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  1. Watched the YouTube Video and have ordered some. It looks too good to be true but at £9 you can't go wrong. Had to buy from Greenstuffworld, here's the link http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/ as Amazon or Cornish Model Boats don't stock it. Saw a perfect use for it, in being able to duplicate small metal parts and figure heads etc particularly useful if like me you need a piece to practice painting on!! Thank you for the tip J.P.
  2. A black sheet of material under where I'm working captures most runaways.
  3. As an alternative to the microwave option which is ok for small parts I wrap the wood in paper towel and run it under very hot water for a couple of minutes. The towel clings to the wood, keeps it wet and retains the heat. You can also do the same technique in a jig. Works for me.
  4. Welcome David, you won't find a better forum or a place to get the best advice. Cheers Nigel
  5. Hi JT, check this out, it's what I use http://webpages.charter.net/sinkwich/sdventure/html/sd_scalecalc2.htm
  6. On this subject I bought some Gorilla Super Glue Gel just before xmas and it is hopeless. I contacted the company to ask why it wouldn't stick sapely wood and they ignored me. Could this be a shelf life problem? Has anyone had similar experiences? cheers Nigel
  7. As I read through countless postings I am picking up so much knowledge as I go and this tip is certainly going in my locker. Thank you for sharing it. Cheers Nigel
  8. Welcome to MSW. I've only joined this week and already I'm finding this an absolutely invaluable resource. I hope to be able to compare new builds soon. Cheers Nigel
  9. Thanks for the advice Allan, is the glue you refer to like the Titebond range which I can get in the UK?
  10. Thank you for all the kind regards and warm welcome. I'll certainly be putting together a build log but it won't be till New Year when I come back to Turkey after Xmas with the family and grandchildren. In answer to Anja, my name is Nigel Cheers all
  11. Hi all. I've just found this treasure trove and I'm inspired. I'm retired and have recently acquired a herniated disc in my spine which prevents me from standing for long periods in my workshop where I have made toys and models for the grand children, amongst other things. When I realised I wouldn't be able to go in the workshop so often I looked to do something sitting down, so I've delved into matchstick modelling with some success but it hasn't been too stimulating. So I've just bought a Constructo kit of HMS Bounty, which is waiting in England for me. (I'm currently in my apartment in Turkey). I'm really enthusiastic and I hope to avoid the pitfalls where possible. I look forward to seeking advice but also (in good time) being able to constructively contribute to the forum. Regards
  12. Just registered to this site so apologies if this response/question is in the wrong place. I am a novice ship builder as I have made some matchstick models but I am an above average woodworker. So after the matchstick models I have just bought a Constructo Kit of the HMS Bounty. Has anyone had any experience with this kit who can give me any tips. Also from my experience kits never come with enough glue or wood. What type of glue do I need for this type of kit? I'm used to using standard PVA but suspect that won't be good enough.