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  1. Added the rudder and some railing details. You cant even see the deck planking anymore, the layer upon layer of details on the deck are really interesting to look at. Thoroughly enjoying thids model.
  2. Thanks guys, its a really cool kit. Learning different aspects of the hobby that i didnt get into much on the first build.
  3. A bit more on the back of the boat.
  4. And the work completed on the real
  5. Took a bit of a hiatus from the Real to build one of my alltime favourite interests, a saturn V rocket(airfix) and a launch tower(paper) i have finished both and returned to the the ship. Some pics of the saturn and tower first... Just because lol. Im waiting on the led spotlights to arrive in the mail.
  6. Hi vic, congrats on nearing completion. I purchased the model canada but it worked out to a similar price with conversion. It was a fun build, let me know if you have questions.
  7. Your wasa build is my favourite current build on the site, the rigging is something else!🍻
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_(galley) Beautiful model, thanks for the link. I believe that is a different, later, french boat. The model i am doing is a spanish ship famous from the battle lepanto in the 16th century. There is a full scale replica of it in barcelona. But there are are lots of tips and design cues i could use. Thanks for sharing. Here is a link to the boat im building.
  9. Umping ahead to the rear portion of the boat while plugging away at the deck. In order to make painying easier(airbrush) im building as much as i can off the boat. Here is a mock up with some of the molded plastic decorations in place. Lots of flashing on the plastic bits to remove. Most of the plastic parts are going to be gold.
  10. You should look at one of those briremes or triremes, theyre pretty cool looking.
  11. Thanks oliver, i reference pics of the replica quite often, what a stunning boat. Would love to see it some day. This is only my second build, so not much reference. Because of the scale there are some very thin veneer pieces which are of good quality, for what they are, but i dont particularly like working with it. But i would say the dusek kit is of a much higher quality than the artesania latina kit of my first build. I would def recommend. The instruction dont really provide you step by step guidance, but gives you full scale images of the sections and you have to use those to figure out the way. But i would be happy to help you out if you do build it. I would suggest just jumping in at the deep end now, and just take your time and ask questions.🍻
  12. I was worried about the stain bleeding, but scored the edges which formed a "moat" lol, and kept the stain contained for the most part.
  13. Hi Don. I used a dark mahogany stain and hand painted the dark areas. Then used a danish oil wash over that. Here is a pic of the flooring in its finished state. Its not actually secured yet though.

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