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  1. Shop music

    Uriah Heep... That brings back a lot of memories. Some of my first kit builds were Dynaco amp, preamp and tuner. They were all I could afford delivering pizzas in the evening while attending my first year of medical school during the day. I still use the amp.
  2. For obvious reasons I will be following this with a lot if interest. I am particularly interested in aberrations in the draughts.
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Dear Just, The NRG, without which this site would not exist, is not a bunch of egg heads sitting around discussing esoteric points. Yes, there are some pure researchers, but most of the members are model ship builders. The Journal always contains articles devoted to the art and craft of model ship building. In the most recent Journal, 40% of the non-editorial pages were devoted to model building techniques. Of the other articles, one discusses the research performed to start building a model (the actual construction will be published in future Journals) and another discusses the history behind Queen Anne's Revenge, featuring color photos of the model build by Dan Pariser as seen on MSW. As ship modelers, we all need the NRG.
  4. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    Spring has finally arrived in Chicago. Early blooming perennials are more temperature sensitive than the later ones. We had the second coldest April on record so everything is emerging and blooming 7-14 days late.
  5. Before I started Atalanta I had four sets of plans made with the expectation of cutting them up, etc. Three sets have never seen the light of day. The fourth set (the one I use) gets rolled up and unrolled on the kitchen counter as needed. Coffee mugs make great weights to hold the plan rolls open! BTW most of my work is done on the kitchen table, with the exception of lathe/mill work and big-girl toys like scroll sawing and machine sanding.
  6. Thanks to everyone for supporting MSW. And a special thanks to our new NRG members. Tasmanian, the donation box goes to PayPal. You can insert any amount. If you have any problems, contact Kurt or myself. Aviator, if you are able to use PayPal you can help too.
  7. NEVER put your personal email address in a post. You never know who or what is lurking. To contact Tom directly, send him a PM with your address in it so no one else has access.
  8. Please consider donating to MSW to help keep this site running. Although the internet provides for the free exchange of ideas, there are significant costs associated with maintaining Model Ship World. Please remember that MSW is owned by the Nautical Research Guild, a 501(c)3 organization. If you are a U.S. taxpayer, your contribution is eligible for a deduction on your 2018 taxes. Just click on the donate box on the homepage. Thank you for your support.
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Must be that "warmer near the lake" effect as our local weatherfolk are fond of saying. Even my scilla haven't started blooming.
  10. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    Longboat in 1:48 from the MS kit, heavily bashed. And you may watermark, copyright, etc. If the files are not large enough, let me know.
  11. Old sergal sovereign of the sea

    I have the same kit, purchased over 20 years ago. The wood quality is not bad if it has been stored properly. Check to make sure the backbone is true. There are two problems with the kit. First, the instructions are worthless. Unless you can build this off the plans you are in serious trouble. Secondly, the ship is not historically accurate. Take a look at some of the build logs to see the differences. If you are good at making molds, duplicating the missing decorations should not be too much of a problem (unless you are missing the figurehead!).
  12. Fantastic renderings. Let me echo Greg's comment last month. If one is considering starting a Swan class, hold off construction until they are available.
  13. That is how I do it. Between sharpenings, I also hone the chisel with a leather strop.
  14. I would agree. Please be sure to add enough text to actually have a build log rather than simply a sequence of build photos. Thanks.
  15. Please do yourself a favor. Go to the Articles Database section. There you will find a section on Planking and Framing. There are several excellent articles on hull planking. Also, I hope you do not plan on leaving the nails in the planks. Even though this is a double planked hull (I presume) it is very difficult to file down those nailheads without causing damage.

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