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  1. What is up with that weird triangular sail?
  2. How did you mess them up?
  3. Can you motorize that trolley and run it on a track?
  4. They probably have to take it in every night.No way it would hold up to the elements.
  5. Good for masking off model aircraft canopies!
  6. Yes it does have the 70s era larger headstock! I like it
  7. Looks like it should work just fine! Good job!
  8. Yeah I want one too but cannit swing it at this juncture.Maybe someday....
  9. Just got done playing it and it stays in tune very well even with deep bends.Since it is late I used my Vox headphone amp with the reverb and a little overdrive and it does sound good.
  10. Squier Affinty.Only cost a Cnote so it is ok to mod.Might put in Texas specials.
  11. A new Strat Day is always a good day!
  12. Thanks guys!Helpful replies are appreciated!
  13. Interesting, I will have to look into those.
  14. There is a pic on my build log of the Herminoe.I removed both leds and the switch.I think I shall start fresh with yellow leds as they look more like candle light.Luckily I can get back to the lighting problem any time I want because of the hinge.Might be time to resume construction .
  15. Ok I am somewhat dissatisfied with the blue leds I put in.seem too dim and directional the light does not diffuse like incandescent bulbs but they generate too much heat and require larger batteries.