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  1. I think you can delete posts that you have made. At the bottom of the post beside Edit is an Options popup - only option is delete. I've never deleted one but you might want to try?
  2. Back Again

    I hadn't looked on YouTube. Is it worth the look?
  3. Back Again

    Welcome. I'm a newcomer too (well I was 8 months ago). You'll find lots of helpful people here so ask questions when you need to. I just got the Occre Trinidad cross section too (a week ago!) I won't be starting on it for a while (months) but perhaps you'll be ready to work on it concurrently! Have you seen the other Trinidad section builds already?
  4. I'll let you know what my experiences are. I'll be keen to figure out how to make best use of it for ship modelling. Drilling a straight line of holes for a pin rail sounds so very pedestrian but I've thought that having an x-y table for that would be handy. Now I can probably spend an hour setting up the mill and have the computer turn out a matched pair! Oh boy!
  5. The mill arrived home last night! I went to inspect it the previous week and found it was as described - the mill was in pristine condition - never cut into material - and a nice collection of accessories. The gentleman selling it had hoped to use it to learn CNC programming but had trouble even turning on the computer so it just wasn't the thing for him. He has a Sherline lathe (not CNC) in his shop that does look well used so it was the programming aspect that thwarted him. I've got a programming background (though no machining background) so I imagine I'll be OK. My main concern is that learning machine may impact time in the shipyard itself - I think it will be a while before this new tool plays a useful role in my modelling efforts There are gems out there - I think I found one!
  6. What have you received today?

    It will likely be a year before I get a start on these but that won't seem very long compared with the time it will take to actually build them. Purchased from a modeller who decided he didn't have enough room in his house (or so he claimed). Really nice looking kits - I'm hoping I can do justice to them by the time I get to them!
  7. Now that you mention it I do recall reading that some time ago. Thanks for the reminder.
  8. I think I get it. It great that there is lots to learn. Part of the appeal for me. Thanks Don.
  9. I have one of the dremel presses. I'm satisfied with it for the purposes I have for it. I do really like the 90ยบ turn for using it as a "lathe" for sanding down small spars (limited by the 1/8" collet size). Its also useful with the sanding drum on it giving hands free for the piece being sanded.
  10. Well the plot thickens. The mill itself was shipped to a distributor in 2008 so it is a bit older than the 7 years. It must have been subsequently upgraded to CNC. So far I don't know if it used Sherline sourced parts or 3rd party. Sherline updated their drivers in 2009 so it is really important for me to determine if the CNC electronics are the newer ones. I also have to check that the stepper motors have compatible plugs if I ever need to upgrade the driver box. I'm preparing myself with spec sheets so I can look at the system carefully when I get down to see it. Turns out the mill is the 8-direction version which offers more adjustments than I expect I'll ever need. Bit bigger bed though and since bench space isn't a constraint I can be happy about that. I must compliment Sherline rep for their friendly advice.
  11. Loads of useful info Don. Thanks. I've been researching Sherline CNC since this opportunity came up and am aware of the parallel port vs USB issue. Standard Sherline CNC packages do support manual feed through dual axis stepper motors. One significant difference with your Taig mill would be the max spindle speed. Sherline quotes 70-2,800 rpm whereas Taig offers 1,100 to 10,000. I wonder what the advantage of the low spindle speed might be (you've already stated what the advantage of the high spindle speed is) The folks from Shoreline also think there is no problem upgrading to more recent LinuxCNC software. I'm hoping to drive down to see the equipment this weekend - with luck it will be suitable.
  12. Mark and Cliff, Thank you - just the kind of insight and advice I was looking for. I will be a complete novice on milling but the idea of precise control over operations made CNC interesting. As well that CNC can control multiple axes simultaneously seems to increase the range of milling that I would be able to do.(arcs, diagonal cuts). i will check on the dual shafts. I've read the Sherline site and it certainly looks promising that it will be dual shaft steppers - apparently the system was bought as a unit rather than assembled through upgrade parts. I'm also slightly off put by the computers age although since this is a dedicate machine and it appears Sherline hasn't upgraded software significantly since 2014 then it might be fine as long as the hardware keeps running and it sounds like this system hasn't been used much if at all). Vintage hardware running vintage Linux doesn't sound like too bad a combo. I wonder about CNC systems in general. The mill part should be good for many years. Computer and software less longevity. I'd hate to end up with a machine that couldn't be maintained!
  13. I have been considering a sherline mill (and lathe) and have come across a CNC mill that is claimed to be unused but 7 years old. Price is pretty good. I wasn't necessarily planning on CNC but was thinking DRO was a nice-to-have and CNC-ready was perhaps smart for future upgrade. I will admit that I don't have any experience with machining so I will have a learning curve in any event! I'm several hours away from the vendor so I'm asking him email questions before I plan t trip this weekend that would let me see the system. I don't yet have model numbers but have asked for them and hope to hear back today. I also don't know a complete set of accessories included but notably there is the rotary table. One of my concerns is the vintage of the computer and software for the system. A 7 year old EMC2 system has likely been significantly updated and a 7 year old linux box may limiting. I am going to call Sherline today when its morning in CA and ask them a few questions. I'm seeking advice from the forum on - any gotcha's I should be aware of in getting a 7 year old cnc system (e.g. change of interfaces to the stepper motors ...) - any configuration/accessory issues I might want to check on with the vendor. - any limitations created by having a CNC version - i.e. can I still use it completely manually? - general advice concerning value of CNC for our hobby Thanks all!
  14. Hello

    I read Piotr's comment as wanting to build the ship not the cross section.