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  1. Fantastic renderings. Let me echo Greg's comment last month. If one is considering starting a Swan class, hold off construction until they are available.
  2. That is how I do it. Between sharpenings, I also hone the chisel with a leather strop.
  3. I would agree. Please be sure to add enough text to actually have a build log rather than simply a sequence of build photos. Thanks.
  4. Please do yourself a favor. Go to the Articles Database section. There you will find a section on Planking and Framing. There are several excellent articles on hull planking. Also, I hope you do not plan on leaving the nails in the planks. Even though this is a double planked hull (I presume) it is very difficult to file down those nailheads without causing damage.
  5. Band or Scroll saw

    I also have a small work space so I understand your dilemma. I opted for a scroll saw. It is on a stand and I utilize the space under the saw for storage. As an alternative, when you do not need the saw, store it in the garage. I would suggest a full-sized scroll saw since they have significantly more power. The deeper throat on a full-sized saw also comes in handy when cutting longer pieces and when laying out several pieces on a larger sheet of wood.
  6. What species of wood are you trying to bend and what are you using it for? One thing you might consider doing is laminating two thinner strips of wood as they will be easier to work with.
  7. Swann-Morton Scapel

    Instrument tying is often superior to hand tying. It allows me to get into tight areas that even my small hands would find difficult. Once you get the feel for the correct amount tension to apply for the type and weight of the material, it is just as secure as hand tying.
  8. Not all Swan class ships had the style of chimney shown by Greg. Both Fly and Atalanta had a straight flue as seen below.
  9. Working more than one build

    Patrick, your wife is 100% correct. What you are describing is having several incomplete projects. True multitasking is when you are working on a build while simultaneously running the washing machine, prepping dinner and picking up after the man of the house!
  10. Thickness sander

    Also turn the piece around every other pass so that you compensate for any angulation while feeding the wood into the sander. I also sand down both faces unless one of the faces has been planed smooth.
  11. Something else to consider for the library is the CD collections of Ships in Scale and Model Ship Builder. The older magazines would have serialized articles, some spanning well over a year detailing construction of specific ships or kits. This was the era before internet so these magazines were the ultimate build-logs of their time. For example, the SIS series on Mantua's 1:98 Victory was detailed enough to be published later as a ring-fold-binder book and (although not completely accurate) was instrumental in my kit bash of that kit 20 years ago.
  12. Solar Eclipse

    Unfortunately, I made plans to view the eclipse too late to get a special filter for the camera. The only pictures I was able to take were at totality so as not to damage the camera. Thanks for the likes.
  13. Solar Eclipse

    I have not had much time to devote to the workshop lately. One of the reasons had something to do with the solar eclipse we had earlier this week. We drove down to Kentucky to view the eclipse in Hopkinsville. It only took 6 1/2 hours to get there and 13 hours to get back home!
  14. Hello

    Welcome to MSW, Piotr. What other models have you built in the past?
  15. It works fine for me but some of the colors are are difficult to see against the dark gray background. Specifically the royal blue used for "special contributer" and the dark blue as seen at the bottom of Banyan's screen (If at first...). The "Start New Topic" box is also very hard to see. I am using Chrome.