that detailed painting!! No way a full size person could have done that!!! Amazing ......... simply Amazing