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  1. Doing great Bob.. At least you did not break the dolphin striker like I did and had to replace it pins and all and of course its rigging too!! Bu the way. Count the parral beads for each yard. I ran out of them and had to order a bunch to complete only three I was short.
  2. Hi Bob: Arthur described the process to install the parrals very well and the final product is closer to scale. In any case there is a short cut that may not be pure scale but the difference may be barely noticeable. Get a thread of good lenght, the longer the easier. Thread one end through the bottom of the yard and the other throught the top of the yard on one side of the mast. Thread the parrals and ribs on both the bottom and the top threads. Pass the threads on top and bottom of the yard on the oposite side of the mast and tie both ends in front of the yard, apply some glue to the knot, cut the excess thread and you are done.
  3. Keep on going Arthur. Almost there!
  4. Hi Bob. Be patient. It is looking very very good. For what is worth, I had to tie more than half the lines to the rail in front of the mast.. If you look at pics of the model prototype, it seems that Chris did it that way. Seems not to be other practical option. Also you can consider tieing the lines and add false coils later. Best regards and keep up the good work.
  5. Your work is so neat. Looks very good.
  6. Thanks Bob, the party was great, ate like a pig. Now on a diet to lower what I gained and get my sugar back to normal Enjoy your vacation as you have some threads waiting!!
  7. Thank you Bill. Arthur, your model is unsurpassable and Bob here is doing a great job! One thing I was not happy of how it ended up was the serving. I used very thin line and after taring the rope the serving is barely visible. You can only noticed on portions of the stays but not on the shrouds. Experience for the next one I guess.
  8. Best photos I could get with the ipad Sorry. As you can see, it was a nightmare getting all of them in there. Also As you can see I was very happy with the top quality of Chuck's blocks, smooth, two holes, properly rounded and grooved for the rope and ties.
  9. Crowded indeed. With sails it adds four or six more lines on each bit. I installed four belaying pins on each bit but more than half of the lines I had to belay just around the cross member of the bits. Install one, rip two... LOL ; -)
  10. I used Chuck's blocks so just now I realize the blocks on the kit have only one hole. More complicated having to watch for block orientation. Good you could correct it. Great work.
  11. Good going there Bob. Looking really good.
  12. Wow Bob. 45 inside the house is a lot. Hope you at least get a fan and pleanty of your favorite beer.
  13. I will Bob. And I will be "checking" ... on you my friend
  14. Hi Bob. Nice drawing. I think Arthur installed the block as in your drawing see pic 7703 at the linked page http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/201-hms-vanguard-by-aew-victory-models-scale-172/page-28?hl=%20hms%20%20vanguard# To help with rigging lines I deviated a bit and installed the block at the center but under the rear of the top rather than at the edge. One pic is from the main and the other from the fore.
  15. Oh Bob. That really is anoying. Hope you did not lose anything important.