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  1. It would be cool if Vossie could make some cylinders for you.Filling those seams without destroying the fin detail could be tricky.
  2. Fir sake Billings #482 Toulonnaise.Complete, $100.00 plus 15.00 Shipping.conus only
  3. Cool!check out my JU52!
  4. Perhaps a poor choice of words,The Shay is geared for torque not speed but she does run well.
  5. I like looking at mine and think"I did that"When you start with flat bulkheads and a fist full of sticks.How cool is that?
  6. Well,if you have room,get a loop of Bachmann Easy Track and let it rip!
  7. Does it run as well as mine does?
  8. Took some time to get it to work properly but it has been running great since 1985.
  9. Thanks
  10. I built that loco in 1988 and the pittman motor is still going strong. I painted it Floquil Grimy Black and paid 56 bucks for the kit at my local hobby shop.
  11. Check this out!
  12. Nice!They fit well!
  13. ...and got her mounted up after 4 coats of satin Polyacrylic..
  14. Its cool Taylor,post pics of the wood! Its what we use after all!