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  1. frustration time. I'm faced with the same issue although I haven't installed the keel and stern post so i can go after the rabbet directly. It is still good for me to have you ahead of me in the build!!
  2. It seems like a bit of "condition" that several of us share. Once the box arrives I assure myself that I'll wait 'til other builds are complete. but ... Five at the moment, in order of progress are Krabbenkutter, Bluenose II, Prince de Neufchatel, Essex Cross section, Syren. One more box arrived 2 weeks ago but I won't start that until a couple of other builds are done (well maybe). Also, like popeye, I have an extra hull (in my case another Syren) that could be a separate build.
  3. The battery pops out of the mower for charging. My battery overwintered in the house.
  4. I bought one last year when my riding mower engine block cracked. I don't exactly have a manicured lawn but this mower handled it well. I've never got along with gas powered small engines so I'm really happy to have a battery powered mower that actually works well. And best of all I get more exercise than I did riding.
  5. Awefully nice to have such problems isn't it! Whatever we do, we get to enjoy!
  6. Joshua - you seem to be on a Bluejacket tear right now - Kearsarge and now Olympia. Which one are you going to do next??
  7. Congratulations Joshua! Exciting to have the new kit poised for a build! I don't know anything about the ship so I'll watch the video you mentioned and then follow your (forthcoming) build log. But don't neglect the PdN - I want you to keep ahead of me in the build
  8. I think you'll enjoy them a lot. I got the sander and thicknesser a month or so ago and have used them a fair bit. I like the idea of a drill press - please let us know how much you like your Proxxon .
  9. smallish shared space = pressure to keep it under control!
  10. Ok John - here is the one month photo (not photoshopped by the way) This is as I found it this morning before setting to work. I still really like this organizer. The only complaints I can make is that when I reach around it to get something from the drawers my sweater will occasionally snag one of the wire brush tools and if I happen to push something too close to the caddy it may not rotate since some of the drill bits stick out pretty far.
  11. Hiya Dilbert. I'd have loved to have had a ride in one of your corporate jets - did you keep one for yourself?? Welcome to MSW - I'll keep an eye out for your build log.
  12. According to Lennarth Petersson's "Rigging Period Fore-and-aft Craft" this is the accepted way! Similarily the shrouds are looped around as well - if an even number of shrouds on a side them the loop is seized to a pair of shrouds and if an odd number then one of them us handled like the stay shown below. Hope this is useful
  13. Sure John. I got mine through Gesswein.com which is a Canadian site. I see it also coming up at laciest.com, ottofrei.com, eBay, stiller.com and amazon.com I searched for "bur and tool caddy" PS I'll take your 30 day challenge - ever optimistic!
  14. In a never ending quest for organization I ordered a revolving "Bur and Tool Caddy" Although it has way too many places for various dremel attachments It is great for my tweezers, files, hemostats and such. Very smooth rotate. I love the magnetic strips on two sides - I think I'll add one another side since I don't need all the burs. Each of the 6 sides has 48 - 3mm holes, 8 - 4mm holes, and 7 - 7.5mm holes. Each about hole is 10mm deep. The top has 29 - 11mm holes 10 of which are shallow (10 mm) and the rest are deep (over 200 mm deep). The top is removable although since I've filled it with tools I don't think I'll be wanting to store anything inside. Made by Sharp Tools and I ordered mine through a jewelry makers website. Did I mention it is wooden not plastic.
  15. I'm not sure if it represents a change or I just annoyed them