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  1. Yes looking real good. Question Don, is that the rope that comes with the kit?
  2. Pierretessier

    Song Title Game

    Walk this way - Aerosmith
  3. Have not been here for a bit....WOW I am floored. This is museum quality. Nice work mate!
  4. Looks interesting, I'm pulling up a chair, popcorn at hand.
  5. Hey Doug, Looking real good, totally agree regarding fairing the blocks. I just spent the weekend with band aids on my thumb. Not that I'm much of an othority on this but I am finding that a pillow and various blocks of wood with coarse sandpaper the best assurance to a nice hull. It's taking a lot of time and patience, trying to keep it all in one piece is key. All in all it's pretty relaxing when you just take your time..... Hey there's my new signature.... Keep up the good work....
  6. Looking like you're making headway. I know what you mean about fairing the hull. I just began mine. Slow going and tender handling. Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying the build.
  7. Thanks for the kind words. For those following, a little update, I did some preliminary panelling on both sides at the stern and bulkhead 11. Next I started fairing the blocks at the bow, this is a slow going process. Not much to look at I know but this step takes time. You know what they say! "The foundation to a good planking job starts with proper fairing of the hull. "
  8. Looking good, quick question? What scale ? Keep up the good work. will be following.
  9. Hey Achu, Looks like you are off to a good start, despite having to do some truing of the keel. I am no expert here but I found the Minwax Wipe on Poly works really nice on the wood. It brings out its natural beauty and leaves it satiny looking. There are many other poly finishes out there but this one Ive used on my Batelina and was very happy with the results. Good luck, I will follow your build.
  10. Pierretessier

    Song Title Game

    What a wonderful world Louis Armstrong or Rod Stewart or israel kamakawiwo╩╗ole
  11. 100th posts! Yipeeee Just want to hit my 100th post. LOL.
  12. Pierretessier

    Now THIS is a model ship mates

    one word my son would use "sick"

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