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  1. I'm really sorry to see that Chuck. It must be demoralizing though not totally unexpected given past. I'm enjoying my authentic one! Thanks
  2. Joe, The log is hiding in Scratch Builds - I had to hunt to find it too. KeithAug build log - posting #9
  3. When I see prices like those on not-rare books I always figure that the seller doesn't actually have a copy. They put up a crazy value to keep a listing and if anyone actually pays for one then they have a lot of margin to pry one out of the library of someone willing to sell. Just my theory but I'm certainly not going to try to test it out! Although maybe I'd sell my copy for $195 if someone were wealthy enough to offer it!!! Good hunting Michael - if I stumble across a good price I'll let you know.
  4. If it any use to you the bookseller from whom I got the AOTS Constitution was Neil Ewart Rare Books in the UK. You might find it worthwhile giving him your want list since he seems willing to sell at a humane price.
  5. I bought a copy through abebooks in May $US37 + $US15 shipping (from UK). I guess it is a matter of luck when one comes available at a good price. If you can wait you might do OK. My copy was unused - perfect condition.
  6. Very beautiful! It must be hard to focus on modelling when you are in such a place! Welcome to MSW.
  7. frustration time. I'm faced with the same issue although I haven't installed the keel and stern post so i can go after the rabbet directly. It is still good for me to have you ahead of me in the build!!
  8. Awefully nice to have such problems isn't it! Whatever we do, we get to enjoy!
  9. Joshua - you seem to be on a Bluejacket tear right now - Kearsarge and now Olympia. Which one are you going to do next??
  10. Hiya Dilbert. I'd have loved to have had a ride in one of your corporate jets - did you keep one for yourself?? Welcome to MSW - I'll keep an eye out for your build log.
  11. According to Lennarth Petersson's "Rigging Period Fore-and-aft Craft" this is the accepted way! Similarily the shrouds are looped around as well - if an even number of shrouds on a side them the loop is seized to a pair of shrouds and if an odd number then one of them us handled like the stay shown below. Hope this is useful
  12. I'm not sure if it represents a change or I just annoyed them
  13. Hello Les, I ordered some swiss pear (and some other woods) from A&M Wood Specialty (amwoodinc.com) in Ontario. They shipped by UPS and it arrived very promptly. I would imagine delivery to the west wouldn't be too bad. I told them to send me 2 foot long sections - their swiss pear is 2 inch live edge. I've started milling the wood for planking purposes and I think it looks really good. You might consider them if there isn't a more convenient special wood supplier nearby. Only catch is that any order under $100 gets a $20 surcharge in addition to shipping. (It wasn't hard to get my order to total over $100) Good luck.
  14. Its gorgeous. What a pleasure to see it even in pictures. I imagine it must be a special treat to see it in person. Congratulations!
  15. Another good solution! I've got alternatives to try out. Thanks.