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  1. I haven't got the Sherline Accessories Shop Guide - I guess I should order one. I wonder it the same description as found on line in the tech note "Adjusting Backlash on Sherline handwheels" It is an 11 page document with colour photos of steps involved - The release date on it is 3/31/17 so it is certainly up-to-date! I've done a search through Sherline, Youtube, and Google for information various ideas on backlash. Found a couple of useful links.
  2. As I mentioned just above, I've got the backlash down to around 10thou. May be good enough for my purposes?? I gather from various commentaries on Sherline that I should expect to get 2-3 thou so I still have a long way to go. I was somewhat surprised that both the X and Y axis backlash were so large given that the machine was effectively unused previously. I looked at Fusion 360 briefly and it is certainly well recommended. I guess I'm a skeptic when software companies offer free for now access to their products. That being said I haven't made any significant commitment to the others and the Fusion 360 tutorials look extensive and useful. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Mac user but I was so frustrated with FreeCAD tutorials (because the mouse gestures were much more convenient that the equivalent mac-mouse option) that I went and purchased a used windows laptop so I could run PC versions. One toe over to the darkside!
  3. The mill I bought already has the newer backlash locks. I tried just adjusting them to take out backlash the feed screw would just bind up if I tightened the backlash nut. Taking the slide right off and lubricating and repositioning everything made a reasonable improvement but still in the 10 thou range.
  4. I’ve experimented a bit with FreeCAD and downloaded VisualCAD from MECSoft but not really gone far with either. Although I’m very comfortable with g-code programming I’m finding CAD concepts a bit foreign. So so far I’ve used the mill to prototype a coppering nail jig and a mast supports for the Essex crossection I’m building now. In the process I ran into some problems with the mill -seems like the backlash on both x and y axes was of the order of 30 to 40thou! I finally found the time to disassemble the slide and re-lubricate the mill. Now the backlash is better although still more than I’d expect. I have to rerun my code examples to see if the results are good enough for my modelling needs. Although I haven’t done much with CNC I think it going to be really useful. I’m glad I got the CNC version!
  5. New member looking to improve skills

    Welcome Mike. Certainly sounds like you're well past the beginner stage! (I just started a few months ago and don't have much under my belt yet). My experience on this forum is that most communications takes place through the forums and on your build log. There is a mechanism (private messaging) that allows 1 to 1 conversations but it is generally a benefit to all to have the dialogues about modelling in the open forum. I've learned that there are a lot of very skilled and helpful members and that there are also a lot of of who are "climbing the learning curve". I've always enjoyed that the dialogue here is supportive not critical. Join in!
  6. What grit for disc sander?

    I bought some of each when I got my sander but haven't found any reason to use anything but 180 grit so far. I've been sanding primarily basswood, Swiss pear, and walnut. Any need for coarser or finer and I've sanded by hand. It would be a bit of a pain to be swapping sanding disks very often.
  7. I purchased the older version less than a year ago - I believe it is kit #20500. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing wrong with it! There are differences - I downloaded the newer instructions in case they would help but ended up relying on the original instructions and on a practicum by John Earl - see my build log if you want a link to John's practicum. John made a number of alterations to more closely model the real Bluenose II. Whichever one you choose I expect you will enjoy it! I'll follow along on your build log when you start.
  8. I think you can delete posts that you have made. At the bottom of the post beside Edit is an Options popup - only option is delete. I've never deleted one but you might want to try?
  9. Back Again

    I hadn't looked on YouTube. Is it worth the look?
  10. Back Again

    Welcome. I'm a newcomer too (well I was 8 months ago). You'll find lots of helpful people here so ask questions when you need to. I just got the Occre Trinidad cross section too (a week ago!) I won't be starting on it for a while (months) but perhaps you'll be ready to work on it concurrently! Have you seen the other Trinidad section builds already?
  11. I'll let you know what my experiences are. I'll be keen to figure out how to make best use of it for ship modelling. Drilling a straight line of holes for a pin rail sounds so very pedestrian but I've thought that having an x-y table for that would be handy. Now I can probably spend an hour setting up the mill and have the computer turn out a matched pair! Oh boy!
  12. The mill arrived home last night! I went to inspect it the previous week and found it was as described - the mill was in pristine condition - never cut into material - and a nice collection of accessories. The gentleman selling it had hoped to use it to learn CNC programming but had trouble even turning on the computer so it just wasn't the thing for him. He has a Sherline lathe (not CNC) in his shop that does look well used so it was the programming aspect that thwarted him. I've got a programming background (though no machining background) so I imagine I'll be OK. My main concern is that learning machine may impact time in the shipyard itself - I think it will be a while before this new tool plays a useful role in my modelling efforts There are gems out there - I think I found one!
  13. What have you received today?

    It will likely be a year before I get a start on these but that won't seem very long compared with the time it will take to actually build them. Purchased from a modeller who decided he didn't have enough room in his house (or so he claimed). Really nice looking kits - I'm hoping I can do justice to them by the time I get to them!
  14. Now that you mention it I do recall reading that some time ago. Thanks for the reminder.