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  1. Your favorite saying

    And, also this that I overheard on the street from a rap song: "If it don't make dollas It don't make sense!!" - Artist unknown to me
  2. Your favorite saying

    "We are all works in process, all of the time" - me "Pull your head out of your ***, already!" - my Dad "A fart is just a turd honking for the right of way" - my friend Damion
  3. Probably, now that I consider it, an initial base coat of stain to establish the underlying color, then the sealer coat, then the washes, and maybe even powders
  4. Very interesting model and convincing weathering. I'm honestly not sure what was done, here, but if I had to guess, I would say that the first step would be to seal the wood with either lacquer or shellac - whichever would be more compatible with the series of semi-opaque washes that would be hand-applied over the seal coat. I would guess that each layer of wash gets sealed under a fresh mist coat of clear sealer. Whatever they did - even managing to represent the iron staining of the fasteners - they did a superlative job.
  5. Choosing chisels

    I just linked to that Veritas page. Those chisels are made by Beebe, and I own a pair of chip carving knives from them. The one I use the most is a curved, double beveled blade that enables me to do a wide variety of carving with very few conventional sweeps. The quality of these tools is second to none.
  6. Choosing chisels

    I still have my Marple Blue Chips, and I still love them. They keep an edge for a reasonable time, and with compound/strop re-touching they can stay razor sharp for quite a while. The steel is of a decent hardness, but not so hard that total re-sharpening is a hateful chore. I think that the line is now under the Irwin name. I have an 1/8" Irwin that I find to have the same properties as the Marples chisels. I always meant to buy a really special set of chisels, but then I stopped professional woodworking and find that the blue chips more than satisfy my needs. I would, however, like a set of quality micro chisels, so I will have to look into that Veritas set.
  7. New member from France.

    Welcome, Marc. I'm so glad you decided to bring your model to MSW ! The forum is in for a real treat.
  8. New member intro

    Welcome Ger!
  9. Matthew

    This is truly a magnificent model in every way. I'm dumbfounded by the cabin detail, with the quill and ship log! I wish I could do something this good.

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