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  1. tlevine

    signs of the season

    Dave, I understand completely. It was annoying driving through flurries not too far south of you (Rockford IL) on my way to work earlier this week.
  2. tlevine

    What have you received today?

    There are only a few books that have truly impacted my life. Longridge's Victory is one of them. I remember checking it out of the library on a lark a few (OK almost 40) years ago and have never looked back. Now all I have to do is finish rigging my Vicky.
  3. I am bringing her to Las Vegas, Chuck, although the thought of having her on the back seat all the way from Chicago and back is giving me chest pain. There will be no sudden stops!
  4. Greg, I plan on displaying her planked side out but the cabinet has a mirrored back so you can actually see both sides.
  5. tlevine

    Atalanta 1775

    This is a 1:48 scale model of a Swan Class sloop. In 1779 she captured the privateer L'Epervier. She was then captured by Alliance off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1781 and retaken in Boston later that year. Laid up in 1793, she was renamed Helena in 1797 and sold in 1802. The primary construction wood is boxwood. The lower hull and deck planking is holly with accents of cherry. The only purchased items are the cannon barrels, the pump gearing and lantern lights.
  6. I have finished the base. I am not totally satisfied with it but it will do for the time being. The base is marble and the edges were roughened up. The pedestals are turned from pear and drilled to accept a threaded rod which screws into a captive nut in the keelson. Thanks everyone for following this five year epic journey.
  7. For a wood model such as Bluenose, get a small bottle of yellow carpenter's glue. That small bottle will last for several kits. One of it's advantages is that it is dissolved with isopropyl alcohol. There are a lot of builders who swear by CA but I rarely use it. For those times that you need to bond dissimilar materials, two part epoxy is your best option.
  8. My best advise is to buy the best tools you can. Don't waste money on cheap equipment. For this build I would suggest using sanding blocks and sticks instead of a plane. Glue the sandpaper to various shapes and lengths of wood to give yourself a variety of configurations. I have never used the fine tooth saw blade. Pop for a few good jeweler's files. Start with a medium flat, triangular and round. At this stage you probably don't need chisels. #11 Xacto blades will substitute for them. Add a Dremel to your list. I prefer a battery tool but it is heavier than electric. Consider getting a self-healing mat to prevent marring your workbench. And don't forget good lighting!
  9. There appears to be a lot more added details than on the original longboat kit.
  10. tlevine

    new to me scalpel handle

    I would never consider using a scalpel for heavy duty work. The blades are designed to incise flesh, not wood or plastic. They also cannot be resharpened the way an Xacto can. For myself, I find the #7 handle superior to the more typical #3 handle. I have a small hand and this handle allows me to grip the handle with my fingers almost completely extended, allowing me to look over my fingers to the workpiece more easily.
  11. I think the second alternative is more practical.
  12. Congratulations, Marsalv. Well deserved.
  13. For those of you trying to decide whether to become a full member of the NRG but did not want the hassle of a print Journal, the Board has an exciting announcement. The Journal is now available in a digital version in addition to the print version. Check it out by going to the NRG Home Page and follow the link.
  14. Maury, I have a couple of things to keep me busy. Atalanta still needs some final cleaning and touch-ups. I also plan on doing a little more on the Echo x-section. Finally, it is time to learn a little CAD so that I can loft my own plans. Who knows what else I will come up with.
  15. Thanks gentlemen. Druxey, a base is in the works. I hope to have the materials in a few weeks. As for a case...

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