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  1. Mark, Just thinking out loud- Watching the matches, to me the tacking seems pretty quick when pivoting around the ~1m wide foil. If they went back to mono hulls again wouldn't that change the Am Cup to a vintage class race as opposed to a "current technology" class as it has mostly been? Stan
  2. Frank, Great to have you on the forum! I am head over heels with your Trojan build! It is fantastic! The little information you gave in your gallery page only wet my appetite to learn more about how you used composite decking and welders mask glass and etc. Did you use any drawings? Stan
  3. Brian, Oh man! Not used to blogging in this International pool. I bet none of us thought of that as an issue. We should have used the spoiler button. I wonder how it works? I'm going to try it ->
  4. Nirvana, How does that work? These AC points rules confuse me. NLZ has four wins but only 3 points because Oracle won in the challenger series (which is confusing enough). There are 12 matches total so it would seem it is the best out of 12 (7 wins). why does USA have to win the next 3 straight in a row? what am I missing?
  5. Those "new" J-Class boats are incredible!! They must be crazy expensive.
  6. Allan, I am not sure. I collect ship, boat pictures that I run across on the web. I use them for my computer background and screen saver. I've been collecting them since about 1995. Stan
  7. Well it is the same challenger as in 2013. New Zealand. Who remembers that last time; USA was 5 points behind and it looked bad for USA Team Oracle but they rallied and they won the next 6 in a row to successfully defend the cup. Any guesses how this one will pan out? The more the cup races change the more they stay the same. It's still big money pushing the designated envelope to go faster than the other boat. Been that way since the beginning.
  8. If you think that dog's can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and them giving 'em only two!
  9. Wow! Just learned more about wood glue than I have in the preceding 63 years!
  10. Now that's a man who knows his America's Cup! I've been following AC since the Ted Turner Days and attended the races when it was first lost to the Aussies with the secret wing keel at Newport in "83. I agree with you Jim about the disconnect with the traditional AC and deed of trust although I like the fact that sail racing in general is creating such interest and major network coverage, and, I have to admit I like watching the fast boats - but I just like watching boats and boat racing no matter what kind they are!!!
  11. Is any one besides me going to be following the America' Cup 35th defense? Did you watch the last defense in San Fransisco in 2013? What's your thought's of the catamaran winged boats? Do you think they are an abomination or did they save America's Cup from extinction and bring some excitement back into the sport?
  12. Wow! Very interesting bit of history! Was this boat used for the Dunkirk rescue? Love to see some pictures of the boat!
  13. In other news...... UPS announced yesterday that it will begin delivering packages on Saturdays. Unless, of course, you plan on being home on Saturday.
  14. Anyone ever notice that in the "Spy Who Loved Me" movie the "kidnapped" American sub was hull numbered 593? I wonder if that was intentional...
  15. Wulf, Let me know when its done!!!