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  1. In the meantime I have got the permission from Aust-Agder-Museum to use the Images, so here we go:
  2. Hi Doug, I have no reaction from the Aust-Agder-Museum yet, so I just send you the link for the drawing of LEON. https://digitaltmuseum.org/011012548813/ukjent the ships bell https://digitaltmuseum.org/011022541446/skipsklokke a nice model https://digitaltmuseum.org/021025899933/fartygsmodell By the way, today I posted some photos of my own model. Matthias
  3. While building the Brigantine LEON, a couple of problems and questions occured to me, which I hope to solve by sharing the progress of my work on this forum. Thanks to Doug McKenzie for encouraging me to do so, I probably wouldn't have done so otherwise. I am already busy with the hull for a long time, due to little spare time, and I didn't took photos from the beginning. So I start somewhere in the middle. I have the plans from H. Underhill, wich I purchased from "The model dockyard.com". I scanned them and zoomed them to 1/48. The quality is not very good and not very precise, but it is all I could get. So here the first pictures: I painted the hull black, I didn't know the photo of LEON at that time, showing it being painted light grey. Now I consol myself by thinking, she might have been black in her early days. The Planks freshly glued to the plywood support. View inside Building the deckhouse I am not shure about white or gold for the ornaments. It was at least just a cargo vessel. At the Moment, I am thinking about, if I should paint the bulwark white from inside or not, and how to build the railing on the aft ship section. One other Question I have ist: Where belongs the ships bell?
  4. Hi Doug, the photo, Chuck posted, ist exactly the one. It has some handwritten informations about the ship (see below). The Aust-Agder-Museum at KUBEN in Norway has some items about LEON. A bottleship-model, the ships bell and the drawing I was talking About. I wrote to them to ask for permission to use the Images. If they allow, I will post them here. I will think about the build log, perhaps I will start one. Matthias
  5. Hi Doug, I am building LEON at 1:48 myself. So I am very interested in your build log. On the website digitaltmuseum.no there is a very good photo of LEON and a drawing, you might know that already. Are you planning to build a fully rigged model with sails? I am looking forward to your next post. Matthias
  6. Hello Chuck, that are phantastik news. I am very curious about the new model you are developing. By the way, I recently bought a very old book. "The life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth" by Edward Osler, published in London, 1835. It has a full chapter about Edward Pellew, sailing around Newfoundland in the year 1786, being captain of Hms Winchelsea. It includes the description of crewmembers and life onboard. A description of a severe gale, and a Man over board accident is also reported. You might know this, if not, I can scan and send it. There should not be any problems with copyright after 184 years I presume. I find it always interesting, knowing some things about the life on the ships we build as models. Matthias Beckman

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