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  1. Walk this way - Aerosmith
  2. Welcome to MSW
  3. What a wonderful world Louis Armstrong or Rod Stewart or israel kamakawiwo╩╗ole
  4. one word my son would use "sick"
  5. Got to love those fancy websites that lures you in then drop you like a hot potato. So many, this is the #1 reason I love MSW. Oh and Google is pretty awesome to.
  6. Beautiful work, congratulations on finishing a fine model.
  7. Good choice for your first build. Lots of info and build logs online. Looking forward to following your build. cheers,
  8. Welcome to MSW hope you enjoy the best online community for ship modelling.
  9. I do not see anything for the Dremel Lathe...??
  10. Are these still available? I've seen a few used ones online but that's it?
  11. Burn baby burn. by Ash Don't know why I knew this one, I hate disco.
  12. Have to agree with a lot here, but reading along something became apparent to me. Thank God for all those unfinished kits. Having worked in a hobby shop I realized there are two types of people. Those who follow the progressive logic of getting into a hobby. And there are those who want to dive right in, no matter what you tell them. The difference was you would rarely see the latter as a return customer. Now that being said. The shop would not exist if it wasn't for both types of people. If kit makers did not have all those sells of unfinished kits they would be broke, or not even exist....... Food for thought. EDIT>>>>. Lets not forget the third type of people...The retired guy's with years of experience and deep wallets.
  13. Decided to do my modelling in a smaller room. First pic is my main shop and second pic is a setup I have in a spare bedroom.
  14. Hey Derek I use to work part time in a hobby shop and we sold CA debonder. A few guys used it to do just that, just make sure not to let it soak into the joints as it will debond with time. A little on a Qtip and then do as Don says and scrape away. Cheers PS If you cant find debonder you can also try nail polish remover, lemon juice or mineral oil.
  15. Hey Mike, Doug and Brian are correct. She said she had purchased it from Michaels Craft Store. It was used for wire bending and beading. I was thinking of using it instead of the wooden board and screws. Next time I do planking I will post my likes or dislikes.